January 1st, 2010

Martha woke slowly, fighting against the annoying noises someone was making by hiding her face against her makeshift pillow. Mickey, obviously, had become her pillow once again, but they couldn't be at home since she could feel she had shoes on and Mickey was wearing some sort of shirt.

She opened her eyes slowly to find Jack peering down at her. Oh, couch at work and apparently someone had draped a blanket over them. "What?" she asked sleepily.

"Was going to let you two sleep a little more but I need your help, Martha." Jack told her, face serious.

"What's wrong?" Martha sat up carefully, disentangling herself from Mickey's grasp, the blanket and trying to pull her legs out from his without falling or waking him up. She did tumble slightly but Jack caught her as Mickey woke up. "What happened?" She asked, regaining her footing and cursing the fact she'd fallen asleep with her tennies on because now her feet were partially asleep.

Mickey sat up, tossing the blanket over the back of the couch and yawning wide stretched and popped his back. "Why'd you let us sleep?" he grumbled.

"You were up all night and looked like you could use it." Jack said, dodging to the side when Martha and Mickey's puppy ran past and tackled her owner on the couch. "Oh, and we've been feeding Amidala biscuits." He said teasingly as he smiled at the puppy.

"You're an evil man." Martha said as their puppy nearly licked Mickey to death. "How many?" he asked sternly.

"Eh...A fair few. It's only noon," Jack told Martha with a smile that hid evil intent, "It could have been worse." He said shrugging.

"Did you walk her?" he asked sighing.

"Lois did." Jack's face looked serious again, "Martha, Lois has elected to leave Torchwood." He said quietly.

Martha and Mickey both froze, the latter stopping the frolicking pup with a quick motion of his hand.

"Why?" Mickey asked.

"She...She can't face what it is we do any more." Jack said simply. "It's too much and if she keeps going who knows what would come of it." He said looking at them sadly.

"So...She's going to...the old Torchwood way?" Martha asked slowly.

"Yes. That's what she wants." Jack said, turning to look across the warehouse to where his makeshift office was set up. He could see past the drywall temporary walling to where Lois and Gwen sat talking quietly. "Rhys is in the Comic shop so I need Mickey and Gwen to go sanitize her place." He explained.

"Can do." Mickey said, standing up and scratching Amidala's ears absently. "She...She wants to forget it all?"

"Yes." Jack sighed again and stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Some people just can't handle what we do, Mickey." He said remembering others who didn't fare so well by staying.

"Yeah, don't I know that..."Martha bit her lip in worry then nodded. "I want to hear her say it but I'll do my job, Jack." She said evenly.

"Good. Mickey, go get the sanitation kit together please? Gwen's got other instructions for you guys." Jack frowned for a moment then shook his head.

"Wait...We're waiting for Tish." Martha said, remembering the night before.

"Oh, you caught that stunt on the TV?" Jack looked surprised. "I figured you'd slept through it and I'd show you tonight and giggle manically while mocking everyone." He continued teasingly.

"We caught it first showing. Can't believe she's been lying to us since October..." Martha shook her head, "I made her promise to show up today."

Jack checked his watch, "Well, there's still twelve hours left 'today' and we'll be here for it. We do need to start moving in everything into the new hub on Monday..."

"We'll have spoken by then, I'm sure." Martha smiled at Jack who smiled back. She didn't notice the smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Are you sure about this, Lois?" Martha asked, sitting down next to her on the couch on the opposite side as Gwen. "This is not just forgetting, you'll lose three and a half months. You'll never know where they went."

"I'm sure." Lois said, holding both their hands tightly. "I can't...I can't do this, Martha. I'm not as strong as you guys are. I...I have nightmares every night filled with blood and weapons and so much screaming. I wake and I can't breathe, no matter how hard I try. I can't sleep, I can't eat...I'm not strong enough for this." She said brokenly.

"You're plenty strong." Gwen said fiercely, wrapping her right arm around Lois' shoulders. "There's nothing wrong with admitting that there are things you can't handle. No shame in it at all."

"But-" Lois started.

"She's right." Martha said, voice soft. "I had to swear a statement to that effect." she spoke to distract Lois while Jack started putting together what they'd need. "It's part of the Hippocratic oath." Martha continued.

