Chapter 4: Screw The New Term, It's All About The Girls and Frogs! Run ARMPIT! (Part 2)

Without warning, Giroro's saucer was shot out of the sky and began plummeting down. "What the…who?" Giroro looked back on his subject, realizing she disappeared. So, it was you after all. He jumped off his saucer and dove into the forest, pulling out his weapons and open fired, taking aim at his moving target. His opponent began shooting back at him as he quickly dodges them. Apparently, even with the extra cloaking device, she could sense my mere presence. Impressive, and not bad at all.

From the other side of the battlefield, Mana Tatsumiya, Giroro's opponent and his current recon subject, took aim and fire upon Giroro. "It's not nice now to spy on girls in the distances now, especially since even with that cloaking device, I can still see you clearly." Mana swapped out guns and continues pressing her attack.

"Heh, you're not the only one with weapon power now girl." Giroro smiled. "You may have some skills but I still have the big guns!" Giroro began materializing his heavy artillery and started blowing up the battlefield with his missiles and cannons. While his cannons and missiles began heavily bombarding Mana's position, Giroro himself began his offensive and charge in with his guns and grenades. "Eat this!" His pull the pin off the grenade and threw towards Mana. In reaction, Mana evaded the grenade and hopped aside. By the time that happened though, Giroro had his rifle pointing at Mana's head. "It's over Pekoponian. You lost this one."

Mana smiled and looked directly into Giroro's eyes. "You shouldn't sell me off to short now." Catching the Corporal off guard, Mana kicked the rifle into the air while pulling out her customized magnums. "I'm quite dangerous up close as well." She fired at the red confused alien. Luckily for him, he dodged them all safely. "What you think of me now? Not so simple and easy as you think right?"

"Heh, good." Giroro smiled. "I like people like you. Even at critical points like this, you still manage to get me. I like people that give challenges like this. But it's too bad that you won't be around…much longer!" Giroro hopped up into the air, revealing hidden artillery below him. The weapons opened fire and began bombarding Mana again. She evaded and counterattack Giroro as they race across the forest, trying to kill each other.

As the battle rages on, the both find it possible and smiled at each other.

"Hmph, you're not bad…for a kappa." Mana complimented. "You're definitely the most…interesting target I've face."

"You're not bad yourself. Being able to keep up with me like this." Giroro smiled. "I'm glad that Pekoponians like you exist for me to fight! It makes my task more challenging!"

"Right back at you on that!"

Mana and Giroro continue waging their battles, turning the forest into a massive war zone as they continue to clash; directly and indirectly, from a far to up close. Was it destiny that pulls these two together? We'll never know, but I could tell you that this battle will last for a very long time. Let's not disturb them now.

Meanwhile, back on the science building's rooftop, Kululu realized he was cut off with Giroro. He tried to reestablish communication between the two with his dials and computers that surrounds him.

"Yo, Skull-1, Skull-1," He tried. "Do you copy? You breaking up? Hello? Earth to Red Daruma? Respond…hmm nothing." Kululu laid back and sighed. "Oh well, not my problem. Now back to peeping." Kululu, for around 30 minutes already, was skimming around the net idol Chiu's website, looking through all her hot and sexy photo shots; what a perv. He continued to chuckled and smiled. "Well, I guess I work with this site first. Let's see now…" He began hacking into the site, seeing the source of the website and tracking down the location where it was being design; what a stalker. The computer beeped after finding the source: Mahora Academy's dorm rooms. His smile grew even wider as he looked through "Chiu" profiles; what a creeper. "Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…Oh I see. The net idol is here after all, this makes things interesting…" He began hacking "Chiu" computer, taking in and reading all the data on her computer, also taking some personal and social information stored on there. "Chisame Hasegawa huh?" He read through "Chiu" real profile. "If I remember correctly, she's in Fuyuki's class. Ku, Ku, Ku, this should be fun."

In the dorms now, while not realizing what's going on, Chisame Hasegawa AKA Net Idol "Chiu", was updating her web by taking a few photos of herself as always; changing into different outfits and taking a photo of each to impress her fans. Without realizing it, her screen changed with the yellow alien frog peering through the screen; on how he did it, we never know. The hacking alien peered around the room and stared at Chisame as she continued to take more photos of herself (Her back is clearly turned to the computer, so she doesn't even realize it's like some special TV show just for Kululu). Kululu waved to the readers and laughed. "Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…" Chisame heard. She quickly turned around and looked at her computer screen: nothing. She looked around the room, seeing if someone actually snuck into her room somehow, looking a bit paranoid as she gripped her artifact in her hands. "Strange, I swear I thought I heard someone laughing at me behind my back." She cautiously looks around and headed over to her computer. "Maybe it's just me, I've been paranoid about the fact my identity being blown and people are stalking me. Grrr…who am I kidding…I've been thinking too much that's all."

