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He treats me like a queen.

Sometimes I wonder if I even deserve it at all. I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with - sometimes, I'm just impossible to. But he doesn't care - never did. He smiles, and kisses my forehead, and says everything is gonna be fine.

I know I hurt him. Not always, of course, but I when I do, he gets pretty down. He tries not to show it, and tries to make me believe that he's fine, so I don't worry about him. It doesn't work, and I don't say it out loud, but I try to compensate. And he sees it.

He sees me.

And I love him, I really do. I never thought I would be capable of loving someone this way, not after what happened all those years ago. I never thought someone would love me this way, after it. But he does, and he always makes sure that I feel it.

People don't usually notice this, but he's very sensitive. He's goofy, and he says a lot of nonsense, but he senses things. Not in the way Jasper does, but... It's subtle, what he does. The only one to see this beside myself is Edward, I guess. But then again, Edward always knows things he's not supposed to. Not that they shouldn't know about my husband's real self, but sometimes I wonder if he only shows that to me.

It makes me feel special.

I think it's funny how people believe he's just some sort of puppy of mine. They don't know us, not at all. I act like a ice queen, I know, but he knows he's my life.

And he is. He saved me. And it's strange, sometimes, to hear when he says the same thing about me.

And when he does, he smiles that easy loveable smile of his - and it feels so good to see it - and kisses me. Slowly.

And then, I can't help but smile.

AN: This is my first published story.. I'm a bit nervous about the feeback (or lack thereof), but I'm hoping that you guys will like it :)