"So, Panzer...how do you activate your Soul Drive?" the young blonde asked quietly. Or at least, it seemed quietly since Panzer was blaring Rammstein on her external speakers. The giant Gundam snorted, glaring at her. "I really don't know. I haven't ever activated it before. I'm not even sure if I have one..." Panzer knew better than to actually ignore the humans, especially the one in front of her now. Things got...taken away when she ignored them. "May...may I see it? Your Soul Drive?" Sayla was actually quiet this time, and Panzer had to lower the volume on 'Reise Reise' in order to hear her. She glared, growling, and looked away.
"Panzer..." the human insisted. Finally the war machine relented, one panel of her chestplate folding downward to reveal her core. The Soul Drive was pure black, darker even than Commander Sazabi's. The flame inside was a deep crimson, almost maroon, while the rings that rotated like angry sawblades around it were silver, and serrated. As Sayla watched, the Soul Drive retracted again, and Panzer turned away from her, the darkness of the holding cell hiding everything except the reflection of her optics on the metal wall. She just hoped Sayla hadn't noticed the small patch of green-similar to the color of Captain's Soul Drive-close to the back of it.
'You're getting soft, you idiot. Falling for these blood bags...' Sazabi's voice raged in her mind. She growled involuntarily; the last thing she needed was a mini-Sazabi raging away like a drill sergeant in her processor.
"Get out of here, annoying human..." the Walking Armory growled back, not turning. As she heard the door activating, Panzer revealed her Soul Drive again, watching as, in her anger, the flame flared, burning away the small discoloration. There is NO WAY I'll let them get to me...