She looked at her computer screen and squinted her eyes, realizing something was wrong. She snatched her glasses on her desk and sat in front of the computer. "What the hell? Someone a minute ago just hacked my PC behind my back? Who the hell would hack into my computer!" She roared angrily. She snapped and calmed herself down. "Okay, relax Chisame, you have tight schedule. Update and upload first, then deal with hackers later." She preceded with uploading and updating her profile on her website, but still keeping in mind of the hacker.

Hello everyone, Chiu here again with my daily update! And man, do I have some cute shots for you today!

How would you like to explore space with me?

Let's have a cruise of life time!

You mind helping me put some suntan lotion on me?

She sighed, after uploading and updating, now she has the time to worry about the hacker that hacked her PC. She tried her best to figure out who hacked her, spending around almost an hour using her pactio artifact. "Come on, how come I can't locate this bastard? Who dumb enough to hack me anyways? I mean, why to begin with?" She frustrated to the point he head almost went numb. She sighed and went back on her site.

Chiu-Chiu here again. Chiu needs big help! Some no good dirty rotten hacker hack into Chiu's computer? I'm terrified for my life! Who could have done this to me?

After her post she merely waited. Almost in a matter a minutes, replies came back to her.

WTF, WHO DARES HACK INTO CHIU! Don't worry Chiu, we'll come to the rescue and kick this wise guy ass for you! :c

That goes double for me! We'll murder this perv that hacked you! XC

Okay which one of you did it! Which of you assholes hacked her!

No one hack the Great Chiu! Let's hang this guy when we find him!n

I know who did it…

I'm with you guys! This person must be obliterated from the face of this Earth!

Murder that hacker! Damn hackers!

We'll do our best Chiu, you can count on us!

Chisame skimmed through the reply list, searching to see who has the answer. Huh? Wait a minute, something is off here. One of these messages is weird. She scrolled up and down the list and only one message stand out compare to the rest: I know who did it? That was quick, a little too quick. She clicked around, opening up the messenger's profile if possible. She called up the profile and frowned at the information.

Username: Everyone-Sucks-But-Me

Age: Screw You, why you need to know

Gender: If I was a girl, I'm bisexual; If I'm a guy, I'm gay!

Nationality: Racist Bastard

Likes: Porn and Hardcore Porn related

Dislikes: Everything But Me!

Description: I see you… Nice Sexy body Chiu-Chiu Chi Same!

"What the hell!" Chisame roared. "I don't remember having a fan like this!" She furiously scratched her head with both her hands as if she was about to go insane. "So this is the fool who hacked me, huh? Wise guy, perv, hacking, cheapskate, narrow-minded pervert! Who does he or she is, thinking you could get away with hacking and writing back to blend in to the crowd." She balled up her fist again and gridded her teeth. "Let's see what this idiot has to say…" She clicked around again, demanding a chat with the messenger.

Chiu - Everyone-Sucks-But-Me

Chiu: Hey how rude, you hack into my computer! Are you some kind of obsessed fan of mine?

30 minutes later…

No response.


966: Oh…were you talking to me?

What the…this damn ass, thinking you could play it off with that? You're making fun of me aren't you? "…"

Chiu: Yes…I'm talking to you. You got some nerves hacking into my computer. Who do you think you are?

966: Do I know you~~~?

Chiu: No…but apparently you hacked me so you know who I am? So don't play dumb with me.

966: Do you know me~~~?

Chiu: …

Chiu: …No…?

966: If that's the case, if it's not good for me, I'm not here. Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…

Chisame flared up in anger, crushing her innocent computer mouse with her furious hands. "What the fuck is this! Get off your high throne damn it! This isn't about getting to know each other, it's about hacking and stealing from me!" She replaced her mouse and fiercely typed.


966: …

966: ?

966: …I'm sorry who are you again? Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…

966 has left chat-room…Ku, Ku, Ku…

It was the last straw; apparently the hacker was playing around in circles with her the whole time. Laughing at her as she suffers in her own misery. Suddenly, an evil smile came to Chisame's face, plotting a sinister plan to get back. "I don't know who you are but no one mess with and play amateur games with Net Idol Chiu! I vow I'll make you suffer you sick bastard, I, Chisame Hasegawa, promise you that! If you think you could out hack me, you can think again!" She grabbed her artifact. "Sceptrum Virtuale! Kinche, Hanpe, Konnya, Chikuwafu, Negi, Daiko, Shirataki; come forth!" She called out. Her surrounding glow up magically as she transport herself into cyberspace, where she will attempt to take revenge on her hacker; supporting her on this were seven virtual electronic spirits that look like long-tailed mice.

