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KeroNegi Tale: ARMPIT Invasion of Class 3-A

Chapter 1: Attack on the School

Ah, a normal day we have today at Fuyuki's school. It's bright and the sun is shining down the school ground. Currently right now, Fuyuki and Momoka are in their usual homeroom class learning about English: Fuyuki, daydreaming off from his class thinking about the occult of the world; Momoka, scheming how to get her beloved Fuyuki and dreaming about him. In another class, Natsumi, Fuyuki's older sister, and Koyuki, Natsumi's loyal friend, were in their homeroom class discussing about a large upcoming research report they need to do. Saburo, a brilliant high school dropout, was hanging out, outside of school on the roof somewhere, enjoying the breeze of the wind and the ray of the sun. Everyone that we know so far is having a swell day and nothing horrible and disastrous could happen, but like me, you probably thinking right now 'is that all, this chapter is going to suck'. Well then, just to let you know, the chapter just jumps right into the action. The description above is just to describe the scenery. If it was anime, all this could easily be summed up within just five to seven seconds. Okay enough of that bullshit, this single word will start everything.


A large explosion erupted in the school that even Saburo could hear from far away. Black smokes of ashes smoked up part of the school building; luckily no one we know so far is in that area. The school building shook violently and we could hear the thousands of students screaming in terror. Fuyuki and Momoka instantly snapped back to reality and fell off their seats like everyone else in the room.

"Wha-What's going on?" Fuyuki yelped in fear. He quickly crawled under the table. "A terrorist bombing?"

"Everyone down, it's a bomb!" Fuyuki heard from his homeroom teacher. "Everyone down and under your desks, this is not a drill!"

Another loud explosion boomed that shook the buildings. Everyone in every room dropped to the floor and scrambled underneath their desk. Several more explosions roared across the campus, which cause the students to scream. In Natsumi's classroom, everyone gathered their desk together to form a massive barrier with all the students under them. Some dust fell from the ceiling to the ground, which a terrified Natsumi see.

The ceilings are going to collapse on us! She thought in fear, imagining the possibility. What is going on here?

From outside, Saburo arrived at the school's front gate to see the shocking scene. The same building that Fuyuki, Natsumi, Koyuki, and Momoka, are in have several explosion area that smoked up dark ashes up into the sky.

"This doesn't look good." Saburo said. Just as he about to enter, a massive force field appeared before him, stopping him from approaching. "It seems someone doesn't want me to enter. What could possibly be going on in there?"

Several more explosions occurred in the same building. Fuyuki's class has also unified their desks into a massive one and all the students taking cover under them.

"Terrorist bombing, no it can't be, why would they bomb this school in particular?" Fuyuki thought aloud.

"Oh Fuyuki-kun, I'm scared, please hold me tight! I don't want to die!" Momoka cried and grabbed onto him (miraculously she got to him somehow). Inside her head, Yes, a dramatic scene, if we're going to die, I could just tell him the way I feel and he'll accept it. Then, I could at least die with my first passionate kiss from Fuyuki, heck yeah!

More explosions went off, and the classes in the room screamed in terror. Suddenly, the announcement speaker went off, and a familiar voice echoed across the school.

"Ahem, testing 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3…" The voice tested. Then he announced. "Attention all people in the building, you are to remain in your classes until the situation is controlled. A signal flare will be shot out outside the school to signal for your safe evacuation. Please take cover and hold on to your lives. Over and out, de arimasu!"

Yep, 'de arimasu', the key phrase on figuring out who it was. It was none other than the not so invasive and infamous Sergeant Keroro, the alien frog that lives in Fuyuki and Natsumi's basement.

More explosions went off as the scene changes to the hallways where Keroro just ran out of the speaker announcement room. An explosion went off near him, sending him flying across the hall. He quickly recovered from the fall and slid against the wall. He huffed and puffed for air. Suddenly he raised his hand, which surprisingly held the Kero Ball which was confiscated by the Hinatas, and held to his wet face.

