"Talking to people"
{Talking to themselves}

Things Just Got Complicated
Chap 5
Peanut was just way too excited. He couldn't wait until his meeting with King. In fact he was in such a rush he didn't even disturbed Grape from her sleep. As he ran to the front door telling his parents he would be back later but before he could get any further Ms.
Sandwich said " Peanut come eat some breakfast before you go".

Peanut was about to tell her he was too busy but Mr. Sandwich interrupted him with "Its bacon!" Now even though he wanted to go out and hang with King he was a dog by heart and what dog could turn down bacon. Peanut swallowed down his food like it was no tomorrow. After finishing his food he quickly ran to the door and whooshed it open.

SMACK! "Aaaaaa!" And hit Joey straight in the face! Peanut started to freak out when he saw he had hit Joey. "Joey man are you okay? I'm so sorry dude it seems me and doors is a dangerous thing."

Joey just glared at his friend as he got off the ground but the glare soon turned into a smile as he responded "It's okay Peanut I'll forgive you if you can spare a few minutes of your time." Peanut just stared at Joey and then to the house across the street he was in a rush but what could a few minutes hurt.

"Sure why not "Peanut said with a smile. He was going to ask what he needed but he was already being pulled by Joey toward the abandon house down the road. The house was cold and dark not the normal dark but darker. Peanut always had bad feelings about the house like it was a hideout for something truly evil. (Like a nonstop video of the uses of corn).

Peanut let out a breath he didn't even knew he was holding in when Joey lead them to the back yard. Joey took Peanut to the center of the yard and started to look around to see if anyone was there. After seeing all was clear Joey looked at Peanut with such seriousness that Peanut gulped.

"Listen Peanut there something that I need to show you but I need you to promise me what you see hear will not be told." Joey just stared at Peanut waiting for him to respond. Peanut being to shock at the way Joey was acting just nodded.

Joey's face lost all its seriousness and turned happy when he saw Peanuts answer. "okay Peanut I need to show this to somebody I trust and you're my best friend so try not to freak out or scream." Joey backed away from Peanut and closed his eyes. {I am a cat I am a cat}

Peanut nearly fell over from shock as he watched Joey's fur start to ripple around his body his natural brown hair was starting to turn into a bright yellow his ears stated to stand up on his head and grow smaller plus pointier. What shock Peanut most was his face slowly got smaller his mussel shrinking down and growing whiskers.

Finally after what seemed like forever Joey open his eyes to show that now his eyes were deep amber and his pupils were slited instead of rounded. Joey just smiled at Peanuts expression and said. "So what do you think?"
Peanut was at a lost for words it was the coolest thing he ever saw. Joey was starting to get worried that peanut was going to freak out on him.

Peanut just started to laugh uncontrollably . Joey just raised his eyebrow at his friend's antics. Peanut finally stop laughing enough to speak. "If you think that is freaky watch this". Peanut brought his hand in front of him and SNAP. Joey nearly fell from shock when Peanut's hand caught flames.

" Thats so awesome" was all Joey could say. Peanut then started to tell his friend about what he and King where doing and about how he was heading there right now.

Max was having a very strange day for one thing he had woken up in a place that he has never been in that smelled very strongly of dog. And to top it all off the dog he met the other day was standing there with a tray full of food.

King just smiled at the cat in-front of him. He set the tray down in front of him and took a seat in the chair next to the cat. Max took all of about two seconds to start devouring the food in front of him. King figured now would be the best time to talk.

"so Max I find it fnny that I watched you fall from a roof then all of a sudden disappear only to reappear on said roof." Max wasn't really paying attention his mind was still on the food in front of him. "In fact if it wasn't for my power you would have hit the ground and hit it hard"
This caught Max's attention " You have powers to?" King just smiled " Yes and so does Peanut in fact he will be here soon to talk about it."

Max was about to respond when the door slammed open "King guess what Joey has a power to". Screamed Peanut as he ran into the room dragging Joey behind him only to stop in his tracks when he say Max was there Slapping his hand to his mouth.

King just shook his head at his new fond friend "Its okay Peanut Max here can teleport." Peanut just smiled "that's so cool Joey here can transform." King just smiled " I figured that when you said it was Joey and you brought a cat in here."

Joey just looked down at himself and face palmed he forgot to change back. [I am a dog}] Max had to hold back a scream as he watch the yellow cat in front of him change into Bino's younger brother.

King let out a cough to get everyone's attention. "I think fellas we need to talk about whats going on and wh.." But his was interrupted by a smiling Pomeranian walking in "Actually King I think its better if you let me explain"

King nearly jumped out of his seat when Tarot appeard out of no where. Max was the first to respond "how did you know we where here?" Tarot just pointed up to her glowing green eyes and smiled.

Max could have slapped himself silly how could forget she was psychic. Tarot just smiled and said "Now will begin but first lets wait for our next guest to enter."

Sasha was so bored Bino was to busy and Fido was on patrol so she decided to go see her Kingy. She new he was at the wolf's new home so she headed that way when she got there she noticed that the door was wide open.

She walked inside curious to see what was up but all she fond was a closed door with noises coming from behind. Letting her curiosity get the best of her she put her ear against the door. She could barely hear anything she new one was King but not the others she kept trying to press her ear more into the door to hear better.

Surprisingly she started to her better the more she leaned into the door soon she could hear a female voice clearly. "For our next guest to enter." Was all she heard before she fell hitting the floor. "Sasha are you okay" King jumped to his feet and rushed to the fallen dog.

Sasha gave him this guilty look with tears coming to her eyes " I'm sorry Kingy I didn't mean to listen in on you." she looked at King to see if he was mad but all she saw was worry "Whats wrong am I bleeding?"

King just looked at her trying to think of what to say "no your not bleeding but umm?" Sasha was getting even more confused. "well whats wrong?"

King just looked up for a second then back down at her " Sasha I need you not to freak out but um look behind you." Sasha didn't understand what was going on but she complied to Kings request and looked behind her.

Her body was missing half of it all she saw was her stomach that ended at the writer him self had to put his hands over his ears from the loudness of the scream that came from The Mile's house.

Hey guy sorry it took so long but here is the new chap the game is still on so keep sending me people with more powers and I will get to work on it right away

Peanut: Ability pyro created by huntersunday

King: ability time manipulation created by huntersunday

Joey: Ability shapeshifting created by Kondog and ChristopherJackal

Maxwell: ability Teleportation created by chronocrosser

Tarot : ability Psychic creator I don't think I have to say it

Sasha: ability The power to phase through matter Created by Kondog