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This is a follow up to Shayera Hol, Queen of the Amazons. It would help to read it first, but it is not necessary. If you are deciding to skip that story (but why?) then what you really need to know is that Diana and Shayera were married on Themiscyra. Helena and Dinah are also a couple, and are Shayera's best friends. Also. it goes without saying that this is a femmeslash story. So if that is not your cup of tea...skip this altogether. AND this story is rated "M"! Chapter one will give you a taste of why...

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"Diana, make love to me."

The Amazon smiled and crossed the room to her companion. Her heart and mind soared at the gentle request. It didn't seem possible to love anyone more than how much she loved the woman standing before her. Diana slowly gazed over her lover's body, memorizing every inch, every response she got to simple touches, every nuance that encompassed everything about the woman she cherished above all else.

She leaned in and brushed her lover's lips. A simple kiss sent her reeling, and she knew that if she could, she would freeze time in this very moment. An eternity spent with the woman who held her heart hostage would never be long enough. Diana poured every ounce of affection into the gesture. She was rewarded with a small moan escaping her lover's throat. Diana's hands slowly removed the clothing that separated their bodies from the desired intimacy they both sought. And everywhere her hands touched her lips followed. Small kisses were placed on each piece of skin she revealed. Once there were no barriers between them, Diana gently lifted the other woman into her arms, and crossed the room to their bed. Heated kisses were exchanged in the small distance, and Diana felt her pulse racing with the anticipation of what was about to be shared between the two of them.

Delicately she laid her lover onto the bed, and slid up next to her side. The kissing continued, an erotic mixture of insistence and patience, the pace quickening and slowing as the heated need was expressed. Diana's hands kneaded, massaged, and stroked the bare flesh of the most beautiful woman she had ever known. And her lover held nothing back as her hips responded by gently lifting themselves off of the bed.

"Please, Diana, I can't wait. Make me yours."

Another simple request that made Diana's heart beat at a frenzied pace. It was difficult not to comply immediately, knowing that if she wanted to, Diana could easily send her lover over the edge. Only the Amazon's need for the sweet torture to continue delayed the concession to the heartfelt plea. Diana hands continued to roam, circling and caressing the body that was so willingly being offered to her. Her lips nipped, sucked, and brushed over her lover's neck and further down to her collarbone.

"My Princess…" was softly uttered.

Diana continued her kisses as she felt hands tangle themselves into her hair. She knew every touch and kiss she gave was pushing her lover closer to climax. Finally she felt legs wrap around her waist, insisting that Diana finish was she had so masterfully started. And suddenly she found herself impatient with the need to feel the heated rush of her lover's orgasm. She settled between the other woman's legs, and began stroking at a pace that was immediately matched with her partner's bucking hips. Mere moments after the attention began, Diana felt the legs wrapped around her constrict and the grip on her hair tighten. And then…

"Mmmm…Diana, that was….wonderful." The sentence came out in a mixture of pleasure and raw desire.

Diana smiled. It really had been, and she couldn't imagine being anywhere else than where she was just then. She felt her lover's legs begin to shake and then fall away and settle on the bed. Her lover placed small kisses on Diana's face and neck in appreciation. Diana giggled as she was slowly pushed over onto her back. Her hands were pinned over her head.

"Why are you giggling?" came the soft question.

"What you said earlier…" Diana replied.

"I haven't said much, so what was it?"

"My Princess. I think that is funny."


"Because you are my Princess too. Literally."

The blonde hovering over her smiled, and nodded. "This is true. Such scandalous behavior for a couple of women with that title, but I'd tell the whole world if you would let me."

Diana laughed, "I really don't think the League would appreciate me bedding a world leader."

The blonde cocked her eyebrow, "Is that all you are doing? Having your way with the Princess of Kasnia?"

Diana became serious. "No Audrey. I think you know that is not the case. I love you. I don't think it is possible to love someone more."

Audrey grinned. "Good. I would hate to think you would get tired of me."

"How could I?"

"Eventually you know that we won't be able to keep this secret. As it is the press ate up our night out in Paris. And I don't want it to be a secret. Diana, we are in love, and there is nothing wrong with that."

Diana sighed, "I didn't say that there was anything wrong with that, I just would be constantly worried about you and your people. Think about it. The League has so many enemies, that I would be concerned how quickly you would become a target for those trying to get to me or them. That isn't something that I am ready for."

"Lois manages."

"Lois is in constant danger too. I don't want that for you."

"Do I get a vote?"

"Of course Audrey, just not now. Please, can we just enjoy the time we have together?"

Audrey grinned mischievously. "Fine, for now, but we will talk about this again. In the meantime, I think there is something far more distracting in my bed right now." She raked her eyes over Diana's body possessively. "God, you are beautiful."

Diana blushed. "Well?"

"Well, my Princess, I think it is about time that I took advantage of the woman pinned underneath me."

And all thoughts were washed away with the first kiss Audrey gave the Amazon.

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