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Chapter 9

"Why of course. I wouldn't miss a chance raining on Mary's parade." Blood smirked while drinking his tea.


The tea party lasted all throughout the night until finally day had arrived. I thanked them and bid my farewell as I headed back to the clock tower. Then I saw someone, one with white hair and rabbit ears. It was Peter. I did not realize that I followed him out of curiosity. I did not notice the path he was headed to the clock tower as well. He stopped his tracks as he listened carefully to his surroundings. He turned around and caught me red handed. I couldn't hide quickly enough as he walked closer to me.

"Hello Miss Alice. What do I owe the pleasure of seeing you today?" he said in a cold formal way.

"Oh hello, Peter... I didn't notice you're walking this path as well."

"You're following me, aren't you?" He raised an eyebrow jumping straight to the point. "How ironic, isn't it? Why do I keep seeing you when I'm trying to avoid you? I guess I'll never know or it might be that you are stalking me?

"Stalking you?!" I said in a high pitched voice. "I'm not! I was heading back to the Clock Tower when I saw you!" which is true.

A grin was on his lips as leaned closer then whispered to my ear. "Miss Alice, you have to move on because those times are gone." I felt a little heat on my cheeks. He saw my reaction and chuckled in amusement as he stepped back then went on his way.

I didn't move from my spot until he was out of sight. That rabbit. How dare he accuse me of stalking him! I still remembered that time before he became like that.


"ALICE!" Peter tackled me to the ground hugging me tightly.

"Get off me Peter!" I pushed his face away from mine as I tried to get out from his reached as well.

"I love you Alice. I love you!" He said repeatedly within his embrace.

"I told you Peter, I don't love you!" I sat up as Peter released me from his hold.

"What should I do for you to love me?" he sounded desperate.

"Just leave me ALONE!" I shouted at him and head my way to the Hatter mansion leaving Peter behind.

End of flashback

I hate him! I clenched my hand into a fist shaking in anger.

I hope he never recovered, that perverted rabbit. But I still want to know.