Okay, so before I have to go do all of my homework (I knew mixing two snow days and sorority recruitment would bite me in the ass!) I wanted to upload a new one shot before I got all busy again. I was still kind of on my breedershipping story, so I got to writing this in the interim :P

Aiden and Michelle: 5 years old

The Best of Friends

Misty smiled to herself, despite her exhaustion, and sunk down on the couch. She was watching Aiden and Michelle play on the floor, giggling and murmuring excitedly to each other. They were just as Misty had always hoped they would be: a pair of best friends. Sure, sometimes they fought (quite vivaciously, in fact) and sometimes they disagreed (more loudly than quietly) but they still loved one another like crazy. It made Misty the happiest mother in the entire world.

A sudden grunt out of her mouth caught the twins' attention. Looking up, they found their mother holding her heavy stomach with both hands: one on top and the other on the bottom. This earned a jolt out of both of them right away, and caused them to abandon their toys entirely. Misty, of course, was not oblivious to their interest, and smiled down at the two.

"You both know she's kicking, don't you?" Misty giggled.

"Yeah!" Aiden laughed. "We could tell, Mommy!"

"You want to feel?" Misty asked, though she already knew the answer. In fact, it was so obvious that Aiden and Michelle didn't even have to reply. They just jumped right up onto the couch and started to move their small hands around their mother's beach ball belly.

As much as Aiden and Michelle loved each other, they loved their unborn baby sister just the same. They were fiercely protective of their pregnant mother, and loved putting their hands on her stomach to feel the baby move. Sometimes, the two would talk to her belly in the hopes that the baby could hear them. Misty had assured the two that the baby could, in fact, hear, and that she probably loved hearing their voices.

"Aiden! Move! You're taking up too much room!"

"No I'm not!"

"Uh huh!"


Misty smirked and shook her head. There went the arguing again. At least it was over how much they loved their little sister. But still, Misty wanted them to go back to being sweet and friendly again.

"You know you two can't sit on the same side and feel her kick," Misty calmly scolded her children. "There's not enough room on the couch. One of you go over to the other side."

"Aiden!" Michelle instantly cried, pointing a finger right in her twin's face.

"No, you!" Aiden argued, grabbing Michelle's wrist and yanking her arm down.

"Aiden, you always brag that you're the oldest, don't you?" Misty asked smartly.


"Yes, you do."

Aiden continued to look down sheepishly, not wanting to admit that his mother was, in fact, correct. He was only twelve minutes older than Michelle, but Aiden never made any bones about announcing that he was the oldest child, and in turn, the big brother.

"I don't, Mommy," Aiden finally muttered again.

"You do," Misty refuted. "And the big brother is going to be the good boy who is considerate of his sister and goes to the other side."

"I don't want to, Mommy," Aiden whined. "It's no fair!"

"Aiden, you'll still get to feel the baby kick," Misty sighed. "And it'll be easier for the both of you. Be the big boy and go to the other side of the couch."

Aiden was still pouting, but nevertheless, he began to make his move to the other side of the couch. However, he decided that the best way to go about this was climbing over his mother. Just as he was about to swing his right leg over her belly, however, Misty stopped him in his tracks and pushed him back down on the cushion.

"Hey!" Aiden argued.

"Do not climb over me," Misty chastised. "Get up and walk around."


"Aiden, if you don't stop whining, you're not going to be allowed to feel the baby move at all," Misty warned.

With the pout still on his face, Aiden slid off the couch and stormed over to his mother's opposite side, climbing back up onto the couch and sitting against it with his arms folded across his chest. Misty looked over at her son and smirked, knowing full well that he was now in a bad mood.

"Come on, little guy, no pouting," Misty playfully teased.

Aiden, however, didn't look ready to relent. He was just like Ash. Once you upset him, he was going to make sure you knew. And Misty was no exception this little rule.

"I want to see you smile, little man," Misty crooned, squeezing Aiden's cheeks with her fingers. Aiden tried to keep his face staid, but he could never resist his mother's sweet talk. Finally, he gave her exactly what she wanted: a sweet, though still hesitant, smile. "That's the handsome smile I love so much. You're my special little boy, aren't you?"

Aiden's face fell once again, confusing Misty. "I thought I was your big boy!"

"Ah, yes, silly me," Misty giggled. "How could I forget! You are my big boy, Aiden. All grown up!"

"No," Aiden refuted, patting the side of his mother's stomach. "Not all grown up. Just a little."

"You're not all grown up?" Misty asked with a playful gasp.


"How come?"

"Because…I'm still a kid," Aiden murmured. "I like playing and stuff."

"Oh, I see."

"But I'm still a big boy!"

"Yes, you are. My only boy, too!"

Aiden smiled at this and moved his hand to the center of Misty's belly. "You got a girl in here."

"I do," Misty giggled. "But she acts more like you than Michelle!"

"Yeah, she's kicking lots!" Aiden marveled.

"You feel her jumping around, huh?" Misty asked. "She's extra hyper today! I wonder why."

"Maybe she wants to come out," Michelle suggested.

"No, it's not time for her to come out yet!" Misty laughed, rubbing the bottom of her stomach. "You hear that, little girl? You're not going anywhere. So get nice and comfy in there."

"Aw, she just wants to play with us!" Michelle tried.

"Ah, you think she wants to come out to play, don't you?" Misty cooed.

"I want her to come out and play," Michelle murmured, hugging her mother's gravid midsection. "I want my little sister, Mommy!"

"I know you do," Misty giggled. "And you'll get her soon enough! Not too much longer, now. But remember what Daddy and I told you two. The baby's not going to be able to play right away. She'll be too small! But, eventually, she'll be the perfect playmate for you two."