"Didn't know people still took that." Gwen said honestly.

"Only about 50% of medical students do in the UK," Martha told her, grateful Gwen was helping, "But they still make them swear it in America. Anyway, a portion of it basically boils down to 'I won't be afraid to say that I don't know' and that 'I won't be so prideful as to not let someone else do something I can't'." she paraphrased smiling at them.

"What's that mean?" Lois asked.

"That I won't be an idiot and insist on preforming brain surgery when I only know how to diagnose colds." Martha said with a smile that made Lois laugh. "Hey, I know my limits and I'll stick to them. That shouldn't just apply to Doctors." She continued smiling at them both.

"You're right..." Lois said.

"Hey, Gwen, you up to this or am I going solo?" Mickey asked, gesturing to the pack he'd set against the railing of the concrete ramp.

"Was that a crack about pregnancy?" Gwen asked, narrowing her eyes playfully and crossing her arms.

Mickey held his hands up, palms out, "Hey, I've got nothing to say about you hanging back or going. 'less you puke in my truck, then I kick you back here." She teased.

Gwen laughed at him, "I'm coming. Your truck or Torchwood?"

"Take your truck." Jack said, coming back into his office with a bottle of water and a bottle of soda. "It'll be quicker and less assuming."

"Right." Mickey patted his keys where they rested on his hip, hooked around one of his belt loops and lifted the bag again, "I'm leaving 'Dala with you, sweetheart." He called.

"No problem." Martha said as he walked off.

"I'll miss you." Gwen said, hugging Lois tight and trying not to tear up. "Really miss you."

"I'm sorry." Lois did tear up as she hugged her friend back just as tight. "I'm sorry I'll miss everything."

Gwen pulled away and stood up, absently resting her hand on her growing stomach. Technically she was on desk duty, having had to buy larger work trousers, but she wasn't going out to battle any alien creatures so it was easier to send her. "I'm sorry for bringing you into all of this."

Lois didn't say anything in return as Gwen turned quickly and walked off trying not to cry.

"Jack...what...what'll happen?" Lois asked shakily, obviously afraid despite her convictions, hands clutching the water bottle she'd been given that was now half empty.

Jack looked at her, he could lie, he could not say anything, she wouldn't remember, but he knew that would be wrong. "You'll take the dose and fall asleep. While you're asleep we'll sanitize any alien energy you might have remaining, any marks that can't be written off. Gwen and Mickey will go through your flat. They'll take out anything that you shouldn't have, get rid of any alien energy, they'll wipe the last few months from your computer and plant computer notes about your 'life'. You'll wake up in a hospital room with a 'head injury' – don't worry, we'll take care of you – and no memory of the last few months. When you go home you'll find out that you start a new job in two weeks; a job you've been wanting for ages you're extremely lucky to get. Your money – we'll leave a chunk of it – you'll think it came from the 456 collateral damage fund." He explained evenly.

"So this will never have happened?" Lois confirmed, holding onto Jack's hand.

"No." Jack said softly, "You'll remember the 456, but nothing after that. You'll have met Gwen, Rhys and me, but you won't know any more than our faces from those few days." he said quietly.

"I'll be normal. No more threats or anything. No more nightmares." Lois said in understanding as she drank the last of her water. "When do I take the pills?"

"You already have." Jack said sadly as she swooned in her seat on the couch, the sedative kicking in quickly.

Jack caught her easily and lifted her into his arms before carrying her across the warehouse to the makeshift hospital area they'd set up for Martha. He pushed aside the plastic curtains and laid Lois down carefully on the exam table that doubled as a morgue table.

"You didn't have to explain that to her; she wouldn't have remembered." Martha told him.

"No, but I would have." Jack replied as Martha readied the second dose of Retcon, this time in injection form. He moved to the head of the table and placed his hand on Lois' forehead as Martha injected her carefully. "I've always hated this part." He said grumpily.

"I hate it too," Martha sighed "and I've never had to do it before."

"I'll walk you through it." Jack managed a small smile for his favourite Doctor and one of his closest friends. "First off, no clothes, these guys are soaked with our stuff, including a bit of Artron from me." He ordered.

"Right." Martha nodded.