"ARMPIT report, what's the situation in your area?" Keroro commanded.

"This Giroro here sir," Giroro replied. "The enemy Viper, has not change his tactics. {Ka-Boom} Err…it seems to be getting worst on my end. I can't flash him out."

"This Tamama here sir, reporting!" Tamama replied, joining into the conversation. "I can't even get close to him for any close combat and I'm getting tired of blasting him with my Tamama Impact. It ain't working."

"I see," Keroro said. "Dororo, I need a report on the school structure and students. Is everything alright at your end?"

"This Dororo, sir." Dororo responded. "It's not so good, the students have taken shelter, but I can't seem to find a safe passage way for them to escape without encountering Viper. I need assistance over here."

"Alright, Dororo, I need you to get over here now then." Keroro answered. "Tamama, switch position with Dororo and wait for assistance. Lady Moa, please respond. I need a report on the school supports."

"It's not good uncle," Moa replied worriedly. "According to the scans, the supports are at 45% strength. If Viper keep up like this, you could say bringing down the house."

"You could we do not need your crap analyses!" Tamama growled. However, his unnecessary threat and anger was completely ignored.

"Lady Moa, I need you to assist Tamama in securing the students and teachers. You both have to figure out how to get them out without causing a scene." Keroro ordered.

"Yes, uncle!"

"What the, how did I ended up working with this broad?" Tamama roared in anger.

"Oi, Keroro, what about you, what you're going to do." Giroro interrupted while more explosions went off.

"Captain, I believe it would be better if you went along with them as well." Dororo insisted. "It's not safe for you to be here."

"And leave you two? Most likely I say thank you and go, but in this case {Ka-Boom} I can't leave you two to fight alone." Keroro replied. "As your leader, I cannot abandon you to die in the hands of Viper. The responsible of rescuing the students is to be given to men who can do the task and that must be Tamama and Lady Moa!"

"Keroro…" Giroro muttered in astonishment. This is the first time, you actually act like a soldier and abandon your life for civilians.

"Sergeant…" Dororo said in amazement.

"Mister Sergeant…" Tamama said, inspired by his courage (or stupidity).

"Uncle…" Moa said in admiration.

"Gero, enough talk men." Keroro commanded. "The lives of Master Fuyuki, Master Natsumi, Momoka, Koyuki, and the other students, lies in our hands now. Alright, are you with me on this, let's finish fight!"

"Sir, Yes Sir!" Everyone shouted and totally inspired.

"Kululu, respond. Is there any way to take Viper out of here to rescue the students?" Keroro demanded.

"Ku, Ku, Ku, well no." Kululu chuckled. He was in the boiler room of the school, analyzing the situation on his computer. "However, I think if somehow you get him to another floor, the first floor can escape first."

Another floor? That's it! Keroro thought. "Thank you Kululu for the idea, I just thought of the most brilliant strategy to win this fight!"

"I did?" Kululu muttered nervously, not liking the sound of it.

"ARMPIT, atten-shun!" Keroro ordered while more explosions went off. "Our mission is to take down Viper and deactivate the three bombs he setup to blow up the school to smithereens. We are now on the third floor of the school and not even the first floor can escape without running into the bombs. So here's the plan."

"We're all ears, Keroro, what's the plan?" Giroro said, taking aim at Viper.

"Listen up and listen well!" Keroro shouted. "Viper and the three bombs are located in the center of floors; first, second, and third. Tamama and Lady Moa, be on standby to escort the students out!—

"Yes sir!" Tamama and Lady Moa agreed.

—Kululu contact Saburo to be ready to help Lady Moa and Tamama.—

"Aye-Aye sir." Kululu said, text messaging Saburo.

—Giroro, you and I will be decoy until the plan is set!—

"Yes sir!" Giroro shouted.

—Dororo, your mission is extremely important that it will determine the fate of this operation of rescue!"

"Yes sir!" Dororo shouted proudly.

