I keep seeing Girl Scout cookies everywhere...there's your inspiration for this one.

Michelle: 6 years old

Elizabeth: 6 months old

Sunflora Scout

"Ooh, look how cute I look!"

Daisy giggled at her niece's excitement, while Dakota just rolled her eyes from behind. Michelle was busy staring at herself in the mirror, admiring the new outfit that her aunt had gotten for her. It consisted of a sunny yellow blouse, with a green sash going around her body and a green skirt on her lower half.

"You make a perfect Sunflora Scout, Shelly!" Daisy giggled. "Like…the cutest one ever!"

"Hey!" Dakota protested, her eyes lighting up with fury. "What about me?!"

"Well, Dakota, you're not a Sunflora Scout anymore," Daisy sighed. "You're a Bellossom Scout."

"Yeah, but I was a Sunflora Scout," Dakota huffed. "When I was younger, anyway."

"Right, but you're not a little girl anymore," Daisy teased. "And it's your job as a Bellossom Scout to teach younger girls like Michelle all about being a good scout!"

The younger blonde rolled her eyes once again, throwing in a head shake for good measure. Her blouse was green, while the sash and skirt were both red.

"Oh please, what's there to teach her?" Dakota demanded. "How to set up a tent and sell cookies?"

"You're supposed to teach her about being a good girl and all of that," Daisy mumbled. "I mean, not like I would know. I was never a scout or anything."

"If you weren't one, how come I have to be one?" Dakota mused.

"Because your dad thought it was a good idea, or something," Daisy replied. "I don't know. He kept rambling on about it, so I just let him sign you up so he'd stop talking."

At this, Dakota's jaw dropped. "MOM!"

Michelle giggled at this and turned around, beaming at her aunt and cousin. "I can't wait to show Mommy and Daddy!"

Dakota looked up at her mother with a raised eyebrow. "Aunt Misty and Uncle Ash aren't gonna like this."

"Why not?" Daisy scoffed.

"I don't think Aunt Misty is the kind of person who wants her daughter dressing up all cute and selling people cookies," Dakota theorized.

"Are you kidding?" Daisy breathed. "Your aunt is all for Michelle being an adorable little munchkin! And your uncle just really likes cookies."

Dakota narrowed her eyes at her mother's assumptions. "We'll just see about that."

"Quit doubting me!" Daisy cried. "It's going to work! Come on, I'll just prove it to you."

Dakota arched a blonde eyebrow as her mother marched past her, Michelle similarly watching on with an expression and air of bewilderment.

"Don't bother questioning it," Dakota advised her young cousin. "It won't help you understand her any better."


"Go ahead, Shelly. Ring the doorbell!"

Michelle looked over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Daisy was standing only a few feet behind her, encouraging her niece to ring the doorbell to her own house. Dakota, on the other hand, stood next to her mother and just kept rolling her eyes.

"Why?" Michelle finally squeaked.

"Because it'll be so cute!" Daisy squealed. "Just wait until you see your mommy's face!"

Turning her head back around, Michelle shrugged before standing up on her tippy toes and pressing in the white button that served as the doorbell to her family's home. It didn't take long after the ring for the sound of footsteps to be heard padding down from behind the door. They came closer and closer before stopping, accompanied by the opening of the front door. Michelle was soon staring up at her mother, who was holding baby Elizabeth against her hip. As soon as the infant saw her older sister, she cooed excitedly and showed off a gigantic smile.

"Michelle?" Misty murmured. "Why are you dressed like that?"

"I'm a Sunflora Scout, Mommy!" Michelle giggled. "Wanna buy some cookies?"

Misty cocked an eyebrow before looking beyond her daughter and seeing Daisy standing on the walkway with a big smile on her face.

"Daisy, what did you do?" Misty groaned.

"I didn't do anything bad!" Daisy groaned dramatically. "Michelle and I were talking, and she told me she wanted to make more friends and do something fun! So…I signed her up to be a Sunflora Scout!"

With her eyebrow still arched, Misty glanced down at Michelle, who was beaming up at her mother.

"Michelle, is this true?" Misty asked cautiously.

"Uh huh!" Michelle giggled. "I wanted to be a Sunflora Scout, Mommy!"

Misty sighed before smiling, a small giggle escaping her lips. "Well, alright then. You do make a very cute Sunflora Scout!"

"Yay!" Michelle cheered.

"You're not mad?" Daisy gawked.

"Why would I be mad?" Misty scoffed. "You signed her up for Sunflora Scouts, not a fight club."

"Yeah, that's true," Daisy hummed, her sea green eyes lighting up. A victorious smirk soon joined those glimmering orbs, and the blonde beauty looked over at her smug daughter. "I was right! You were wrong!"

Misty laughed nervously at her oldest sister's taunting. The relationship between the blonde mother and daughter was a bit unusual…more like friends than mother and child, in a lot of ways.

"Dakota, you were a Sunflora Scout, weren't you?" Misty asked conversationally, trying to dilute the tension.

"Yeah," Dakota sighed, flipping a golden curl over her shoulder. "But I moved up to Bellossom Scout a while ago. I'm pretty advanced. I'm still working on my badges to try and move up to Whimsicott Scout."

"Really?" Misty marveled. "I thought you didn't like being a scout!"

"No, not really," Dakota agreed. "I just like being the best in everything I do! Scouting, unfortunately enough, just so happens to be one of those things."

"Right…" Misty murmured, sheepishly blinking.

"Mommy," Michelle piped up again, her emerald eyes gleaming. "Buy cookies!"

"I will, sweet-"


"Heart," Misty finished with a groan.

Ash came skidding up behind his wife, eyes wide with excitement. Elizabeth gurgled softly to herself and looked behind at her father, reaching out with a tiny hand to try and touch his face.

"Yeah," Michelle squeaked softly.

"Misty, we have to buy cookies!" Ash wheezed.

"Obviously I'm going to buy cookies from our daughter," Misty grumbled.

"How many cookies should I buy, princess?" Ash sweetly asked his older daughter, pulling his wallet out of his pocket. "Tell me! You just say the word and I'll buy 'em!"

"A hundred!" Michelle giggled.

"Okay!" Ash chirped, opening up his wallet and preparing to pull out a stack of bills. Rolling her eyes, Misty placed her hand over Ash's in order to silently discourage him from doing such a thing.

"We are not buying a hundred boxes of cookies, Ash," Misty groaned. "That's ridiculous."

"But I love cookies, and I love our daughter!" Ash cried. "It's like a win-win!"

"Not for this family's finances it isn't!" Misty yelped.

"Oh, yeah, okay, Mist," Ash scoffed. "And who's in charge of the money here?"


Ash's face deflated at this, knowing his wife was correct. With a small huff, she held her hand out for his wallet, which he dejectedly placed in her palm as he hung his head down in obvious shame.

"See? I was right about that, too!" Daisy giggled.

"Right about what?" Dakota muttered.

"That your uncle loves cookies!"

"Mom, any stranger on the street could have told you Uncle Ash loves cookies!" Dakota whined.

"Yeah…" Daisy trailed off before perking up once again. "But I was still right!"

Dakota grumbled something inaudible before burying her face in her hands. "Sometimes I wonder why I don't go to work with Dad."

I miss being a Girl Scout. Sort of. Selling the cookies was the best part. And our pizza parties. Aaah, memories. Good times :P I bet Michelle would like it though, considering she doesn't do any sports like her other siblings ^^