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"We were in Best Buy, looking at CDs for Rose, and this guy came around the corner. He was really tall – good-looking, too – and I was the only one who saw him at first, so when I turned bright red after he smiled at me, I was hoping no one would notice." The woman speaking, a strawberry-blonde in her early twenties, paused to shoot a dirty look across the table at her brother. "Shut up. Anyway, Renee just so happened, of course, to look up at then, and saw. She started laughing and turned to see what I was looking at.

"As soon as she caught sight of this guy, she got this really blank look, like she'd been kicked in the stomach. I glanced over to see if I should apologize to the guy, and he had the exact same look. After a second of gaping, he said, 'Violet?'. Rose was confused, of course, 'cause no one knew that was her real first name, and I was confused, 'cause…well, no one knows that name. Anyway, turns out he's one the Mercer boys."

The man across the table frowned, making the woman pause. "Wait…like that guy…what's his name…Jerry? The one who calls every now and then?"

"Yeah. This guy – Jack, was his name – is the youngest Mercer boy. Jerry's the oldest, or the second-to-oldest… Anyway, after they had done the whole, awkward, 'How are things going?' 'Still in your band?' – He's a musician, too. Be still, my heart – we kind of wandered our separate ways. That's when she explained who he was. And told poor Rose about her name."

"Ms. Mercer must have thought that was funny."

"Actually, Renee says Ms. Mercer said he never even mentioned it."


"That's what she said. Don't."


"Yes, Ren-" The woman saw her brother's attention was over her shoulder, and she turned. A halfrican woman about her own age was standing in the doorway, the house phone clutched in her hand and her face streaked with tears. The blonde leapt to her feet and both siblings were immediately at Renee's side, asking what had happened.

"Ms. Evelyn's been killed." They both fell silent and stared blankly at her until she threw the phone onto the counter and pressed the back of one hand to her mouth. "There was a robbery at that liquor store on 106th." The brother, a tall brunet by the name of Stephan, swore under his breath – being the Detroit resident, he was the only one to recognize the name. Renee plowed on heedlessly, "Jerry says it was near midnight. She must have gone to pick up something and…"

The blonde hugged Renee and Stephan wrapped around the outside. They stood like that for a minute before Renee shifted; making the other two step away. She was still sniffling, and she didn't quite meet their eyes. "I'm going to the funeral. Jerry said it's next Friday."

Stephan said, "Right after Thanksgiving?" at the same time the blonde said, "I'll go with you, if you want."

Renee nodded to Stephan, and then smiled at her sister, "Thanks, Quinn."

"I am pretty amazing." Quinn winked and Renee laughed, wiping at her eyes.

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