"I need you to cut holes through the center of the floors to the boiler, that way all the bombs and Viper will fall down to the boiler room. We will fight them there!"

"I see now!" Dororo comprehended Keroro's plan. "It will be done!"

"Alright, plan is in place, ARMPIT Platoon mobilize and roll out!" Keroro ordered. I always wanted to say that line.

"Yes sir!" Everyone shouted.

"Wait, what?" Kululu muttered in shock.

In the center of the third floor, Viper was standing around shooting recklessly through the hallways and laughed.

"Gera, Gera, Gera! Keronians weaklings, come out and fight!" Viper mocked them. "I send you that letter to draw you idiots out to finish you all! If ya don't get out now, I think I might just blow up the school as I said I would! Gera, Gera, Gera! It's whether you go, or they go!"

"How about it's whether you go, or we force you to go!" Keroro shouted. He came out of hiding and shot at Viper with the Kero Ball, which was ineffective.

"Ha, nothing but hot air!" Viper mocked.

"If you don't like those, try these then!" Giroro shouted, firing his missiles at the ambushed Viper.

Keroro and Giroro began teaming up and holding Viper off as the others execute the plan. Tamama and Lady Moa got ready and standby to break down the wall to the outside. Saburo on the outside got the message and drew some stairs once the wall are broken down. Dororo using his shadow cloning to cut just enough to break the ceiling that would make Viper fall to the boiler room. Kululu on the other hand was panicking and was packing his things.

"Captain, all is done! We're ready to go!" Dororo called.

"Excellent Dororo! The time is now Giroro!" Keroro commanded.

"One big explosion, coming up!" Giroro shouted. He fired a barrage of weapons at Viper and the area where Viper stood.

Viper stood there, unharmed, and laughs triumphantly.

"Gera, Gera, Gera, you should know by now that your weapons are…" Viper mocked again but was suddenly stopped due to the rumbling under him. "Huh?"

Suddenly, the floor under him collapsed as he fell right through the floor.

"Ha, falling down one floor ain't going to…"

But before he could finish, he crashed through again, sending him to the first floor.

"What the!"

Finally, he crashed through the first and nearly landed on Kululu in the boiler room. He landed head first. The rubble landed on top of him, burying him alive.

"Whew, that was close…" Kululu said in relief. "I thought I was going to die!"

"Yes!" Giroro shouted.

"Now Tamama, Now Lady Moa!" Keroro ordered.

Tamama and Lady Moa, invisible or cloaked, bashed the walls down, leading to the outside. The students looked, wondering how did the walls fell down. Saburo from a distance, drew a flare and shot it in the air.

"Hey that's the sign!" One of the students cried in joy.

"Please, all students evacuate immediately in a stately fashion way. Do not panic and head down the stairs." The teachers ordered as the students rushed down the drawn stairs.

Down the stairs already, Fuyuki and Momoka, who is still clinging on to Fuyuki, looked around to find Natsumi and Koyuki.

"Do you see them?" Fuyuki asked Momoka.

"No, not really." Momoka replied, who is not paying attention. Who cares what happens now, this is the best day in the whole world! I hope this moment never ends!

"Fuyuki!" Natsumi voice cried towards the two. Natsumi and Koyuki ran towards the two.

"Natsumi, hey over here!" Fuyuki yelled.

The four came together and were relief to find each other.

"Thank god you're okay." Natsumi cried in relief.

"I'm glad you're both alright too." Fuyuki replied smiling at both.

"You know the explosions are over, you could stop holding on to him." Koyuki whispered to Momoka.

"Butt off, I don't wanna!" Momoka muttered in a dark tone. "What about you, aren't you going to let go of her?"

"I don't wanna!" Koyuki replied in disgust.

"What's up Hinatas." Saburo said, joining the three girls and the one boy.

"Oh hey Saburo!" Fuyuki greeted him.

"S-Saburo-senpai!" Natsumi cried nervously and blushed bright red in embarrassment.

"My, you both have your hands full." Saburo joked. "By the way, is the frog's battle over yet?"

