Chapter 1


There was a tonic bang as I heard mumbling outside the little shed my sister and I slept in. By now, I was fifteen. Myra was three years old. 'Three years already.' I thought as I got up. I then heard yet another loud and obnoxious bang and the slight sound of a young cry outside the two doors of the shed. I'd better wake up Myra, and speaking of Myra, where s she?

What if she ran away? With German Soldiers all over the country, and us being one of the most wanted for them. I'd better go find her before the Nazi's do first.

I cracked open one of the tall oak doors just enough to see out the tiny opening. I saw there were eight Nazi's out, right next to the short blonde one, my little sister Myra!

Myra looked terrified. Even I could see a single wet, lonely tear run down her cheek. Wait, is she looking at me?

"No!" I thought, struggling to keep focus on my sister.

"No, don't look at me or they might see me and I wont be able to save you!"

All of a sudden, I couldn't hold back, I found myself yelling out "Myra!" while running out of he shed at full speed, grabbing Myra around the waist, and speeding toward the Rhine river, hoping to find safety there.

As I approached the river, I slowed down. But I didn't dare stop. I could still see them, racing

after me. Yelling at the top of their lungs, "Hey! Stop get back here!" I was terrified, wondering whether or not I should go back and take the consequence, but I had to save my sister. If they caught

Myra, they would hurt her, or worse, kill.

A few seconds later, I found myself in Rhine river, attempting to keep at a good speed going

across. But i couldn't keep at a good speed at all, my feet weren't touching anything anymore. I hit an underwater cliff, I remember I couldn't swim, and I sank. Struggling for air I kicked as hard as I could. My lungs burning, was I going to die!

The next moment,I found myself empty handed. Remembering Myra, I tried to scream under the freezing, ice cold water. Looking desperately for my little sister. But a second later, everything went black, and I passed out. Completely unconscious, as hypothermia took over my body.