"Gamble! Let her go!" I yelled.

"Take a shot, Jimbo!" Gamble yelled back. I could hear the taunting in his voice as he knew I wouldn't shoot at him while he had a hostage.

The traitorous bastard kept backing up to the edge of bridge and all my concentration was on him. I was actually considering pulling a Gamble and shooting the lady in the shoulder just so I could bring him down. Watching Gamble creep slowly towards his freedom, I didn't take note of what was happening behind me. That is, until I heard Deke shout, "Sanchez is down!"

My heart literally stopped beating and a lump caught in my throat as I whirled around. Seeing her on the ground with Deke standing over, all I could manage to say was her name, "Sanchez."

She's barely moving and all I can think about is what the fuck I am going to say to her daughter when I have to explain this to her.

No Street, don't think like that, I tell myself. She's gonna be just fine. She's Chris Sanchez, she always is.

It's amazing just how much can happen in only one day. 24 hours ago, I was sitting across a table from the most beautiful woman I'd ever laid eyes on. She was asking me what the real thing in SWAT is like and then Gamble comes over to ruin our evening. This morning, Sanchez and I were having a blast at her kid's birthday party. And now, she's got a bullet somewhere in her-I don't even know where she got shot- and I have to decide whether or not to just let Gamble go free so I can get to Sanchez. The day certainly didn't turn out the way I expected it to.

All three of us, Hondo, Deke, and me, are stunned by the fact that Sanchez is down, but luckily, Hondo gets over it pretty quickly.

Hondo glances down at Sanchez for a moment before turning his gaze on me. Still, staring at Sanchez and wondering how I could let this happen to her, I barely register Hondo's voice shouting at me. "Go get him!" I hear him yell.

Finally breaking my stare on Sanchez, I look up at Hondo and remember that there is still a job to be done. Sparing a fleeting glance a Sanchez again, I nod my head and run over to the edge of the bridge where Gamble had been.

Looking over the edge, I realize the he has a rope tied to the woman who's sitting on the ground. So that's how he got down I say in my head. "Sorry, ma'am," I tell the woman, "but I've gotta go too." I tie myself to the rope and I climb over the bridge's railing. As leap off the side, I can't help but pray to God that Sanchez will be okay.