"That stupid frog actually brought a battle to our school!" Natsumi muttered in anger. "I'm going to enjoy kicking his little behind when I get home."

"Calm down sis, I'm pretty sure the Sergeant have his reasons." Fuyuki said nervously.

Back in the school, the Sergeant and the Corporal was still standing above the damages.

"This Dororo, plan 'bringing down the house' is clear!" Dororo reported.

"All civilians rescued is clear, Mister Sergeant sir." Tamama reported cheerfully.

"Building clear out is also clear uncle, like totally evacuated." Moa reported delightfully.

"Enemy down and clear…sir…" Kululu reported detestably.

"Rescue Mission clear, sir!" Giroro reported. "Rescue Mission accomplished."

"Very well done you all." Keroro congratulated his platoon. "Let's all regroup and prepare for the final assault; Kululu, hang in there, we're coming down with you."

Keroro and Giroro dropped down to the boiler room floor (Keroro made a bad landing and landed on his head). Dororo followed in afterward.

"Alright, let's get this Viper out of here." Keroro casually said, approaching the rubble.

"Oi, Keroro, don't get too close!" Giroro warned.


It was too late. Viper bashed out of the burial of rubble and Keroro by the head. Dororo and Giroro charged, trying to rescue their captured captain. Viper easily shot them aside and knocking them out. Kululu unleashed his sound wave attack, but was easily repelled by Viper's shriek.

"Gera, Gera, Gera!" Viper laughed. "You think you could beat me with such a childish trick! Ha, don't get too cocky, Keronians!"

"You bastard, using the school as an advantage point to fight us! That's dirty even for you, Viper!" Keroro barked.

Annoyed, Viper held his cannon up to Keroro's face.

"Do you have the strength to tell me what to do?" Viper shouted. "Now I kill you all, slowly and painfully. Let's start with the whiniest one first then!"

Viper began charging up his blaster as Keroro screamed in fear.

"Gero! No, I'm too young to die!" Keroro screamed as he struggled to break free. "Giroro, Kululu, Dororo, anyone save me!"

Suddenly there was a dark ominous feeling that went through Viper from above. Above him were the enraged Tamama and Angol Moa, charging up their most devastating attacks: The Jealousy Ball and the Hellmageddon.

"How dare you take my beloved Sergeant hostage, you creep! Get your filthy hands off of my Sergeant!" Tamama roared.

"No one bullies my Uncle or try to kill him, not when I'm around!" Lady Moa yelled. "Even if it means that I have to end you along with this planet!"

Viper trembled in fear, too frighten to let go of the Sergeant the two loved and care.

"W-Wait, h-hold u-u-up!" Viper whimpered.

"Gero, Tamama, Lady Moa!" Keroro cried. "You're going to kill me too!"

"You bastard(T)/bully(M), release my beloved Sergeant (T)/Uncle (M) now!" Tamama and Lady Moa cried in unison.

"Tamama's Greatest Jealousy Ball!"

"1/1000th Hellmageddon: God's Judgment!"

"Mommy!" Viper and Keroro squealed.

Back outside the school. The students and teachers finally calmed down. Natsumi and Fuyuki were finally released from Koyuki and Momoka's grip. Suddenly, there was a huge rubble and a bright flash emitted from the center of the school building.

"I think we should have hold on to them just for a bit longer." Momoka commented in fear.

Koyuki nodded in agreement.

The five children suddenly heard a loud shriek of terror from both Viper and Keroro. Then, right before their eyes, the school blew up to dust in a matter of seconds due to the powerful attacks the combination of light and dark: Hellmageddon of Angol Moa and Dark Tamama's Jealous Ball. The blast cause a shockwave that sent the students and teachers flying across the campus's ground and pushed out into the streets. When it was all over, the school was completely leveled and destroyed, nothing was stood standing. Fuyuki got up (a bit in pain) from Momoka, who was under him. Pretty much Fuyuki figured what was going to happen and shielded Momoka with his body.

