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Title - Blood Moon Rising

Summary - Seras hadn't know what to expect when she fled Britain and Integras death sentence and decided to hide out at her cousins home, but heaven, death gods, and hollows sure as hell wasn't in the brochure! Hellsing X Bleach

Chapter 1 - Exit Stage Left!

Alucard stared down into the open coffin of his young fledgling, it was midday and she was sound asleep with almost no chance of waking, he sighed and shot a hateful look in the direction of Integra's office. Did she have any real understanding of what she was ordering him to do? Monster or not he would not kill his own fledgling when she had done no wrong, but Seras was now apparently considered a liability for not being bound to the Hellsing family and Integra had decided she would be destroyed. Alucard smiled grimly. However Sir Hellsing had not been quite as specific as she should have been, She had forgotten just how specific you had to be if she gave him orders he had no wish to follow, and so he had been ordered to kill Seras. Integra had however never said when he had to do that, so he had a little time to get his fledgling out of the mansion and running far away from here before the queen bitch amended her orders and he had to go after her.

Alucard crouched down leaning over the open coffin and ran a hand down Seras's face, he had been right to turn her, she would been amazing once she came into her true powers. Alucard carefully bit his own wrist letting the blood well up and then let it drip into Seras's mouth. Almost instantly her eyes snapped open glowing bright red and she bit down draining him, he smiled wryly. For once her reluctance to feed was coming in useful. Had Seras been well fed all that would have done was wake her up, but half starved the scent of his blood had thrown her instantly into bloodlust.

Alucard could feel himself weakening a bit as she continued to drain him, she had already taken enough to brake the master/fledgling bond but he wanted her well fed and strong for this she would need every advantage she could get. He patiently waited a few more moments before he pulled his arm away. She blinked up at him sleepily with a faintly confused look on her face before falling unconscious again. He didn't let the faint sadness he felt at his connection to her fading show on his face. The link didn't disappear completely right away, but became so weak all he could really sense was that she still lived. He knew though that after a while even that would disappear, he stood leaving the coffin for a moment to retrieve Seras's duffle bag and put it in the coffin by her feet.

Alucard took one last long look at his fledgling before he sealed her coffin shut and disappeared into the shadows with it. 20 minutes later he was back sitting in his throne with a smug smirk on his face as Seras was taken under and across the English Channel by train and then on to parts unknown. Hopefully she would heed the warning he had given her in his blood and run far away from England, Find a place to hide, and learn to use her abilities in relative safety. He would come find her when it was safe to do so.


As the sun set on an east bound train Seras woke to the slight swaying that indicated that she was in something moving. It was a train by the sound of it, the harsh clicking and clattering of the wheel hurting her sensitive ears more than usual. Rather then burst out of the coffin and look around she tried listening to figure out what was around her. All that greeted her was the rough groan of shifting crates and the hiss of wind across the walls. Rather mystified about the situation Seras reached out through her connection to her master to ask what was going on only to be met with silence. This blew her previous calm right out the window and had her in an immediate panic as she twisted to shove the lid off her coffin, hoping to see him nearby ready to explain that it was just a temporary oddity and nothing to worry about.

However, all she found was the dark interior of a freight car as it carried her off to who knew where. She shivered, curled up into a ball and looked around wide eyed in shock. The silence in her mind was unnerving her. It had been months since she had been truly alone in her own head. There had always been a faint hum of his power and thoughts through the link, nothing concrete but she always had a sense of what he was thinking and feeling. He had always been there with a biting comment, or a vague feeling of comfort for when something truly bad happened like the incident with Anderson and his bayonets. Now she was alone without a single word of warning. She tried to think back, to remember what had happened.