Jack smiled as his phone went off and answered cheerfully as he could, "Hello, Sarah Jane." He made certain to keep his eyes on the road though even as he answered and as careful to keep his speed climbing.

"Jack, have you seen the New Years from New York on tape yet?" Sarah Jane sounded amused.

"You mean the Doctor getting a midnight smooch from our Miss. Jones' older sister? Yup. Was there in person too. Sadly she chose to kiss him and ignore me." he smiled at her laugh.

"I suppose I should sulk or throw a little fit about you trying to get a kiss from Tish but I'm oddly not surprised. I figured you'd have been there on New Years, though. Who'd miss that given the chance? I assume you've shown it to Martha while laughing manically." Sarah Jane said cheerily.

"You're so above petty emotions, aren't you?" Jack shook his head and found no reason to hide the grin. "Nope, didn't get the chance. She'd already seen it." Jack told her honestly. "I didn't get to do anything evil." He grumbled.

"Well, there's always hope that another relative of hers will do something embarrassing on television and you'll know first." Sarah Jane said consolingly. "Luke wants to know if you're coming down this weekend." she asked.

"Wouldn't miss it." Jack promised. "Um, I'm going to have to let you go for a few minutes. I'm about to crash a car into a tree at a high speed and I don't think you want to hear it." He said quickly.

"Jack?" Sarah Jane questioned concerned.

"I'll explain later, I promise. It's to protect someone." Jack assured her, "Not because I'm being stupid." He stated.

"Isn't stupidity normally involved when protecting someone?" she asked him.

"True, I'll give you points for that logic. I'll talk to you later, Miss Sarah." he said, sticking to their routine and code phrases. Saying 'I love you' was always risky but it was outright dangerous when you were Jack Harkness; not to mention sappy as well. As Sarah Jane had once said, 'Does it really need saying?'

"Goodbye, Captain."

He smiled happily as he shut his mobile. Thirty-five years and those names still worked better than anything. He'd love to see someone else try to call her 'Miss Sarah' and live.

He kept his thoughts happy and cheerful even as he swerved Lois' car and smashed it full speed into a tree.

"Oh, Jack." Martha whispered in pity as she climbed out of the SUV, leaving Lois unconscious in the back as she hurried to his side.

Jack was slumped over the steering wheel, head bloodied and obviously dead. Martha used her weight as leverage and forced the door open, thankful it wasn't obstructed. Broken glass was everywhere and she had to actively avoid cutting herself on any of it as she hauled Jack out of the car. She only got him clear of it by about a foot before she had to give up. It was one thing to help carry someone around; it was another to carry around Jack's dead weight.

She knelt patiently in the grass, Jack's head on her lap as she waited for him to come back. It only took about a minute once he was clear before he was gasping in air and his arms were flailing, hands grasping for anything to ground him.

"I'm here, Jack, I'm here." Martha said, letting him grab onto her hands. "It's okay." She said calmingly.

"Martha?" Jack breathed heavily for a minute before sitting up, "Sorry." He insisted.

"No problem, Jack." Martha told him, "It's never an issue."

"Right. Lois." Jack climbed to his feet and moved to the SUV.

It wasn't hard for Jack to get Lois situated in the front seat, strapped in with the seatbelt and still unconscious. "You're going to have to do something about the blood." Jack told Martha evenly, trying to separate emotions from actions.

"I know." Martha sounded unhappy, not succeeding as well as Jack with the separation and pulled a new and capped scalpel from her jacket pocket. "I just..." she started her voice filled with sadness.

"I know." Jack said.

She pushed Lois' head back and made a very careful and mostly superficial cut high up near her hairline so it could be easily covered and yet also could have come from the steering wheel.

"Want to call emergency now?" Martha asked. "Do we stick around and wait or disappear?" she questioned.

"Disappear." Jack said, "It's easier that way." He explained.

Martha didn't bother asking who it was easier for, she just nodded and got back into the SUV.

Mickey arrived home after Martha that night, finding his wife curled up on the couch with their puppy staring mindlessly past the television that was showing a program he knew she didn't care for. "Hey." He said walking over to her.

"Hi." Martha responded blankly, looking up at him as he set a cardboard box down on the coffee table and hung his coat up.