"Are you alright Momoka-chan?" He asked her.

"Yes… you saved me, Fuyuki-kun. Thank you so much." Momoka mumbled, glowing bright red. I saw it, he protect me from that blast. I love me, so he used his own body to protect me. He really is in love with me! This day just keep getting better, and better each minute.

Fuyuki ran around to find his sister. He found her along with Koyuki and Saburo.

"Natsumi are you alright?" He asked her.

"I'm fine." She groaned. "Thanks to Saburo and Koyuki."

"No problem, any time." Saburo chuckled.

"Don't worry Natsumi, I'll always there to protect you!" Koyuki giggled.

They all look back at the decimated school.

Natsumi grumbled in anger, more than usual. "That stupid frog comes by, and look what he did." She growled furiously. "I'm going to kill him when I get home!"

Later on that evening of that day in the living room, the full bandaged Keroro sat on the couch trying to explain everything to Natsumi, but was taking forever to say that Viper threaten to bomb the school.

"Look it was emergency, it all starts out as a minor issue, but turns out to be a big one, and things get complicated…" Keroro explained or blabbered.

"I don't want your excuses, I want you dead!" Natsumi yelled, cracking her knuckles. "This time you went over board and blew up our school, now what we're going to do, you stupid frog!"

"We could just stay home…" Fuyuki suggested nervously.

"Shut up, Fuyuki, you're not helping and stop encouraging him!" She roared.

"Okay, I stop helping." Fuyuki grumbled.

"Wait Natsumi, to tell you the truth," Giroro joined in. "We weren't planning on any invasion yet. This event was unexpected."

"What's that supposes to mean?" Natsumi asked impatiently.

"You see, none of us were planning anything today." He explained clearly. "Viper, sent us a message to fight us again, this time a death match. We all thought we could refuse but then he threaten he'll kill you and the students at the school. Obviously, we can't let that happen."

"Wait… so…" Natsumi said, calming down after Giroro's explanation. "Why does everything that happens have to involve us?"

"Because Natsumi, Viper likes to play dirty." Giroro continued. "He's you guys as a gateway to an easy victory over us. Even it might be, we still have to protect you, no matter how much you hate us."


"Natsumi-san, I'm really, really sorry for blowing up the school." Lady Moa apologized sadly. "I didn't know what I was doing, I was so intent on rescuing uncle that I got so reckless; you could a really big mistake."

"Natsumi-dono, Fuyuki-dono," Keroro began. "I'm sorry for the situation that cause your school to blow up in smokes. I the leader of the platoon take full responsibility, punish me now, but do not punish the others, please."

He kneels and bowed to Natsumi, hoping she would accept his apologize. This really put Natsumi in an awkward position. She made a face and sat down on the couch next to Fuyuki.

"You totally blew up the school and now we can't go to school. That's unforgivable." She began. "However, you did apologized and save everyone else at the school from being harm. Therefore, I let you off for this one sole reason."

"Gero, most gracious of you Natsumi-dono!" Keroro cheered in delight.

"Thank you, Natsumi, for understanding." Giroro thanked her.

"Hey, if it wasn't for you, I would still wouldn't understand the situation." She told him. "Thanks for clearing things up, and for saving me."

Giroro blushed bright red and turned away from her.

"Uh, it was just a soldier's duty, that's all." Giroro said weakly.

Natsumi sighed and laid back a bit.

"What are we going to do now?" Natsumi asked out loud.

"Like I said, we could stay at home." Fuyuki repeated.

"Shut up, we're not going to get away with that." Natsumi muttered in disagreement.

The front door knob began to rattle and the door swung open.

"Hey kids, mom's home!" Aki Hinata called out, entering the house.

"Hey mom…" The siblings muttered miserably.

Aki looked at her poor kids curiously.

"What's wrong, did something happen?" She asked.

After a long explanation…

"Oh, so that's it." Aki said.

"We're sorry Mama-dono." Keroro apologized, repeating the line about twenty times until Aki ask him to stop.

