I am back and started a new story! XD

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Sooooo much that I making this story and a web comic.

Speaking of which if anyone would like to help me with it, very appreciated...

Anyways let start this shi...uh...stuff . . .

Dis: I don't own Invader Zim but I own the plot and my OC

The robot parents were malfunctioning again. Robo-Dad was running into the same wall over and over again for the past 3 hours. The indent on the wall proves it. Robo-Mom has been smashing all the food in the house with a toilet plunger singing 'I am a little teapot.'

Zim rubbed his temples, he just got home from Middle Skool and when he walked and saw this. Zim sighed he assumptions were right about the units of appearing like improper parent to the stinky humans. If their programming is not change his mission will be comprised.


Zim was sitting at lunch by his usual table with Dib-Stink and his sister. By the beginning of 6th grade Dib decided it would help him if he kept Zim close to him. So, he started sitting by Zim. However, those first days when Dib first sat by Zim at lunch Dib got beat up by the average height Irken. That's right; zim grew taller thanks to Earth's gravity and nutrients in their meat products. Now Zim's height is as a average middle skooler. Anyways, Dib was getting his butt handed to by the alien which Gaz thought was funny and she started sitting with Zim as well to watch.

Now here we are at Zim's last year of Middle Skool and ironically Zim's table is right by the popular girls table and that where Zim over heard them talking about him. "Can't you believe that green freak's parents?" said the annoying blond girl that likes to point out people's problems and flaws. "They are Total Wack Jobs! If they keep this up the State will come over their house…"

Come over their house…

Come over their house…

Come over their house…

End of Flashback

Right eye twitching, Zim took off his disguise and was about to rant and reprogram his Robo-parents. However, was stop by the door bell. Quickly trying to get his disguise back on, Zim was going to answer the door but was stop by Doggy Gir opening the door, "I WANT WAFFLES!"

"NOOOO GIR!" Zim had his wig and only one contact on, This mission has been compromised! My one chance to impress my Tallest over!

Zim squeezed his eyes shut waiting for the scream and pointing, but it never came. Peeking see what was going on, Zim saw a TALL woman standing at his doorway. However, she didn't look 'normal.' For one the height, she looked one inch taller than his Tallest. Another was her skin it had stitches covering all over her. Also lastly her clothes, she was wearing a large dark green hoodie with purple stitches designed all over it with dark blue jean and black sneakers. Rest of the looks of the woman was normal. She had beautiful long wavy golden brown hair, blue gray eyes, and normal skin tone.

Zim gape at the woman and said woman just gave him a large friendly grin, "Is this the home of the Irken invader Zim?"


Who is this person?