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Zim: Why is Zim here?

Me: Because I wanted you here so I can hug you. *hugs Zim* :3

Zim: Let Zim GO! * struggles*

Me: No and I won't make you waffles. *Zim instantly stops*

Zim: Waffles?

Me: Yes, Now lets get on with the story.

Zim: CrazyWoman doesn't own me but wish she did.

"Eh?" said Zim raising a non-existing eyebrow at the woman.

"Oh my, Let's close this door before anyone sees you." said the woman closing the door behind her as she walk into Zim's 'home'


The woman leaned down towards him, "What are these scars from?" asked the woman worried. She was pointing to the scars he got from the stupid rain when he was hurrying home from school.


"Let me get something for those…Are those two okay?" asked the woman again as she points to the Robo-parents.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE MIGHTY ZIM'S LAIR!" yelled Zim pointing dramatically at the woman looking outraged while the other sweat dropped of him finally saying something.

The woman giggled a bit before answering, "Sorry, I have been stalking you for a while now and I want to help you with your invasion."


"Yes, I have. I needed to see if you were the one~" smiled the woman sitting on Zim's couch.

"The one?" asked Zim looking interested.

"Of course, the one who can conquer this planet." Said the woman in a matter-of-fact tone.

"OF COURSE, ZIM IS THE ONE!" said Zim looking proud of himself, "Wait…then why are you here?"

"You see you cute little green alien, I need your help. You only have seen this stink pile of a city. You never have seen the WHOLE world. However, I have and I am willing to help you."

"What you want?" said Zim narrowing his eyes at the human female.

"All I want is that my people go back to their semi-smart (compared to your race) selves and instead of you destroying my planet when through conquering it set up a trading post center thing with us."

"Why the mighty Irken race want to trade with you skinky humans?" asked Zim pointing his finger at the woman.

"Do you like waffles?" wickedly grinned the woman.

"Waffles?" said Zim looking like he was looking for them.

"Well, have you heard of Pancakes and French Toast?"

"No." said Zim looking the same but now curios.

"Let just say they taste just as tastey as waffles." Grinned the woman sawing Zims mouth watering reaction, "So, do we have a deal?"

"Yes!" yelled Zim shaking the woman's hand.

The woman giggled at this thinking it was cute, "Most people call me Madd now, but you can call me Mom."

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