Michelle rested her cheek against Misty's belly and smiled. Aiden, on the other hand, was still patting the bump, his eyes shining with interest. Sighing happily to herself, Misty hugged both children, pulling them closer to her and subsequently wrapping those same arms around her midsection.

"I love having all of my babies here with me," Misty murmured, beaming down at Aiden and Michelle. "Nothing makes me happier."

Her stomach let out a loud gurgle, followed by a good, strong kick from the baby. Misty gasped softly and held her belly once again, while Michelle picked her head up and grinned from ear-to-ear.

"She's talking, Mommy!" Michelle squealed.

"Not quite, seashell," Misty giggled. "That was just my tummy grumbling! I think I'm hungry."

"Let's eat!" Aiden suggested, his eyes lighting up. He loved food just as much as his father, and it showed.

"We can't eat until Daddy comes home," Misty informed her son. "But he should be here soon enough. He might want to sit with us for a little bit first. Then we can focus on eating!"

Just as Misty had guessed, it only took around five minutes for Ash to walk through the front door, a tired though satisfied smile on his handsome face. Normally, the twins would have rushed to the door and enthusiastically greeted him, but at the moment, they were too enthralled with what was going on inside of their mother. It had become a common occurrence over the past few months, and Ash had gotten used to it.

"Something tells me the baby is up and kicking!" Ash chuckled, closing the door behind him. "I'm missing my welcome wagon."

"She's stealing all of your fans already," Misty quipped, eyes glimmering with mischievousness. "A little heartbreaker!"

"I'm okay with that," Ash assured his wife, walking towards the couch. "She's the only person I'd let do that. Works on me, too."

Pikachu jumped off of Ash's shoulder and scurried onto the couch, sitting on Misty's shoulder for a quick second in order to lick the gym leader's cheek before leaping up onto the top of the couch and curling up into a ball.

"Pikachu's sleepy," Michelle murmured.

"He's always sleepy after work," Ash agreed. "But, as soon as dinner is ready, he'll be wide awake!"

Misty glanced up at Ash and noticed that his eyes were shimmering. He looked completely enamored…so in love. She knew exactly what he wanted, and it brought a sweet smile to her face.

"Something tells me you're not ready for dinner yet," Misty whispered, gently rubbing the bottom of her belly.

"Not quite," Ash confirmed, his eyes not moving. "I've got to do something else first."

Misty's smile only widened at this. She opened up her legs, seeing as there was no more room on the couch, and allowed Ash to settle between her thighs on the floor. Eyes still glowing, Ash pulled Misty's shirt up just enough so it rested above her belly button. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips against her warm, tight skin and began to kiss her belly nearly as passionately as he kissed her lips. Misty watched contently and happily as Ash's lips would gently part and then close again, his warm breath tickling her as he ravished her body.

"Did you miss her?" Misty asked, gently stroking Ash's hair with her fingertips.

"I did," Ash confirmed, his lips not leaving Misty's stomach for even a second.

"I think she missed you too," Misty giggled. "She's giving you lots of love right now, isn't she?"


Aiden and Michelle watched their father in awe. It wasn't strange for them to see their father being so gentle. They knew he had a tougher side, but that was really only reserved for battling. With them, he was loving and very tender. So they weren't surprised to see him fawning over the unborn baby. In fact, he talked about how excited he was to meet her every single day.

"I told Mommy I want her to come out, Daddy," Michelle informed her father, who finally separated from Misty's stomach to smile at the little girl.

"I think I know what she said in response," Ash chuckled.

"She said the baby can't come out yet, 'cause she's not ready," Michelle replied.

"That's right," Ash laughed. "She may seem ready, but she's not! She's still got some time left, and a bit more growing to do."

"Although I'd appreciate it if maybe she didn't grow too much more," Misty huffed. "I can only handle so much."

"You can handle anything that gets thrown at ya, babe," Ash encouraged, throwing in a wink for good measure.

"I'm glad you have so much confidence in me," Misty droned, grabbing both of Ash's hands and placing them on the sides of her belly. "But, I have to admit, this little girl of ours is making me kind of nervous."

"Why is she making you nervous?" Ash crooned. "She's going to be the sweetest thing!"

"I know she'll be, I can sense it," Misty murmured, a smile appearing on her face. "But that doesn't make me any less nervous. I'm afraid of getting bigger, and something happening to me or her…just normal motherly worries, I guess."

Ash smiled at his wife and craned his head down to kiss Misty's belly again, this time more gently than before. "You're right, angel. It's normal to be worried. But you don't have to be. I'm here for you, you know. I'll always be here for you."

Misty blushed at Ash's gentle reassurances. He always knew how to make her feel better, to make her feel secure and comfortable. It was a very special skill that Misty really appreciated.

"I'm here for you too, Mommy!"

"Yeah, me too!"

Misty felt two more sets of hands settle themselves on her stomach. Looking at either side, she found both Aiden and Michelle beaming up at her, with expressions identical to the one Ash wore. Lowering her eyes, to avoid showing her husband and children the tears that were filling up within them, Misty whimpered softly and happily before picking her head back up and placing her hands on her belly to join everyone else's.

"You're all right," Misty breathed, her smile widening. "I have no reason to be afraid. Not when I have all of you. My best friends!"

The baby continued to kick beneath all of their palms, causing all of them to laugh cheerfully.

"Yes, sprinkle," Misty murmured, using her already affectionate nickname for the unborn child. "You're one of my best friends too. And I love you very, very much." Looking around at the rest of her family, and then down at their hands on her stomach, Misty added, "we all do."

Squeee family bonding time! These are my favorite kinds of stories to write ^^