He sat down on the edge of the couch and unlaced his boots and took them off before setting them aside in case he needed them later. While combat boots worked fantastic at work they were a little annoying to wear all the time. The fact that Martha didn't even laugh at his black socks that were decorated with tiny green alien spaceships was a bad sign. "How'd everything go?" he asked wrapping his arm around her.

"Perfect." Martha said, still not adding any emotion really. "Lois is in the hospital for overnight observation after a car accident that miraculously ended only with a head injury. She's convinced its September and her mum is staying with her." She said her voice even and professional, as if describing the weather.

When Martha avoided emotions it was always a bad sign. It was something she'd learned to do during that year and Mickey hated it. Emotions were only shut off when they were too much to handle, namely a few days that they'd 'remembered' transferring over on accident. The day that she'd been 'due' had come around again and nearly sent him into a sobbing fit, but she'd been fine and completely composed most of the day till he'd finally managed to pierce the emotionless front.

"I see." Mickey nudged Amidala aside some so he could scoot closer to Martha and wrap his arm around her and pull her closer. "How are you doing?" he asked pulling her closer.

"I'm fine." Martha responded, resting her head on his shoulder. "Peachy. What's in the boxes?" she asked after a few moments of silence.

"Lois asked me to pack a few things up and hold onto them." Mickey explained simply.

"Oh?" Martha said tears forming in her eyes.

"Did you know Lois knits?" he asked her curiously.

"Yeah, why?" Martha said sniffling.

Mickey nodded to the boxes, "She made some baby things for Gwen and Rhys' baby. Wanted me to hold onto them till either her birth or Gwen's baby shower."

Martha inhaled sharply, "Like what?"

"A yellow baby blanket, a pair of booties, a toy bear with the Torchwood logo done on its belly."He could feel her shake a little as she finally moved and reached up to hold onto his hand that was resting on her shoulder. "So what did Tish have to say for herself?" He asked, changing to the other topic he knew was bugging her.

"She didn't." Martha said, voice shaky, "She never showed up."

Mickey felt a little cold when he realized what that meant to Martha, "I'm sure they're just off on the time, that's all. You'll see, tomorrow she'll show up thinking its yesterday." He insisted hopefully.

"Maybe." Martha said. She gave up and closed her eyes against tears as the emotions finally flooded in like a tsunami and turned her head into Mickey's shirt as she started to cry.

He said nothing, just wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.

January 4th

"Over there...No, not there, hold on!" Gwen yelled.

Jack smiled to himself as Gwen's voice rang out again in frustration. They'd already outfitted their new hub with everything but the little stuff which meant now they were trying to get all the little things situated correctly. Gwen wasn't being allowed to pick up anything above twenty pounds which meant Mickey and Rhys were doing a lot of lifting as she sulked.

The new hub wasn't as cramped as the old one by a long shot. This one was spacious and not nearly as dark or dreary.

The main section was about half the size of the warehouse and done with white floors he knew were probably a bad idea and cream coloured walls he had planned to let Clyde decorate as soon as he could convince Sarah Jane it was a good idea to let him abduct...er, borrow him for a few days.

The direct centre of the floor was sunk in about three feet and contained all the desks they needed, spread out into individual work places separated by half walls only as tall as the desks themselves. Well, the only ones that used that space were Gwen and Mickey really, Martha had a desk set up in her little 'office' and Jack had his own office that overlooked the main hub through a large window. They all ignored Lois' desk for now and hadn't done anything to it.

Directly to the right of the centre desks and up five steps was Jack's office, deliberately situated so he could watch over the main bit without much work at all. It was the same size of his old office but this one had a small couch under the window instead of a climb down bedroom.

On the opposite side from Jack was the 'just in case' room. A small set up room with a set of lockers housing several pairs of plain boots, jeans in all sizes and pale gold T-shirts with the Torchwood logo printed small over the left side of the chest, all kept on hand alongside a pile of socks just in case something happened to their clothing and they needed a quick replacement.

The room also housed three bunk beds, because bunk beds were both cool and functional, all made up with basic sheets and blankets just in case something happened and they had to stay in the hub or in case someone needed rest and wouldn't go home. It had a door that led to a bathroom that housed a nice sized shower and a medicine cabinet that they'd laughed at when Jack stocked with toothbrushes and all other dental care things.