"You call us Master!" The seven spirits asked. "Reporting for duty."

"All right listen up you idiots!" She ordered. "Some idiot tried to hack me awhile ago and is now laughing his or her ass off thinking I can't do anything to respond! This is obviously a declaration of war for humiliating and stealing from me, therefore we're going all out on this one, got that!"

"Yes ma'am!" They cried out.

Chisame grinned as her spirits and her got to work. "First we'll hack this "966" bastard's computer, take back what's mine, then destroy his or her computer!" Thus began the cyberspace net war with Chisame taking the offensive line in hacking into "966" computer—of course we know who's the perv hacking, but let's not tell her that yet, all right?

Going back to Kululu on the rooftops of the science building, Kululu decided to take a break and eat some rice with curry. He felt pretty confident in his advanced programming to prevent mere humans to hack back. "Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku… 'regret' she say." He thought. "Hmm…well apparently it wasn't much of a challenge after all. I guess I just move on to my next target."

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep…

His systems sounded off the alarms, alarming him about an infiltration of hacking in the systems and programming. He walked over to his monitors and computers, and sat down to take a look at the damages. "Whatty whatta? A breach in level 5 of the firewall and program defense huh?" He sneered and smiled wickedly to himself. "Looks like she came and took her data back. Now she's breaking down the guards to get my data as revenge. I guess…she is an interesting school girl after all. Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…" He snapped his fingers and cracked his neck, preparing himself to counter Chisame's onslaught over the net. Kululu began putting up a counterattack, sending more programs and viruses to slow her down, however, in a matter of seconds his programs and viruses were bypassed. "Hmm…she's getting pass all my basic level 1 defense. Ku, Ku, Ku, I can tell…she's going all out on this." His earphones opened up as electrical circuit wires popped out and linked up to the computers and systems. "I guess as a fellow hacker, I can't disappoint her now. I think it's about time to show her what I can really do now. Ku~~~, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku~~~."

Back to Chisame's cyber war base, Chisame is on a roll repelling the viruses and defense programs, bypassing each one easily.

"Hmph, and he or she calls him or herself a pro hacker?" Chisame frowned. "These viruses are daily basic that even a seven years-old can handle. Sheesh, don't tell me that's it now."

"Chisame-sama!" The cyber spirits reported in. "We manage to take small data from the hacker on his or her location."

"Well that was easy." She grinned. "He or she didn't even put up a fight to make it look like they're trying. Idiots, honestly." She looked at her little helpers. "Well let's see what you all got then." She called forth the information which only contains one word. "Japan, why am I NOT surprise? Anything else?"

"Well, we're doing our best to gather more." Kinche reported. "But the defenses for the files are tough, it's like mining for gold to get a small understandable piece of information. So it might take awhile."

"AWHILE, what the hell." Chisame shrieked. "I want to ruin this person now! What in the world am I dealing with such heavy defense on their files? The United Nations?"

"Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…that would be me actually." She heard out of nowhere. That voice…that laugh… She scanned around trying to see if her opponent was anywhere in cyberspace where she could see him. "My, my, you're a nosy little girl now. I mean you're just starting high school sort of speaking."

"Hey who the hell are you! And for your information, you nose into my business and life first!" Chisame barked back at the voice. "You're the voice that I heard just before I found out I was hacked! Aren't you."

"Ooh…you caught me, I'm so scared." Kululu teased her. "Aren't you the one that freely stripped in front of the computer screen to change into another costume every time? I have to say, black panties are way too bold for you. Ku~~~, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku~~!"

"WHAT~~~~! HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU… I MEAN YOU PEEKED ON ME YOU PERV!" Chisame boomed angrily, as she blew up bright red.

"Yes~~~~~~, I did." Kululu sneered. "I preferred though that each time you change you change your panties too! Ku~~~, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku."

"You sick pervert bastard! I'll kill you when I find you, you hear me!"

"Ooh I'm so intimidated. What should I do? I know, how about some appetizers to call us friends?"

"What the hell, what you mean by that!"

Speak of the devil, cyberspace's surrounding began to blink bright red as a swarm of viruses and bugs came swarming towards Chisame, which looked like roaches on the run.

"Ku, Ku, Ku, Congratulations Chisame 'Chiu' Hasegawa." Kululu chucked. "You manage not to disappoint me, so I'll send my warm greeting to you."

"No thank you!" Chisame barked as she sent her programs against the roach-like viruses and bugs. "Take your crap and beat it!"

"Don't wanna, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku."

"Urgh~~~~ I hate that laugh! Shut up!"

Now it was war; cyberspace warfare and web wars. Kululu is finally getting serious and began leading a full assault against Chisame's invasion. Around this time Giroro is still fighting Mana, and Tamama is still following the twins who are now heading to Library Island.

