"Mommy! Mommy!"

"This is boring Mommy!"

"Mommy it's too hot out here!"

Misty shut her eyes very tightly as her twin four year olds tugged and cried at her. This had been going on all afternoon, and at this point, it was mortifying.

"Aiden, Michelle, you have to be quiet," Misty hissed as she looked between the two, "people are trying to watch the battles."

There was silence for a few moments, and then Aiden and Michelle started to scream. Misty grew wide eyed and whipped her head around the private box in which they sat. The other inhabitants of the suite were glaring intensely at her, clearly aggravated by the children's actions.

Great, Misty thought bitingly, now everyone thinks I'm a horrible mother.

"Okay, come on guys!" Misty grabbed the twins' hands and pulled them out of the box, her cheeks burning with a heavy blush.

"Mommy is we going home now?" Aiden asked hopefully.

"No!" Misty snapped at the boy, causing him to wince, "we came here because Daddy really wanted you two to watch him battle, and all you're doing is misbehaving!"

"But Mommy it's boring," Michelle whined.

"You guys adore Pokémon," Misty shook her head, "how can this be boring?"

"Because we want to play," Aiden mumbled, causing his sister to nod in agreement. Misty groaned and breathed out deeply. She had to find some way to get the twins to behave and watch the battles. It meant a lot to Ash, but they still had quite a ways to go before the raven haired Pokémon master made his appearance.

As Misty continued to think up various ideas, Aiden and Michelle giggled excitedly and began to run away from her.

"Hey!" Misty yelled as she chased after the children, "Aiden! Michelle! Get back here right now!"

The two had finally stopped in front of one of the food stands, jumping up and down as they browsed the selection. Misty looked over the stand and gasped quietly. It was a candy stand.

"This is perfect!" Misty murmured to herself. Smiling sweetly, she knelt down and asked, "Would you two like some candy?"

Aiden and Michelle nodded feverously, causing Misty's smile to widen. She knew this was the trick to getting her children to sit quietly and behave. So, after buying an immense amount of candy (Misty was starting to feel like she alone was keeping the stadium running after all these years), she took the twins and their newly bought treats back to the suite, hoping that her idea would work.

And it did, for a little while. Aiden and Michelle sat happily in their seats, stuffing their faces with candy. Misty knew this would definitely spoil their dinner, but at this point, she didn't care. She'd have done anything to get them to behave. When it finally came time for Ash to battle, however, the twins were jumping up and down, giggling uncontrollably and once again being as loud as humanly possible.

"Aiden, Michelle, shush!" Misty scolded them. But they weren't at all listening to her. Instead, they hopped out of their seats and began to chase each other around the room, roaring with laughter and greatly disrupting the other spectators.

As Misty watched with a horrified look on her face, she gasped audibly and smacked herself in the face. How could she have been so stupid? She was so intent on quieting the children for just a short while that she had completely forgotten about the long term effects of too much candy: sugar rush.

Looking back at the others glaring at her, Misty shrugged her shoulders deeply and thought silently: I wonder if they'll let it slide if they realize these are the Pokémon master's children?