To the front and left of the desks there was a small kitchen set up, this time with a stove and a few basic cooking utensils, and a large fridge to hold anything they'd need. Gwen was pregnant which meant takeaway wasn't always an option.

If you went to the right you'd find the glass doors that led to 'Martha's domain' and a set of stairs that headed down towards the second layer – a layer that housed holding cells, Janet's habitat, the morgue and their new gym Mickey had requested. Martha's domain consisted of a medical wing that would make UNIT envious, complete with several beds and an entire locked medicine walk in closet to house anything they might possibly ever need dosed with. A small desk was set up in the corner, complete with a brand new computer and a filing cabinet so she could keep hard copies.

A lift of sorts stood in the opposite back corner, next to the door that led to the bathroom, that descended directly down into the morgue and was large enough for a stretcher to be placed on.

There was even a small set up with couches, a TV and a bookcase covered in DVD's near the entrance so they could relax when on call with nothing to do. Jack had spent nearly all the money Torchwood had paid him since 1899 but it was worth it overall, besides, he still had his own money he'd accumulated.

The very bottom layer of Torchwood, underneath the morgue and everything else was the archives, accessed by either stairs or elevator, and the wall of cryogenic containment cells where the agents were supposedly to be kept after death.
One of the worst things about the explosion was that all the electronics had gone out, including those holding cryogenics. They'd taken care of everything, even if it had involved biohazard suits.

A screeching noise brought Jack out of his thoughts and he looked up and smiled. Myfanwy was quite happily stretching out in her new nest Jack had built on a balcony only accessible by ladder.

That had been one of his favourite things to design, alongside the secret entrances, exits and the hiding places for if anything were to go wrong.

One way in was the invisible lift he'd had to rebuild, another was through a back door in Rhys' new store. There were several more one way exits though, just to make sure. He never wanted another incident like last time which was part of the reason they were now scanned for non-organic internal material the moment they entered the hub. Mickey kept setting it off every time he went through till Jack had laughed and set it up to ignore his knee that held several pieces of metal due to an injury a few years back.

"Jack!" Gwen yelled, "Will you tell them I'm allowed to lift things?" she frowned as she looked at him.

"I'm staying out of it." Jack laughed, arms crossed as he contentedly observed his new domain. "I'm going to go help Martha." He said running out of the room.
He dodged the stack of sticky notes thrown at him and typed in the passcode that opened the glass doors, let it spray him with disinfectant then made his way through the second set of doors. He was really proud of the new designs in place. While the old hub was amazing, it'd been around since around 1900 and was outdated.

"Need any help?" he asked.

"I don't think I'm going to need anything ever." Martha stated, staring in surprise at the stocked closet full of medication. There was another one full of medical supplies but he'd let her fill that one. "Do I want to know why we have huge boxes of PhiCorp pain meds?" she questioned.

'Because it's damn good idea to have them considering what's coming up and how hard it'll be to access them...' "Because they work with no side effects and I could easily steal several boxes." he offered out loud, trying to keep his memories at bay.

"I'm oddly not surprised." Martha said, shutting the door and listening for it to click and alert as locked. Everything medical locked with passcodes that all employee's knew, other than the one metal box locked with a key only Martha had that housed the more dangerous or higher end medication that was a bad idea to leave loose. "Let me guess, same excuse for all the antibiotics, IV kits and the blood kits?"

Jack shrugged, "Sometimes agents get shot and need blood. I'd rather have their own blood on hand to refill them with if needed." He explained.

Martha made a face, "You want me to set up blood bags full of their own blood 'just in case'?" she questioned.

"Yup." Jack said cheerfully, "I'll help you do yours, don't worry." He shivered a bit thinking what would have happened to his team if he didn't know what he knew.

"Ugh." Martha shook her head, "Good luck getting Gwen to agree." She said raising an eyebrow.

"No!" Jack said quickly, "We're not drawing blood while pregnant. She and Mickey are the same blood type so your husband can play sacrificial goat till she's not pregnant."

"You don't know their blood type." Martha said.

"O+." Jack said with a grin.