Around the time Kululu lost communication with Giroro, Dororo was doing his own investigation on his friend Koyuki, who was performing her gymnastics in front of Makie and everyone in the gymnastic club in the gymnasium (not the same as Natsumi and Yuna though). The club applauded her and cheered when she finished her performance. Dororo watched as Koyuki was quickly surrounded by Makie and the other girls.

"That was beautiful Koyuki-chan!" Makie applauded. "You really upstage the rest of us. I feel so jealous!"

"Yeah, you're so graceful and flexible." A girl in the club complimented.

"For a city girl, you sure know how to bend that body of yours." Another pointed out.

Koyuki giggled happily. "Oh no, I actually once live in the country." She explained. "I just moved to city for school and then here."

"Oh…" Makie nodded. "Is everyone on the country side just as flexible then?"

"Oh Makie, not everyone is a gymnastic on the country side."

"That's Baka Pink of class 3-A for ya."

"Hey, it's just a question! Negi-kun says that there is no such thing as a stupid question." Makie muttered. "Well, at least that's what the other teachers say." She turned back to Koyuki and asked again. "So are they?"

"Oh no, well at least where I live, you have to be." Koyuki giggled. "Where I live, if you don't learn to be flexible, you could end up dead because you won't be able to move or dodge as fast." The other girls looked at Koyuki, clueless on what the heck she's talking. "It's good practice once in while, and a lot of things happen that I didn't have time to train, so this is perfect opportunity to improve my flexible to perfection!" She giggled as everyone looked her and imagined what she means by improved.

"Uh Koyuki-chan, we all saw you perform awhile ago, and you were just as flexible as any Olympic gymnastic." A girl pointed. "Did awhile ago you said you could still improve?"

Koyuki nodded cheerfully in agreement. "Yep, I still have plenty of room to improve." She gave a slight giggled.

"Uh, in what ways could you be more flexible than that then?" Makie thought dreadfully and nervously. She and everyone else imagined and shivered to the fact, hoping that it won't come down to the point where Koyuki will fold in half…the other way. "Well…" Makie tried to express her thoughts on Koyuki's goal and smiled. "Do your best…but take it easy and don't improve too fast now."

Koyuki nodded and giggled with Makie. Just then, Natsumi and Yuna came into the gymnasium as well, looking for the two.

"Koyuki!" Natsumi called out to her, waving to get her attention.

Koyuki spotted Natsumi and Yuna, who are waving to them, and as usual, made a great leap over to them.

"Natsumi!" She called back as she landed safely in front of Natsumi, awing the gymnastic club. "Hey, how did it go for the Basketball team?"

"Uh…it was great." Natsumi replied nervously. Please tell she did not just jumped like that in front of everyone else? Alright, Natsumi, I won't then…but a lot did see her.

The gymnastic club were awed alright, awed in amazement that is!

"Whoa, did you see that!" One whispered to another.

"She could probably jump over a two-stories building like that!" Another murmured.


"Hmm…you think we could do that if we're just as flexible as Koyuki?"

"Ah, maybe that's why Koyuki wants to be as much flexible as possible."

"You think it's possible."

The girls began gossiping on the possibility of being 'amazing' like Koyuki, as Makie ran over to join up with Koyuki, Natsumi, and Yuna.

"Oh by the way Koyuki." Natsumi remembered. "Yuna asked me to go bowling with the others, you want to come too?"

Koyuki smiled and nodded happily. "Of course, it's been awhile since we play! It will much better with a lot of other friends."

"Ooh, seeing how you're hype up like that Koyuki, makes things more interesting." Yuna commented.

"Alright then," Makie jumped in. "Let's go then! We'll bowl as a friendly welcome competition for Natsumi and Koyuki!"

The girls walked off together as Dororo watched them from a distance outside the gymnasium on a tall thick tree. He smiled at Koyuki's luck. "You are most fortunate as always, Koyuki. Always pleasant to see you fill your life with joy and happiness with friends." He gazed out into the distance, watching as the sun slowly began to set from the afternoon. "Unlike you, I end up having friends that always forget about you. I really wish I could have friends like yours that see eye-to-eye with your views. The only thing they see me as is just an invisible companion, likewise, the only thing I see in their views is just conquering with sheer force and mayhem." Dororo looked up into the sky, feeling the wind breeze pass through him. "If only my friends and I could be like you and your friends Koyuki; having same views and sharing our beliefs." The blue ninja paused, quietly listening to nature and the whispers of the wind. He sighed. "I can tell that even with this extra barrier my comrade set up for the team, you could still clearly see me. There's no uses hiding from me, I know you're there. Come on out now."

