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Where do I begin when trying to explain my life so far? That is the question I have asked a million times over and each time I would get a different answer.

The plane shook to the left, turbulence taking its course and I hurriedly put my hand on the sleeping boy that was snuggling into my side. It was a long trip from Hanover, New Hampshire to Bon Temps, Louisiana where we were headed.

You see, I tried for three extra years to continue school at Dartmouth, changing my studies to something less demanding of my time, but it simply wouldn't do when I had someone that depended on me.

Let me start at the beginning, which still was very fuzzy to me.

Three years ago, I decided I wanted to do something with my life; get out of the small town I was born and raised in. I was going for a medical career, seemingly easy for me as I was very smart; a very practical kind of person that took everything serious in the world. I did well for a while, better than well; I was one of the highest marking students in my class. That all went downhill quickly enough.

A few girlfriends I had in school wanted to celebrate the big test that we all past, deciding that they wanted to go to a party. They obviously decided to drag me along, stating that I needed to get out more and enjoy myself. I fought against them, because I simply wasn't the partying type, but they won in the end and I was forced to go to the party.

I was underage at the time; nineteen, and there was alcohol there; alcohol that was seemingly dropped into my hand at every given chance. Being stupid for the first time in my life, I let loose. I was having a great time, too. Lost in the music that was playing through the house, lost in the haze of the alcohol that burned my throat with every shot I took.

I remember hearing a famous song at that time being sung by a band that was set up in the living room and I wandered over, listening to the music. I got lost into it, enjoying the motions, the sounds that vibrated out of my ear and I remember hearing the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, singing along with the music.

Then everything simply changed, the atmosphere moved around me and I looked up at the singer. The face I cannot recall, probably from the indigestion of the booze I had taken, but I remember he smiled at me, a beautiful yet sinful smirk that could have dropped me to my knees, but my eyes never swayed from his. I remember he had blue eyes and blonde hair, like my own, but I can't put a face to it.

He sauntered over to me casually, picking up my hand and kissing it slightly, clumsily. The stupid, inferior little things I remember, that is the funny part of this all. He was drunk as well, you could tell from how he stood. He was tall too, but that was as far as I got.

I wanted him, if that was the booze talking I really don't know, but I followed him up the stairs and into a small room where he smiled at me again. I was no virgin, I had a boyfriend before. A long term boyfriend from high school that I left when I moved to start my life here in New Hampshire, but that really didn't matter at the time.

I don't know how we went from talking to taking off our clothes. I am pretty sure I jumped him, which makes this situation totally worse in my mind, but I won't go there. He wanted me; that much was easy to tell as he pulled my shirt above my head and took my bra off of my body.

After I was undressed, he came at me, pinning me down and laying hungry kisses against my lips and I basked in it all. We had sex that night; long, beautiful, amazing sex as he pushed inside, holding me gently as he kissed my throat, my lips. I would have even gone as far to say it was more than just sex on my part. It felt magical as he held me close, it made me feel complete. That is something that seems so obscene to me now and yet I still can't say that I ever felt that close to another man as I did with him that night.

It probably would have been easy to forget, with the booze in my system. It would have been easy for me to forgive myself, because it simply was a one-night-stand kind of thing; no matter what I thought otherwise. Millions of people do that in college, right? Experiment with sex; with other things? Yeah, I could have forgiven myself for that…

If it wasn't for the fact that I got sick six weeks later.

No, of course it wouldn't have been easy for me. Of course it couldn't have only been a one-night-stand and I could have moved past it. Nope, no such thing for me because I got pregnant that night.

At first I freaked out, contemplating on my situation and how to deal with it. I will go as low to say that I even thought of abortion, though I could never do that. It made me sick to even admit that I thought of it in the first place.

Then came adoption in my mind and I thought that was a good solution; until I went to the doctor and looked at the Ultrasound machine that showed my baby and its heart beat.

I cried a lot after that, knowing that I ruined all of my chances of becoming something for myself before I settled down, but that simply wasn't how my life was. I cried and cried and then I got over it, knowing that I had something more important growing inside of me.

I tried to locate the father, but no one seemed to have heard of him. I found out later that there was also drugs being pushed through the house and that could have accounted for the sudden memory loss of everyone. To put it simple, I never found the man and I doubted I would have recognized him anyway.

I didn't go home for the birth, but my Gran and brother came out to support me while I was in labor. Most horrible pain you can think of and I was in it for a good forty-eight hours. I wanted to go natural, I remembered, but that really didn't work after the contractions started and I begged for the epidural.

After forty-eight hours and one more hour of pushing, I held my son in my arms for the very first time. Most beautiful child I ever saw, with big light blue eyes and very short, golden blond hair. He grasped my finger and it gave me strength when I thought I couldn't do it on my own, when I was afraid to leave the hospital.

Gran stayed for a few weeks after my brother helped me move into a small apartment a few blocks away from the college. I was thankful for their help, but I knew their disappointment in me. They really did want me to make something of myself and I felt guilty at first, but after looking into my sons eyes I couldn't be angry with where my life was headed.

I might not have known where my life would lead, but with my son in my arms at that time, I could be happy about it. I could strive to be the best mother I could be for him.

That has led us here, on this plane, flying back to my home town. I simply couldn't cut it anymore in New Hampshire. Going to college seemed to be the last thing on my mind when I needed to put food in my little guy's belly. So I decided that it was time to head home and start my life over again, with my little boy in tow.