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The first chapter is about parents and involves our three heroes.

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Harry looked at the happy couple on their wedding day picture. Lily had been beautiful with her long auburn hair and sharp green eyes, the same as his. She kept furtively looking at James, her face radiating elation and love. James only had eyes for his new wife and a goofy grin that reminded Harry of the one that illuminated Ron's face each time Hermione entered a room. His parents had been happy, even if it had been brief. They had loved each other. Love, Harry mused. Old magic as Dumbledore had called it. His parents' love had given him life and had saved it too.

"This is a nice picture of your parents," Ginny told him.

She had quietly walked in the room and stood behind him. He turned around and gathered her in his arms, enjoying the sweet flowery smell of her hair. His hand came to rest on the lovely bump that was her belly. It was now their turn to become parents.



"What do you think of James for a boy and Lily for a girl?"

"I think it would be lovely."

Hermione looked furtively inside the tent. She saw Ron was asleep in his bunk, still recovering from his splinching. Harry was playing with his snitch, the locket hanging around his neck: he would not pay attention to her. She furtively took the picture out of her beaded bag. It was a Muggle picture of her and her parents. It had been taken earlier in the summer, before she had modified their memory and sent them to safety. She looked at them longingly, wondering whether they were alright in Australia; whether they knew, somewhere in the recesses of their mind, how much she loved them even if they did not remember they had a daughter. She allowed herself to weep until she heard some footsteps. She thought it was Harry and tried to quickly conceal her tears. To her surprise, it was Ron. He gently took the picture from her hand.

"You look like your Mum," he told her softly before handing her the picture back and sitting next to her.

She just sobbed and burried her face in the crook of his neck, letting the tears flow freely.

"When this is over, we'll go to Australia and find them again. You made the right decision, Hermione. They are safe."

Ron wished he could say the same of his parents.

Ron looked at his wife and his mother looking at an old Weasley photo album. He silently prayed his Mum was not showing his baby pictures again. He came towering over the two women sitting on the sofa and looked over their shoulders. Ron was relieved to see it was not a picture of himself as a bouncing baby but instead one of his parents as a young couple. Arthur: tall and lanky, a full head of bright red silky hair, freckles across his nose, with no bald spot and no glasses, and his adoring eyes firmly on Molly. Molly: her arms wrapped around Arthur's waist, fierce-looking, her beautiful alabaster skin framed by flowing straight bright red hair, a bright smile blooming on her face as her warm brown eyes looked up at Arthur, returning his adoring look. Ron's first reaction was one he often had when he saw his parents together. Two red-haired people should not have had children together, let alone seven of them, all cursed with the same shade of hair and pale skin. Then he remembered how much Hermione loved his red hair. Tenderly, he kissed the top of his mother's head.

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