There was a quiet silence all of sudden. From behind where Dororo was standing, something popped out from the leaves above. Another ninja.

"Hmm…you're quite skilled for someone your age." Dororo commented. "But then again, Koyuki is the same. Judging how the way you found me, you already knew that Koyuki was a ninja already, didn't you?"

"Well, I'm not so sure how I was able to see you, let alone find you." A female voice replied. "But I'm wondering though if Koyuki-chan knows that I'm ninja yet. The moment she enter the classroom, I already knew there was something unusual about her anyways, so I have my suspicion of her also being a fellow ninja. However, I never thought that besides being a ninja, she would have a small companion watching over her."

Dororo sighed. "So, how long were you watching me then?"

"Hmm, I don't know. Around the time when class ended. I was planning to see if my suspicion was true about Koyuki, but I ended finding you here taking a perfect spot to spy on her already."

"I see, so my own recon mission was the giveaway." Dororo smiled. "Considering that you haven't try and capture me yet, I presume that you want something from me."

"Hmm, yeah. At first I thought since you're friends with Koyuki-chan, I was wondering if you could setup an arrangement for me and her to have a friendly competition. She's my classmate so it's not so polite now to jump her by surprise. I might be mistaken as an enemy on the first day now."

"I see. But that was before though, since you said 'at first'. Then what do you want to request then."

"Like I said, at first I wanted a friendly spar with Koyuki-chan, but now seeing how you manage to realize that I was here, you must also be a fellow ninja."

Dororo paused before answering. "Hmm…in other words…"

"Don't disappoint me, little frog."

"Shall we then."

The tree exploded as the two fierce ninja take their sudden battle to the rooftops. The two dashed along the rooftops, throwing shurikens and clashing against each other with kunai (in Dororo's case, his sword as well). After a minute of clashing, evading, dodging, strategizing, the two paused for a moment to think of what to do next.

"I applaud your skills." Dororo complimented. "I must say, your skills may actually make you a fierce rival to Koyuki in ninjutsu. May I ask whom I will be informing Koyuki about?"

"Kaede." His opponent replied. "Kaede Nagase, ninja. Tell her if you have the chance that I want a friendly duel against each other. See if my training is a match for her."

"Kaede, I will remember the name." Dororo acknowledged. "Your skills are formidable, but it doesn't mean I'm going to lose now."

"We'll see soon enough." Kaede smiled. "Let's continue then." With her final words, Kaede instantly summoned clone doppelgangers to her side to assist and charge in for an attack. The two ninja from different worlds clashed fiercely, unwilling to back down from the other as they gave everything they got.

The battles rages on all over the campus. Now setting the time when Tamama was defeated by Ku Fei and sent flying. We look back at the Corporal and the Mercenary in the forest of Mahora Academy. Giroro turn the whole place to a war zone, setting up his booby traps every where to the point where there's always an explosion every second. They continued to open fire, taking shots at each other, but neither have any advantage against each other.

This foe is definitely strong. Even my Demon Eye can barely keep up with him. Mana thought. Who knew that such a strong marksman exist like himself. Sadly, he's some kind of demon or creature.

Hmph, the girl got courage and guts that for sure. Giroro thought as well. At least more than most of the idiots I know of. She could be a rival to 'that' soldier back at home. I surprised that she gotten this far without barely getting any scratch. Even though with all these explosions and traps I set up, she manage to see right through them. I don't know who she is, but I can't let someone like her just die off now, at least just not yet.

Okay, maybe they aren't going to finish just yet. Let's go over to some people who are finished fighting like the Sergeant Major and the Net Idol.

"Sheesh, annoying girl. Give up already." Kululu grumbled, feeling irritated. "She's really going over her limits here. Time to finish this quick." Kululu ran his fingers across the keyboards around him rapidly like a someone running through playing a piano. His computers were all about to fry up due to Chisame's attacks and are now puffing up smoke. Him on other hand, look beat up himself for some reasons (maybe there were a few explosions here and there).

"Hmph, not now." Chisame puffed, nearly completely exhausted. "Almost there…victory is near…" Her surrounding, since she's in cyberspace, look an internal damage in a wire; looking like someone set off a bomb in a space station as parts of the surrounding were floating around the place. Her little helpers were all spent as they all laid around catching their breaths. Chisame was torn up herself, being attack by Kululu's viruses and defense/assault programs her costume was tear here and there as well. "Just…one more thing…" She struggled in reaching a button. "Then…I'll be able to…get my data back…and get my…revenge…"

"Not happening girl, not today." Kululu chuckled. "It was nice playing with you with all these love exchanges and flirting games, but I don't have the time to play with you forever. We'll play again some other time, but for now, I shutting you down. Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku."

"Not chance asshole!" Chisame snapped back. "Don't think you'll get away with the last laugh. You will pay!"

