Hi guys, this is just an idea i came up with like 5 minutes agooo. Let me know if you guys would want to read more! (: And if i get people saying yes, then i'll continue on with it!

(-_-) i so miss Mac and Stella together... poooop.

All ownership goes to CBS, this is only an idea of mine. Enjoy (:


For weeks now I have been trying to catch a killer here in New Orleans. He's killed around 10 people, which include women and children. He has tortured, drowned, burned, and dismembered these people. The suspect's name is Jeremy Markes, and I have reason to believe that he has fled to New York City. I know this is a really big favor to ask of you, but with your permission I'd like to open a joint investigation for this case. My team would fly to the city whenever you would please and we would be operating under your command. Please let me know ASAP, as you know crime never stops for time. Thanks.

Yours truly,


PS. I've missed you so much I can't even describe. How's the team doing? How's the cutie, Lucy? Send them my love, tell them to be safe, please and thank you.

PPS. Don't give all my love to the team, save some for yourself too. Be safe.

And I clicked the "Send" button in the upper left hand corner; my first attempt to contact Mac since I so rudely left the team half a year ago. I can only hope that he'll even consider the joint investigation, giving me time and reason to see our team again.

Correction, his team.

And giving me time and reason to see Mac again.

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