It was nighttime and 13 Bannerman Road was for once quiet. Sarah Jane was out at a reunion, to the community it was her school reunion, the people closes to her know better. Her son was in his room. Luke was lying on his bed watching his ceiling bored out of his mind when he heard it, the 'whooshing' noise he'd learned to associate with the Doctor. He was surprised to see the TARDIS materialize in his hallway, however.

A man with messy hair peeked out and looked around before spotting him, "Luke! It's been awhile. Well, not awhile for me but for you certainly!"

"Hello, Doctor. Luke greeted him.

"Now, where is your mother? I need her expertise." The Doctor said ignoring the world around him.

"She's gone out with the others. Children of time reunion."

"Others? Yes wait Reunion?...Okay then, what are you doing here?"

"I've been grounded, "Luke said in annoyance.

"What for?"

"Long story, involving a satellite, a fork and the toaster. You wouldn't be interested. What do you need?"

"Well you see..."

Amelia poked her head out of the TARDIS and looked around, "Where are we?"

"A friend s house. I thought I told you to stay put?"

"Yes, and I'm here anyway. Why are we here?"

"We need help."

Luke watched this exchange with wide eyes, since when did the Doctor have a child?

"So Luke! Wanna go on a trip with us?" The Doctor rocked back and forth on his feet and grinned.

"Mum said I couldn't travel with you; that you couldn't use me as a companion." He frowned.

"Ah yes. Tricky...Hmm...Yes but she didn't say anything about as an employee...How do you feel about technically being a babysitter?"

Luke grinned, "Do I get to see other planets?"


"I'm in! But mum will notice I'm gone." Luke bit his lip and frowned.

"Non-sense. I'll have you back 5 minutes from now. Amelia hush."

Amelia just smiled innocently.

"Let s go then!" the Doctor ushered Luke into the TARDIS. Sarah Jane wouldn't notice her son missing for awhile...would she?


"Bigger on the inside." The Doctor and Amelia chorused together.

"Yeah and different then last time...Wow." Luke looked around in amazement.

"So, Luke, basically your job means you've got to keep her from getting snatched or well dying as I bounce around and save the universe. In return you get to see things that will take your breath away, new planets, old planets, stars collapsing, the first Olympic games. Sound fair?"

"Deal." Luke said breathlessly still in awe.

"Great! Find a room. I'm sure your mother s room is around here somewhere still...Amelia go shower, change you smell of Star whale!"

"You're smelling yourself," Amelia retorted but took off anyway.

The Doctor sniffed himself and made a face, "Fine...Luke go find a room, don't touch the controls and stay away from any door labeled 'come in'."

Luke nodded soundlessly still grinning foolishly. Okay, so they were a bit eccentric, but he got to travel the universe it was an even trade he figured.