Finishing up on their programs, Kululu and Chisame fiercely reached for the activation button for their programs.

"It's over~!" They yelled in synch as they hit the button.


Chisame was booted back out to reality again, laying on the floor of her room with her torn up clothes as if she went out to a physical war zone, gasping for air.

Did…did I win? She wondered. She struggles to get back on her feet and limped over to her computer. Her computer was almost to the point of frying and refused to turn back on. Damn it…did I lose? No way…

Back on Kululu's side not so far away, Kululu was lying back on the concrete roof, also gasping for air. "I win…Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku. Won't be seeing her for quite awhile again." He chuckled to himself and sat back up. "Hmm…looks like there's no major damage whatsoever…everything seems fine." After some maintenance checks, he shut off his computers and retracted all his wiring, including the one in his earphones. "Well, I guess I could call this recon mission successful and complete. {sigh} Okay, I need a break now." After cleaning up, he wander to his quarters and took a snooze, calling it a day for today's work.

As Kululu slept after his 'victory', we now look back to Chisame, now changed back to Chisame, as she put her head over his computer desk, feeling down about unable to take back her program. "I can't believe it I lost. I lost to some…pervert hacker. Now my computer won't start up now." She sighed and moped, slamming her fist down on to the computer desk. With that single violent shake, the monitor began to blink again as her computer started to boot up again. She reluctantly looked up and watched her computer rebooted itself. She sighed in relief. "At least my computer still works, oh well. Let's see the damages now." She looked through her software and programming to see any virus or spyware infections Kululu left for her. Surprising, no such things were found, but something even better. "Huh, the program worked!" She gasped happily. "It actually worked, it actually got through! I got my things back from that creep! Oh yeah, never underestimate Net Idol Chisame now!"

She snapped back to her computer and checked in on her things. "Well, I guess this could be a semi-victory for me I guess. The program didn't manage to get a lot of data like it should but I manage to get one piece of his data. Anyways, let's what else I was able to snatch from that bastard…hello?" Her programming actually manages to work and by doing so, she'll manage to retrieve her confidential files and also some data off Kululu's computer as well. The thing she was able to snatch from Kululu just before he shut her down was something shocking to Chisame. So shocking that it piles up her rage into ripping this school apart, but surprisingly she didn't.

"Wait a minute…according to this data here." She began. "The hacker is from Mahora Academy…on campus!" Her eyes widen as she thought of the possibilities as she read on with the data she collected. "And apparently…" She looked outside her window, staring at the science building. "It's coming from there…"

Now looking at Dororo and Kaede's duel, both sides were slowly wearing down, panting in exhaustion. Both seem to be equally matched and very determined to win this match.

"Not bad, not bad at all Kaede-dono" Dororo puffed. "You are indeed an excellent ninja de gozaru."

"Heh, not bad yourself… for kappa de gozaru." Kaede panted.

"K-Kappa?" Dororo muttered in confusion. "Is that what we look like to humans?"

"Well, yeah." Kaede nodded. "Isn't that what you are?"

"Actually…no." Dororo took his chance at that moment and attack Kaede's openings.

"Whoa not so fast." Kaede replied, striking back at the blue alien frog. Their blades clashed again, igniting sparks between the two. "Almost got me there, but times almost up for me. Time to end this in one blow de gozaru."

Dororo nodded in agreement. "Agreed. Let's finish in one last blow then de gozaru."

"With me winning of course." Kaede smiled. She broke off the standoff with Dororo and took one large leap back landing on top of a tree, pulling out a card out of her back pocket. "Kaede's Ninpou: Kage Bushin!" Suddenly, four Kaede clones appeared out of the blue and charged at Dororo.

"Shadow-cloning doppelgangers, no surprise really, but they're quite solid for just doppelgangers de gozaru." Dororo praised as he dashed in with a set of his own ninja doppelgangers. The eight ninjas clashedtogether, trying to annihilate the doppelgangers to locate the real one. One by one, both doppelgangers of Kaede and Dororo began to disappear until there was only one Dororo and one Kaede left. "It's over!" Dororo cried, giving the final blow to Kaede, with the back of his sword of course. However…


Dororo was startled. "Another fake? Then where's the real one?" Dororo scanned around to look for the missing kunoichi.

"Here!" Kaede cried. From out of nowhere, Kaede appeared right behind Dororo, catching him off guard.

"Invisibility, but how?"

"It's not too hard when you this now." Kaede revealed a cloak. "The Tengu no Kakuremino! Now to finish it." She quickly ensnared the ambushed Dororo with her chained shuriken, trapping the blue alien. "Kaede Ninpou: Bakusa Bakuenjin (Binding Chain Eruption)!"

