Next morning Emma woke up listening the rain drops against her window. It was a grey and foggy day, very untypical for summer but she didn´t care because it was the brightest and happy day for her. And the main reason was lying down below her.

She could only sigh to express her joy and Will moved under her hands

"Good morning" he muttered with his eyes closed and a smile on his face, bringing her closer

"Hi…" she said cuddling next to his toned body, "Sorry if I wake you up"

"It´s a perfect day, isn´t it?" he told her looking at her with a grin

"Will, it´s… oh…" Emma suddenly understood, "Yeah…" They remained in silence for a while, resting on each other; feeling complete for the first time in a long time. "Do you want to take a shower…? I´m gonna go to make some breakfast… I´m a little hungry…" she said that last part with reddish cheeks

"Are you..? I wonder why would that be…" Will teased her sitting up as he revealed his perfect body.

"Don´t play silly…" Emma warned him giggling as she sat down covering her chest with the sheets

"Or what…?" He raised an eyebrow seductively as his hands went to rest on her waist

"Or you won´t have breakfast… or a shower" she replied paying important

"Oh, I think I can live with that…" He told her wrapping his hands around her nude back as she looked at him smiling and bit her lip, "and I believe you do too" he teased her kissing her lips softly as she kissed him back cupping his face

"You hit the shower and I´ll make some coffee, ok?" he nodded, "the towels are in the first drawer… you´ll find everything you need there"

Some minutes later, Will got out of the shower and met Emma in the kitchen. She was wearing her PJ´s and her hair was pulled up. She was messy and he loved it.

"Hey…" he told her walking to her and hugging her from behind, "Smells good"

Emma smiled and looked at him over her shoulder. It was a long time since he looked that pleased, that happy. She could tell just by locking eyes with him, there was no other place he´d like to be in that moment. And she knew just being wrapped by him meant being at home, wherever they were would be home if they were together because she felt safe, loved, wanted.

He placed a soft kiss on her lips before she could say anything. Somehow he knew what she was thinking and how she felt. After all she had trusted him enough to give herself entirely to him. Will knew he was the luckiest man alive, he knew things like that only happened once and there was no chance he was going to ruin things with Emma again. He loved her too much to lose her again. Just thinking about it sent him shivers all across his spine causing him to shake slightly.

"What is it?" she questioned him turning around and taking his face in her hands. He was practically speechless, it was hard to articulate a word without his voice breaking, "Will…?" her eyes were widened and locked on his.

"Nothing… " he lied trying to compose himself, but his voice was throaty and tears were about to come from his eyes. Emma took his face firmly and rested her forehead on his not breaking eye contact, "it´s just…" he continued seeing she was not moving until he said the truth, "the thought of loosing you scares me to hell" he hide his desperation closing his eyes but before he could keep going Emma pressed her lips on his mouth with intensity.

"Don´t you dare thinking about that" she muttered between kisses, "I´d never let you go"

"I love you" he kissed her back tightening his grip around her, "I want us to work, I need us to work…" he broke the kiss brushing her hair behind her ear, "because after last night, after what we´ve been through… Emma you´re my best friend, you´re the love of my life… there´s no other person for me but you"

"Stop" she snuffled with her cheeks wet, "you´re making me cry like a baby" she giggled as he dried the tears with his lips, "Will, I… I love you too".

Emma kissed him once more and buried her face on his neck as he did the same. They remain holding each other, not believing how lucky they were of having each other, and unable to express the happiness swelling their hearts. And even when they knew a relationship wasn´t easy all the time they were ready to fight for it, because they had been in paradise and they were willing to struggle against anything to remain in it.

So, this is the final chapter of this fanfic, guys… thanks again for reading! After receiving some of your messages and advices I´ve decided i´m gonna start a new one about Will and Emma building their relationship…. It´s gonna be a sequel of this story, so i´m really hoping you enjoy it!