A single image flashed into her mind along with the memory of the taste of blood like nothing she had ever drunk before. She was then overwhelmed by images and thoughts. Flashes of ancient battles won and lost; hunts and even snapshots of Alucard's battle with Van Hellsing tore though her mind before one memory was pulled to the surface of the riot and began playing out like a movie before her. Rage tore through her as she watched Sir Integra order her master to kill her because she was a 'liability.' Did the loyalty she had shown the woman mean nothing at all? After a moment that memory faded back into the torrent as well letting another come to the surface. For a moment she thought her master had contacted her somehow even with their bond destroyed before she realized it was indeed another memory, but this one was different, more like a recorded message for her.

"As I know you've seen it, Seras. I had no choice but to send you away from me. All you need to know is that I have given you my blood. Whether you can use it is your own problem. Though I attempted to give you time to lose your human tendencies safely, now is not the time for you to balk at what you need to do to survive. Should you die through your own foolishness I will be most displeased. I will no doubt be forced to hunt you down once Hellsing realizes her error and if you wish to live you will run far from Britain and never find yourself near these shores again as long as the Hellsing line lives. You are powerful, my daughter, never forget that and live up to your title as a Draculina...Seras Dracula." He finished as the memory faded leaving her in stunned silence..."Seras Dracula?" She thought, shocked beyond belief he had given her his name. With an almost audible mental thud she fell back to reality from her memories, leaving her blinking owlishly at the roof of the train car.

Seras took a deep unnecessary breath and nodded to herself determination on her face as sat up going through the duffle bag she could see by her feet. Inside was an ancient looking book, and a box containing several of her favorite photos including her only one of her and Alucard, it had been taken by Walter just as she tackled Alucard after a successful mission, she was grinning and he had been halfway through rolling his eyes at her antics. Alucard had then promptly tried to destroy the only photographic evidence of him being anything but sinister and evil. Between her and Walter though, the photo had survived the harrowing experience. A singed corner attesting to its narrow escape.

Seras sighed and shook her head, putting the picture down and curling up in her coffin with a single bloody tear running down her face. Why did integra do this? She had thought the knight had liked her! She had certainly seemed too! Seras shook her head and looked around the train car, her master was right, though, she didn't have time to sit here and mope. After a moment of thought she stood up, leaving her coffin and closing the lid behind her before listening over the sound of the train for life. Hearing heart beats ahead of her she headed forward looking for someone who might know where this train was headed.


Alucard grinned internally as Integra cursed him for helping Seras escape, not doubting for a minute that he would be locked back up in the dungeon if it weren't for the fact that he was the only person who could ever hope to find his little Draculina. He'd already been shot once. Integra glared at him again before speaking in a slightly more level tone. "She's a threat, Alucard, I should think you should understand that! Seras cannot be allowed to survive! I only ordered you to kill her instead of one of the soldiers because I know that there are a lot of lousy shots here and she has at least earned a swift death for what help she has given this organization!" Alucard stared at her silently with a raised eye brow at her rant.

"You truly don't understand what a Fledgling is to a true Nosferatu do you?" He stated drily. "In terms you pathetic humans can understand, you ordered me to kill my daughter, Integra, because you decided she wasn't worth the trouble to keep around, and you wonder why I helped her escape?" He laughed as Integra looked at him a bit taken aback. "There is however no need for you to worry now." He added grinning. "I've yet to find any loopholes in your newest orders, so I will go search for my little fledgling and destroy her immediately if I find her." He smirked at this. "However if she is half the vampire I know she is, I will never find her." He laughed and disappeared. Integra sighed, a grimace on her face. Somehow she just knew his attitude was only going to get worse.


An hour and a nicked train line map later and Seras had a vague idea as to where she was, as well as an idea about where to go and hide. She would go to her cousins' home in Japan, their dad was a grade "A" weirdo but after Hellsing and her Master she figured she could handle him. That city had always given her a weird vibe when she had visited it as a child, but she didn't have too much of a choice, the only other good hiding place would be America and that would require crossing an ocean, something she had absolutely no desire to do until she was much older and stronger. Seras smiled wryly looking out the window at the dark country that sped bye.

Good bye Britain.

Hello Karakura Japan


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