The trapped Dororo struggled to break free, but it was too late for him. With the final call, chained Dororo exploded in a large blast of fire and smoke. The burning and smoked frog began to descended, on the collision of crashing to the ground, but was suddenly caught by Kaede, who saved him just in time. "Sorry kappa, but I'm not planning to lose just yet. Maybe next time de gozaru." Kaede apologized.

The burnt Dororo smiled. "I must apologize to you as well, Kaede."

"Seems you still have some strength even after that." Kaede replied.

"Oh no, it got me alright. If only if you did got me that is…" Dororo muttered.

POOF! The Dororo clone blew up in a pink smoke.

A decoy doppelganger! Kaede realized.

"Assassin Magic: Power of Mother!" The real Dororo called out from behind. Being ambushed completely, Kaede was suddenly caught by a large stone hand, trapping her from escaping. " A ninja never reveal thyself till can ensure victory!" Dororo noted as he prepared his final attack. "Dororo Killing Technique: Metamorphosis Draw Dororo Slash!" Dororo zoomed through Kaede, giving her the final blow and breaking her free from the grip of his previous attack. Dororo withdraw his sword in his sheath and sighed, as Kaede collapsed to the ground. "Don't worry, I only struck you with the back of my sword. You won't die de gozaru."

She sighed and smiled over her defeat. She rowed over to lie on her back. "Ho, I was careless and naïve of my opponent. Didn't think that you would actually use a doppelganger to substitute in my finishing blow. You were buying your time, waiting to catch me off guard when I assume I claim victory." She looked over to Dororo. "I'm really surprise though. Why didn't you kill me like what that technique was intended to do? I discover you while you were in stealth, pretty much putting your mission at risk…so why de gozaru?"

Dororo sighed again and looked down on the beaten ninja without turning his whole body. "I would never kill anything that resides on this beautiful planet, including humans. I vowed to protect the Earth, and I'm not planning to break that promise. Besides, killing a person in broad daylight will raise suspicions and it will be a big hassle for me later." He looked towards the distance, feeling the wind breeze passing by. "It was an honor to fight a great ninja as yourself. Let us duel some other time again when we both get stronger and not have a tight schedule like today de gozaru."

"Yeah, next time then…I'll win for sure." Kaede agreed.

"Until we meet again then." Dororo smiled. He quickly took off, taking a victory with him.

"Kaede! Hey Kaede!" Kaede heard above her. It was the little twins, Fuka and Fumika, calling to her along with Ku Fei. "What ya doing laying on the ground there?"

"Hmm…" Kaede thought. She shrugged and sat up, looking over to the group. "Nothing, just felt like laying on the ground de gozaru."

"Whoa, Kaede, what happen to you?" Fuka asked.

"Yeah, you look like you just got into a fight." Fumika agreed.

"Well, you could say that." Kaede replied. She looked over Ku Fei, who also looks partially mess up from a fight. "What about you Fei Ku?"

"Hm?" Ku Fei replied obliviously.

"You look like you just got in fight too de gozaru."

"Oh this? Ahahahaha, no it's nothing." The kung fu girl laughed. "Well, you could say that too I guess-aru"

"Ah I see." Kaede smiled. "It seems that today is very special to have so many strong opponents appearing before us."


Both fighters laughed, leaving the twins confused and upset. "Hey no fair. You both know something we don't huh?" Fumika replied.

"Come on Kaede, tell us what you mean by that?" Fuka begged her, wanting to know the story as well.

Kaede got back on her feet again and walked over to the group. "Well, I'll tell you later de gozaru. Right now, we should get going to class." Kaede told her.

"Oh, all right then." Fuka muttered. "But hey Kaede, we got a really cool story to tell you!"

"Yeah, we ran into a kappa just earlier!" Fumika continued.

"Really, is that right de gozaru?" Kaede smiled in interest. The group continues to walk and talk about their experience of today as they make their way to class.

Meanwhile back with Giroro and Mana in the forest in the middle of nowhere (not exactly really) within Mahora Academy, both sides were on ceasefire and thinking about their schedule and duty they still need to carry out. Giroro was thinking about the platoon finishing their recon, and Mana was thinking about the time to get to her class.

Damn, how long has it been since this started? Giroro thought as he slowly recover his stamina. Feels like forever shove into a few hours. If I don't finish this quick, it will definitely make a big scene soon. I can't afford that now, especially during a recon mission. By now Keroro and the others should be finish with their recon. Hmm… Knowing Keroro right now, he's probably thinking of something stupid do now that will probably jeopardize this whole operation. Grrr…damn it, I don't want to be paranoid about it, but if no is looking after him, he's bound to do something stupid. No choice, I gotta retreat and bail out of this fight.

