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Chapter 3: Cogsworth's musings

As Cogsworth headed to bed, he found his thoughts turning to the new young cook/kitchen maid. I am surprised at how well she is fitting in here, though she seems to have only a couple of friends. Outside of her confrontation with Lumiere, I've seen very little of that temper that Pierre warned me about. He realized that from what little he knew of both the situation and of what had led to Collette's dismissal from her previous post, Lumiere likely had it coming. Pierre hadn't said much about it in the letter that Collette had brought with her and Collette hadn't seemed inclined to talk about it earlier. Whenever they had come close to discussing it, she had hesitated, seemingly not wanting to say anything about it to the man who had essentially given her a job. He hadn't brought the subject up, thought he was curious. This is only her first week here and I don't want to drive her away like that. It would be nice to have...Cogsworth quickly squashed that thought when he realized where it was going. He felt that he was too old for her, that she deserved a younger man, someone closer in age to her. He wouldn't say no to her friendship, though. Outside of the more senior staff, the majordomo knew he had very few friends in the castle.

After he entered his room and closed the door, he sighed. Just from tonight's conversation, he had the feeling that while Collette was being honest with him, there were a few things that she wasn't telling him, not just the story of why she was dismissed from her previous post. Cogsworth realized that she likely didn't want to jeopardize her position here. He wanted, no, needed to gain her trust, but also reassure her that no matter what, she would always have a place at the castle. He remembered when the Mistress first came to the castle, how alone she was and realized that Collette was in the same position. It had been that same feeling that had prompted him, in behavior very much unlike what he would have normally done, to tell her that she could use that room for her own personal use. His observations led him to believe that she wouldn't abuse the privilege. Most of the servants either hung out in the kitchen or-depending on the gender of the servants in question-one or other of the various bedrooms. There were those that might use the library or one of the similar rooms, but those tended to be few and far between.

He'd also noticed that a few times, she'd seemed on the verge of saying something, but had held back, for some reason. I wonder if it's because she sees me as her boss right now, instead of a friend. Shaking his head, he put it out of his mind, telling himself that he either imagined it or if he hadn't, that she would tell him in due time.


The next few weeks fell into a similar pattern. During the day, both Cogsworth and Collette would go about their duties, but at night, they would meet in the study and just talk. They both would sometimes talk about their days, but other times, they would talk about other topics, like some of the parties that the Master and Mistress threw that she either was unfamiliar with or had details beyond what she knew from her life at the Rochefort house. He knew that Mrs. Potts would give her the details specific to her duties as a kitchen maid, but he wanted her to know the other details just in case she was required to perform other duties. He didn't foresee her needing to do them, but it was better safe then sorry. It was in this way that their friendship began to develop.

Neither knew it, but some of the other staff had noticed the developing friendship between the two. Most that had noticed it were relieved, others jealous. Those that were relieved were such for one of two reasons, one being that they were hoping that this friendship would cause the majordomo to relax a bit on how strict he was; two being that they were thinking along the lines of 'About time' or 'He's been alone for so long, he needs someone'. Those that were jealous were so mainly because they either wanted Collette for their own or wanted to marry Cogsworth because of the prestige that being married to the majordomo would bring, never minding that he was just friends with Collette. They saw her as a rival for the other's affections, however imagined.


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