"Do I want to know how you know their blood types?" Martha asked.

"Same reason I know yours." Jack shrugged and turned around to leave and go bug Mickey with questions on the gym and electronic set ups.

"You don't know mine." Martha scoffed.

"A-." Jack singsonged.

"How do you know that?" Martha demanded, trying not to laugh as she followed him.

"I'm Torchwood leader," Jack grinned over his shoulder, "I know everything!" he said smiling cheerily.

"So does that mean I'm taking yours too?" she asked.

"No." He said, sounding harsher than he meant he realized when she nearly flinched. "I mean, no, bad idea. My blood...well, bad things happen when people get my blood and I don't need to get transfusions." He said not even wanting to think of that train of thought.

"Okay." Martha said curiously looking at her bosses sullen face.

January 8th

Martha gave up on waiting and calling after a week of no contact from her sister. It was starting to scare her and she really was hoping that Tish had just once again decided to ignore her.

That thought scared her worse, though, when coupled with memories of last time Tish had given her the silent treatment.

She knocked on the door to Tish's flat, while grabbing her keys all the same, trying to push back memories of the A&E, of Tish's heart fluttering and of words screamed in anger.

Those memories weren't helped in being hidden by who opens the door.

"Rory?" She demanded in disbelief.

"Dr...Martha." Rory said stepping backwards with a wince. He had on a robe that wasn't tied at the waist and she could see several large bruises and what looked like burn marks on his chest.

"What happened to you?" she asked worriedly.

"I got into an accident," Rory said, blushing and trying not to look as embarrassed as he felt.

"How—Where's Tish?" Martha asked, "I need to talk to her." She insisted her tone becoming frantic.

"Not here." Rory told Martha, backing up so Martha could come into the flat and walking very carefully to the couch trying to avoid exacerbating any of his wounds.

"Then why are you here?" Martha demanded.

Rory did look more embarrassed that time when Martha pinned her with her best sister glare.

"She, um, gave me permission to stay here," He said quickly, "Asked me to move in." he said sheepishly.

Martha growled and reached automatically for handcuffs before she realized she didn't have them on her. "Why didn't she tell us?" Honestly she was about one step away from arresting him without cuffs and letting Jack sort out bad press later.

"I don't know. I only just moved in right before New Year's." Rory sat up as best he could on the couch where it looked like he'd created a little nest out of blankets and pillows. "She left a letter though!" he said quickly, gesturing to the top of the TV cabinet where true enough a white envelope was resting. "Said she didn't want you or 'Mickey' arresting me for something stupid." He insisted.

Martha picked it up and opened the envelope with her name on it, pulling out the letter inside and studying it. It was Tish's handwriting, no doubt about that.

'Martha, if you come storming over before I next speak to you then I want you to know Rory's allowed to be here. He's got a key and everything. His old flat was horrible and smaller than my living room. I'm not joking, though I wish I were. He's my boyfriend and allowed to be here. Someone has to water the plants I got to con him into moving in. Love, Tish.'

"Have you heard from her?" Martha asked, tucking the letter back into the envelope.

"No, not since New Year's." Rory said sadly, "I know she went to New York with her boss and his kid but I don't know where after. I think maybe Amy or Iain busted her phone because normally she'd call by now." Rory shifted and winced, hissing out a breath. "Sorry." He said quietly.

"What all did you hurt?" Martha asked, professional curiosity taking over briefly.

"Broke four ribs, gained a few electric burns." Rory told her, "Car accident. My heart stopped and they had to give me CPR." He looked horribly embarrassed now, "I'm fine now, and they cleared me. I just look like someone used me for batting practice." He explained weakly.

Martha frowned, "And they know you're all alone?" she asked.

"Well, yes...sort of." Rory winced and reached towards the table where his pill bottle sat but had to stop. Martha stepped forward and handed him the bottle, receiving a smile in thanks. "They know I have no one to take care of me though, so I think it was assumed." he opened the bottle, extracted a pill and swallowed it dry.

"No one? Parents, siblings...grandparents?" Martha questioned.

"My mum and my dad are both two and a half hours away from here." Rory told her, "Siblings are children or out of contact and grandparents are just as far." He explained.

