Hey guys!

6 years ago to this date, I posted my very first one shot in this series. I never in my wildest imagination believed that I would still be writing these stories, or that people would enjoy them as much as they have. All of you readers are absolutely amazing, and have inspired me during this whole journey. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

A while ago, I asked about breaking up the collection. I got a bunch of different responses, and decided to keep it in one spot for a while, but now I feel like it's starting to get a little unmanageable. So I decided when would be a better time to start the new collection than on the same day I started this one 6 years ago?

So today, this collection of one shots is officially finished, and the next series of one shots will be published under the title Family Matters: Volume 2! It'll be exactly the same type of stories as read in this collection, just in a new volume for organizational purposes!

I still have a bunch of one shots saved up, and even more in the writing stage, so Volume 2 is going to be taking off running!

I once again want to thank all of you who have read, reviewed, favorited, and recommended my stories over the years. You are all just incredible and I truly love getting to contribute to such an awesome fandom!

Thank you all for reading and supporting Family Matters. I will see you over at Volume 2 for more family adventures!