"Enough of this." Mana called out. She stood up and rested her rifle on her shoulders. "Listen here, whoever you are. As much as I enjoy fighting you, unfortunately I have to call withdraw for now. I don't have the time right now, but we'll fight again very soon. I'll be taking my leave now, but dare aim at me again and you will regret it. Until we meet again then." With those words, Mana quickly dashed off.

Giroro stepped out of hiding as Mana disappeared. "She better not take this a draw or a win for me." Giroro aimed his gun at Mana's direction. "The next we cross path, I'll make sure I'll defeat you Mana Tatsumiya!" He lowered his gun and turn tail. "Now, gotta get back to check up on Keroro and the others. See what they come up with on their recon.

With that, both Mana and Giroro withdraw from the intense battle due to errands both need to take care of: Giroro rushing back to camp to check on the platoon, and Mana rushing back to get to class.

With all the battles aside, let's finally move on to the Sergeant. We first see Negi and Fuyuki walking around near the World Tree of the academy; Negi trying to give a tour to Fuyuki, but apparently they both got lost for a while.

"Whoa, look at the time!" Negi yelped as he checked the time.

"Ayah! It's already almost six!" Fuyuki cried. "We're going to late!"

The two teachers panicked and ran to find their way back. As they disappear from the scene, we see above the tree, Keroro was just hovering over, sighing.

"Gero, Ayaiyai…why am I stuck with this task?" Keroro sighed. "I mean I already finish the recon already much earlier than the rest (actually, he just invisibly sneak into the cafeteria to freeload off food, took a hot bath in the bathhouse, watch a competition of the track team on the track, and going to the library reading manga and surfing the net). I did so much work and now I'm stuck with this task."

Few hours ago or according to Keroro, some decade ago…

"Kululu, I'm back from recon!"

"Oh, back already? You only took three hours just for recon?"

"Well, I'm good like that! That's why I'm leader."

"Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku…well in that case can you do something for me real quick."

"Gero?" Kululu handed Keroro a small device, something that almost resembles the Dragon Radar from the DragonBallZ series.

"Go run around the place until you see something blinking, will you?"

"What is this device suppose to find, Dragon balls to bring me back to life in case I die?"

"No, and even it does so, I wouldn't wish you back to life, I would wish for curry. It's a new device I invented that tracks down powerful energy sources. The school grounds according the data I collected so far show that there are abundant sources for energy on this campus. I want you at least locate one that has a lot energy we can use."

"You sure it's your invention you made, or did you stole this from some other random- series? Ah whatever, does it work?"

"Well, it should, so go give it a test run or something."

"Okay, be back before dark then!"

End of Flashback…

"Damn it, I said I'll be back before dark, and now it's dark already! And I still can't find anything on this stupid thing!" Keroro complained. "Stupid Kululu, why can't he do this by himself. I must be stupid to agree to this!" Keroro peaked around and look at the device. "According to this, I have to be very close to show any detection!" Keroro waved the device around in the air, hoping to get any energy source to pop up (or maybe some signals judging the way he's waving it in the air). "Come on, come on, come to me baby!" He looks at the device again. Nothing. "POOP!"

Keroro sighed again and suddenly look down upon the World Tree. Suddenly, a stupid idea came to his head. "Hmm…these leaves look pretty solid. Looks so solid that I can stand on it too." Without thinking straight, he flew close to the top of the tree and slowly tries the touch the top with his feet. "It feels sturdy enough, sturdy enough to hold me. It will be pretty if I could actually stand on this…GERO~~~~~~~~~~!" And as guessed, he tipped off his saucer and fell right through the tree, screaming his way through as he tumbled. "Hyaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Ow! Aaaaaah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Ow! Gerooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Ow! Waaaah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Ow! Ayaaaah~~~~~~~~~~~~~!" SPLAT.

Keroro finally crash-landed on to the concrete pavements after smashing through a thousand branches, completely flatten facedown. "…" Keroro struggle to unstuck his face from the ground, and when he finally does. CONK! Kululu's device fell on his head, causing to collapse on his face. After a moment of pain, he finally sat up straight. "Ow~~~!" He exclaimed. He slowly got back on to his feet, whipping away all the dirt on him. "Gero, note to self: don't do that again. Who knew that falling off a tree like that is painful."

Keroro sighed, but then heard something near him. He quickly looked around and spotted Kululu's device. "Oh frog, I must have busted it when I fell. What's with the beeping?" Keroro grabbed the device and look at the monitor. The monitor suddenly began beeping and began spiking. "Gero, a high level energy source, here?" Keroro gasped. He looked around the place, searching for the energy source. "Where, where is it, it's here right?" He slowly scanned the area with the device, pointing at the benches, then the concrete wall, the pavement where he crashed, and then…

"Gero? The tree?"