"There's no one if you need help?" she questioned in full Doctor mode.

"Well...I could call Sarah Jane if I desperately need help." Rory admitted with a hint of defeat, "she'd come help me...I'm sure I could guilt my brother into it as well, but I haven't spoken to him in years." He explained quietly.

"Maybe now would be the time to talk to him again." Martha said, trying to ignore the ice that flooded her at Rory's simple statement.

"Maybe." Rory acknowledged.

"Here," Martha dug into her wallet and withdrew a business card. It was one of Mickeys that was ambiguous about what the 'services rendered' were and she flipped it over, pulling a pen out of her pocket and scrawling her number across the back. "If Tish shows up or calls you will you call me or tell her to call me?" She asked, handing him the card.

"No problem. I'm getting worried about her." He said his voice sad.

"Me too." Martha whispered.

January 11th

"What are you reading?" Gwen asked Martha when she entered the hub and found her relaxing on the couch surrounded by several text books with a notebook opened on the arm of the couch with a pencil laying on it.

"Learning all about pregnancy and delivery." Martha replied absently, flipping the page of her book.

"Why?" Gwen looked suspicious.

"So I can deliver your baby." Martha said simply.

"What? NO! Nuh-uh, no way! I'm having this baby at a proper hospital with real nurses and doctors specifically trained." Gwen said quickly, hands protectively over her stomach.

"I'll be trained well before the end of June." Martha waved her off, making a note from her book. "So you have no excuse."

"No..I...JACK!" Gwen yelled in frustration.

"What, what's wrong?" Jack demanded, running out of his office.

"Martha's convinced she's going to deliver my baby." Gwen told him, hand over her stomach.

"She is." Jack shrugged, "As the trained Torchwood Medic she's the one responsible for all medical care barring surgical procedures on staff."

"No, I'm having this baby in a proper medical hospital where they have ways to stop pain."

Jack smiled sweetly and disappeared back into his office without saying a word.

"Why do I get the feeling that no matter how I protest someone's going to make sure you're the only Doctor around when I'm in labour?" Gwen said accusingly, looking at Martha who didn't look up from her book.

"Because this is Torchwood and we love you." Martha said with a smile as she wrote down something. "So get used to it."

"Ugh." Gwen shook her head and left Martha to go sit down at her desk, pulling up the Torchwood search.

"What are you looking for?" Martha asked, curiosity and boredom getting the best of her.

"An address or number for my brother-in-law. Rhys wants to contact him to tell him about the baby personally but Barry's under orders not to tell Rhys anything about him and if Rhys contacted Rory's mother she'd probably start World War three."

"Rory?" Martha said quickly, setting her book aside and moving to stand at the railing and look down at Gwen. "Rory Williams? The nurse?"

"Um, don't know about nurse." Gwen said, "Again, Barry's been told not to give any details out and they haven't talked in years but it is Rory Williams, why?"

"Rory...Oh, hell what was it..." Martha searched her memory trying to find the information she needed, "Middle name is something like owl-win?"

"Alwyn." Gwen said quickly, "Oh my God, you know my brother-in-law. How do you know my brother-in-law?"

"He's a paediatric nurse at Royal Hope, I've worked with him on occasion, he's also a med student," Martha let out a laugh, "and he's dating my older sister."

Gwen looked surprised for a moment then burst into laughter, "Is the universe screwing with us or something?"

"Must be!" Martha agreed. She didn't bother to walk around the railing to the stairs and instead slid through it easily to stand by Gwen. "So, computer searching for info on him?"

"Yeah, need an address or phone number."

"He's living at my sister's flat." Martha told her, "Don't know a number for him though."

Gwen's search finished on the computer and both women looked completely shocked.

A file had popped up, but it wasn't any records from police or a number, instead it was a Torchwood file. There was a picture of a small boy with short blond hair attached, a bandage across his forehead, with notes attached.

"Rory Williams, questioned in matters related to disappearance of Amelia Pond. See also Retcon file #1905." Gwen read, shock and anger in her voice. "They retconned my brother in law as a kid."

"Jack did say aliens took Amelia Pond." Martha said slowly. Jack never bothered to elaborate and said they didn't have any definitive information on her. There wasn't even a file to be found on her in their system.

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