Hey everybody. I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I'm starting on this story, I have not given up on my other Harry Potter/Wonder Woman crossover, Harry Potter and the Amazon Princess. I'm actually gonna try and work on three stories at the same time. Wish me luck. I listed all the stories I'll be working on in my profile if anyone's interested.


In a dark room sat a group of twelve or so men wearing black robes and bone masks at a large rectangular table. At the head of the table was a very sinister looking man, if you could call him a man, with a serpentine face and red eyes.

"There is an unfortunate setback in my plans, gentlemen," The serpent man said in a high cold voice, "It seems that Dumbledore has been informed of my rebirth and has taken every opportunity available to inform the public of my return."

"But My Lord," said one of the masked men. The serpent man's cold gaze turned on him, causing him to shudder visibly, "The Ministry and the Daily Prophet don't believe the rumors of your return."

The Dark Lord seemed to contemplate the statement for a few seconds, "Yes, it is true. The Ministry does appear to be blocking the truth, which buys us some time. But we must be discreet, lest we bring attention to ourselves." He gazed at each of his loyal followers before continuing, "As you all know, I require the prophecy that refers to Harry Potter as my downfall. But I also have more immediate plans. One of which requires me to take a trip out of the country."

"You will be leaving Britain?" asked one of the masked men.

"Yes, Lucius. There is one particular place in America, called Washington, D.C., that has caught my eye. They have something of a local celebrity that has caused me great interest. This person refers to herself as Wonder Woman."

"I beg your forgiveness, My Lord, but what interest is there to be had with some American muggle?"

The Dark Lord responded by lifting his wand, "Crucio!" The man screamed and writhed in pain while Voldemort just laughed mirthlessly. When he stopped, the man was slumped down in his chair, breathing heavily, "To answer your question, McNair, this woman is quite unique. She is not a witch, yet we can hardly call her a muggle. She has great strength and speed and she seems to have been gifted with agelessness, seeing as she has not changed since the days that I saw her pictures in the old muggle newspapers in the 1940's." There was an exchange of glances by the death eaters.

"It will serve your best interests to accompany me to America, capture Wonder Woman, and discover the secret of her powers so that they may be used in my service."

"It shall be done, My Lord," said Lucius, determination ringing in his voice.


The hooded death eaters were waiting inside an abandoned warehouse. The sun had barely begun to set and some of the men were getting impatient.

"Why are we waiting for this feeble muggle anyway?" one asked with a definite edge to his gravelly voice.

Lucius just glanced at him uninterestedly before answering, "Because this particular 'agent', as they are called, happens to work closely with Wonder Woman. If this muggle detects a threat from us, she will likely contact the Wonder Woman and she will come. And we'll be waiting."

Just as they finished talking, a woman walked in cautiously through the front doors of the warehouse. She was wearing a blue blouse and black dress pants. Her hair was pulled back into a tight braid and she wore large square sunglasses. She began looking around, not seeing the hooded men hidden in shadow.

"Hello! Is anyone here?" She was becoming visibly suspicious of the place. "I was told to meet an informant here who has information for the IADC. If you're here, please show yourself." Just as she was getting fed up and about to leave, she heard several cracks, like the sound of a gunshot, behind her. Turning around, she saw about a dozen hooded, masked men wearing black robes. "Who are you?" She demanded.

"You need not worry about who we are," one said in a distinctly British accent, "Just come with us and no one will be hurt."

"Like Hell I will." She turned and began running in the other direction towards the back of the warehouse.

The death eaters were about to give chase, but Lucius held out an arm, "Let her go. She will alert Wonder Woman."


Diana didn't notice that they weren't chasing her. She went to the very back of the warehouse, near the back exit, and hid behind a group of crates. She then spun gracefully on the spot and was engulfed in a ball of light.


"So how long do we have to wait for the Wonder Woman to arrive?" asked another death eater.

Lucius was about to answer when they heard a loud, clear female voice call down to them from the upper floor, "Who are you and what do you want with the girl?" Looking up, they saw a young woman in a red and blue outfit with stars and a gold belt.

"Why don't you come down here and find out, Wonder Woman." She sent a glare at the masked men and then jumped down in front of them, from a height that would have broken a lesser person's legs. She then stood in front of them with her hands on her hips.

One of the death eaters took a step forward and raised his wand, "Incarcerous!" Ropes shot out of the tip of his wand and bound Wonder Woman's arms tightly to her body.

She looked surprised for the slightest second before she smirked at the man. "Interesting," she easily broke the ropes, "now it's my turn," she unhooked her lasso and threw it around the man that had tied her up. She pulled him to her and then kneed him in the stomach, finishing with a swift chop to the back of his neck. She turned to her left, and then picked up a large, heavy crate and threw it into the group of men, knocking a few out and causing the rest to dive for cover.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted one of the men; Wonder Woman blocked the jet of green light with her bracelets, and then looked on in shock at the men who could wield such power with sticks.

Lucius swiped his wand through the air at the one that attempted to curse her and she watched in horror as his mask and hood slipped, revealing the gash that Lucius's wand had caused, "You fool! The Dark Lord wants her alive!"

Oh, so it's another game of 'See who can catch Wonder Woman' is it? Diana thought to herself. Well I'm done playing. She dodged another jet of light, red this time, and ran at one of the men. She punched him hard in the face and he landed hard on his back. She then picked up the stick in his hand.

What was that word that the first one said? "Incarcerous!" she repeated. The death eaters looked at her, shocked, as she tied one of them up with the wand. Having gotten the gist of what makes the stick work, she flicked it at another death eater; he was shoved into the far wall and slumped to the ground. She then twirled around to land a side kick to another's face as he attempted to tackle her. Remembering the word that made the red jet, she cried, "Stupefy," on two more death eaters. With only one left, she threw her lasso around him. She snatched off his mask, revealing a smug face and long blonde hair, before asking, "Who are you and what do you want?"

The man looked down at the lasso that bound him in place. He noticed that it prevented him from disapparating. He could also feel an irresistible urge to answer the question truthfully. "My name is Lucius Malfoy. My master sent us here to capture you."

"What does he want with me?"

"He is interested in your strength and immortality. He would also like to see what other powers you may possess." The man began to panic at how easy it was for her to get answers out of him.

As if that hasn't been tried a million times before. "Why does he want my powers?"

Malfoy was visibly uncomfortable and sweating. He tried to resist for he knew that the more he talked the more painful his punishment would be. Just before the urge became too much, however, he looked over her shoulder in pure fear. "Master! Forgive me! The lasso made me answer!"

Diana heard a high, cold voice speak from behind her, "I shall tend to you later Lucius. But for now, we must tend to our prisoner." Before she could turn around and see who was speaking, she heard the voice say, "Crucio!" and then she was overcome with the most terrible pain she has ever endured. It was like every molecule in her body was on fire. This went on for almost ten minutes, far longer than an ordinary person can endure without going insane. When the Dark Lord finally lifted his wand, Wonder Woman had lost consciousness.