"Don't worry, I'm not mad." She replied. "I'm just glad that none of you died or seriously hurt."

"Thank you, Mama-dono."

"However, I guess as punishment for destroying the only school around here, I guess I need from a true and full report on the whole battle for my manga plot."

"Ooh, I can do that!" Keroro cheered in delight.

"Oh by the way, I am also deducting about 15% of your allowance for this month."

Keroro's mouth dropped in horror. "Oh, how very…kind of you…" He muttered in disappointment.

"Ouch…" Natsumi said.

Aki smiled and suddenly remembered.

"Oh, Fuyuki, I almost forgot." She said. She grabbed a pile of letters on the table and looked through them. She picked out one and handed it to him. "Just as I walked in and pick up the mail, this one is for you."

"Huh, for me?" Fuyuki asked. "No one sends me letters during this time."

"Fuyuki actually got a letter?" Natsumi teased him. "Whose it from?"

"I don't know, doesn't really say." He said.

Keroro snuck away as Fuyuki opened the letter, making it look like he doesn't care, then hid behind a wall; Moa and Giroro, followed.

Fuyuki pulled out the letter and opened it up. It was blank.

"Who would send a blank letter?" Aki asked.

"A prankster perhaps." Natsumi suggested.

Fuyuki thought hard about it, and then he felt it.

"It's written with neon ink." He said.

"Huh?" His mom and sister said in confusion.

"Quick, turn off all the lights in this room." Fuyuki said.

His mom and sister went around and turned off the lights in the room. The house went dark for a bit, suddenly a light appeared on the paper. The words appeared before them.

"Wow, that's so cool!" Natsumi said.

"This ink reacts when it's dark." Fuyuki explained. "So we can only read this in a dark place."

"How cool is that, I wish all my letters are like this, it's just so awesome to read in the dark like this." Aki commented in delight. "Anyways, what does it say?"

"It reads:" Fuyuki began.

"To Mister Fuyuki Hinata, age 12.

We like to inform you that you displayed unique skills throughout your school life and would like for you to join us in our wonderful academy. There you will attend and receive a salary of 5,500,000 yens per year. In addition, we heard that you have family and friends where you are right now and would like announce that you are allow to bring them along as well if they choose to come with to attend the academy; charges will be half percent off the full price for each person you bring in. We hope in meeting you here and joining our little academy.

Job Position:

Signed Konoemon "Dean" Konoe"

There was a slight moment of silence.

"Konoemon Konoe? Whose that?" Natsumi asked.

"Don't know but it sounds like…" Aki began. "…Fuyuki, you're being hired by the dean of this academy."

"Eh!" The siblings cried in shock.

"I'm hired, that can't be right!" Fuyuki cried.

"That's ridiculous!" Natsumi cried, turning the lights back on. "Fuyuki can't be hired at his age, he's only 12 years old!"

"Well it seems that way," Aki insisted. "Why do you think it tells him that this is going to be his salary?" Amazing, more than what I get…

"No way, that's crazy!" Natsumi gasped. Then she began whining. "That's not fair! I'm older than him and yet he gets to get his first own huge salary! Totally not fair at all!"

"Calm down Natsumi," Fuyuki said. "It's not a big deal."

"Said the guy whose going to get paid more mom!" Natsumi cried.

The arrow of 'truth hurts' plunged into both Fuyuki and Aki. "Ouch" they both muttered.

"Look on the bright side Natsumi," He said, trying to cheer her up. "At least now we can go to school again, just as you want it."

"Well…" She began, calming down. "I guess you're right. By the way, what is your job?"

"Huh? My job?" Fuyuki questioned. He looked back on the paper and saw a blank spot on the letter. The spot suddenly glowed as words appeared on the paper.

"Huh, what is this?" The Hinatas grumbled dreadfully, staring at the letter.

Job Position: Teacher Assistant and Occult Teacher at Mahora Academy, the all girls boarding school…