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Chapter 25.

"Babe, do you have everything?" Jordan hollered up the stairs at Angela as he came back in from taking his bags out to the car.

"I think so" she answered, coming down the stairs with a bag slung over her shoulder and another pulling behind. Jordan took the stairs two at a time and met her half way, taking both bags from her and kissing her sweetly on the lips before turning and taking carrying the bags down.

"Alright, well let's get going" he said stopping just before reaching the door "I almost forgot-I packed some snacks but I left them on the counter, can you run grab them for me while I load these?" He asked turning and rushing out front.

"Why did you pack snacks? There's gonna be stuff on the plane-" Angela started as she made her way into the kitchen, stopping in her tracks when she saw a small present wrapped in a bow sitting on the counter. Moving towards the counter she picked it up and held it in her hands, a small smile playing on her face as she stood there staring at the gift.

"Well, you gonna open it or what?" Jordan asked from his spot in the door way of the kitchen.

"What is this?" Angela asked smiling back at him.

"Part of your birthday present" Jordan grinned moving towards her "I thought the bow would have given it away" he joked.

"I thought this trip was my present" she stated wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on her tip toes to meet his eye.

"Will you just open it and stop giving me such a hard time" he smiled as she playfully rolled her eyes and dropped her hands from his neck. He watched patiently as she unwrapped the small box and slowly opened it like she was afraid it was going to bite her.

Angela drew in a sharp breath when she finally saw the contents of the box. Leaping forward she wrapped herself securely around his body causing him to stumble slightly at the sheer force. He let out a small chuckle and held on to her tightly. "I take it you like it?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"I love it" she said pulling back and looking closely at the necklace. "Put it on me?" she asked handing him the box and turning around, lifting her hair off her neck as she waited. Jordan fastened the necklace securely in place and kissed the back of her neck softly.

"Happy Birthday baby" he whispered in her ear.

"Thank you" she smiled, turning around and kissing him forcefully. Jordan tangled one of his hands in her hair, and wrapping the other around her waist to pull her in closer. The pair tumbled backwards, colliding with the table and knocking some papers to the ground.

Picking her up, Jordan placed her on the table before climbing up and continuing his attack on her. Angela was making quick work at his shirt when his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. "Shit" he groaned burring his face in the crook of her neck, the sound of Angela's rapid breathing resting on his ear.

"Do we gotta go?" She half moaned shifting under the weight of Jordan's body still resting on top of hers.

"If we want to make the plane then yeah" Jordan chuckled, sliding off Angela and pulling her into a sitting position on the edge of the table.

"Thank you for this beautiful necklace" she softly spoke circling her arms around his neck and staring into his eyes.

"You're welcome" he smiled, letting his hands rest on her hips. Jordan began moving closer, his eyes focusing on her lips that were just begging to be kissed. He could almost taste her when his phone began buzzing again. "Let's get going before Shane loses his mind" he said, leading her out of the kitchen and towards the car.


"Still no answer?" Rayanne questioned from the passenger seat of Shane's car.

"Nope" he said, tossing his phone into the center console "This is your fault you know" he teased pulling slightly at the braid that was falling over her shoulder.

"How do you figure" she asked dryly pushing his hand away.

"Well if you hadn't distracted me this morning then we would have gotten out of the house on time" he answered simply, turning the corner finally able to see the airport at the end of the road.

"Distracted you? I don't know what you're talking about" Rayanne smirked, turning her head and looking out the window.

"Sure you don't" he smiled reaching over and taking her hand in his. "Are you excited to see Rickie and Alex?"

Rayanne smiled and nodded, her hand playing with the watch on Shane's wrist. "I'm excited to get to spend some time with everyone; I mean you guys are gonna have to leave soon and it'll just be me and Angela for a while…" Rayanne trailed off leaning back and turning her head towards Shane.

"You gonna miss me Graff?" he joked pulling into a parking spot and looking at Rayanne who was rolling her eyes playfully.

"Of course I will" she said honestly "but not nearly as much as you're gonna miss me" she giggled, climbing out of the car and heading towards the trunk.

Shane caught up with her and wrapped his arms around her from behind. Resting his chin on her shoulder he whispered in her ear "I'll be thinking about you ever minute I'm gone"

Rayanne turned in his arms and rested her cheek on his chest. She could hear his heart steadily beating, and the slow rhythm of his breathing was soothing to her. "Shane?" she said softly.

"Yeah baby" he answered.

"I need to tell you something" she said nervously, holding on tighter when Shane tried to pull back to look her in the face. "I think…I mean I know…I-" she started only to be cut off by the sound of a car honking and pulling up a few spaces down from them.

"Oh sorry man" Jordan hollered down at Shane "Were we interrupting something?"

"I swear Catalano" Shane mumbled kissing Rayanne on the forehead "What were you saying?"

"Nothing, it can wait until later" she smiled opening the trunk and reaching for her bag only to be cut off by Shane grabbing it first.

"I got this, why don't you and Angie go check us in, I'm gonna go kill Jordan" he joked.

"Happy Birthday Angelika" Rayanne gushed when she caught up with Angela on their way into the airport.

"Thanks Raynie" Angela smiled "So what was that love fest all about?" she teased nudging her with her hip while they waited in line at the check in desk.

"I'm so lame" Rayanne sighed rubbing her face with her hands "I almost said I love you for the first time in a parking lot"

"I'll kill Jordan for interrupting that" Angela gasped, narrowing her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Don't kill him, I want to hug him…when I do say it to Shane I want it to be special" she said softly "I was just caught up in the moment and almost got carried away. Let's just get on the plane and celebrate your birthday" she said trying to brush it off.

"I'm so ready to be lying on the beach" Angela smiled, helping to change the subject.

"I'm ready to see you in that little bikini of yours" Jordan whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her from behind as he and Shane made it inside with the luggage.

"Get a room you two" Shane teased pulling Rayanne into his side and walking up to the counter with her.

"Oh, I fully intend on taking full advantage of our room" Angela teased back, turning in Jordan's arms and kissing him on the lips. "I hope you don't mind spending a little bit of time alone with me this weekend" Angela said smiling against his lips.

"I should take you away more often" he smiled kissing the tip of her nose.

"Ok you two" Rayanne interrupted pulling the two apart "Try and keep it in your pants until we actually get there-if I have to watch you do this on the plane I might just get sick" she smiled as Shane took her hand and led her towards the gate.

"This is gonna be fun" Jordan joked, cocking his eyebrow and smirking as he grabbed their bags and followed behind them.


"So I take it she liked the necklace" Shane said to Jordan from across the aisle. They had been in the air for the last hour and both girls had fallen asleep almost as soon as the plane took off. Rayanne's legs were propped up in Shane's lap and her head was resting on his shoulder.

Jordan looked down at Angela who had her back resting against his chest with his arm slung lazily across her chest. "Yeah, she seemed really happy" he mused.

"I'm glad we went on that tour" Shane said rubbing his hand up and down Rayanne's legs.

"It worked out pretty good for you huh?" Jordan smiled looking up and meeting Shane's eye.

"Yeah it did" he chuckled "but that's not what I meant-I mean that I'm glad it worked out for you. The two of you deserved this chance to make everything right again" he said smiling lightly at his friend.

"I don't know how she found it possible to forgive me…but I'm glad she did" Jordan responded slouching down a little in his chair.

"She loves you" Shane stated simply looking at Rayanne still sleeping peacefully beside him "When you love someone, nothing else matters" he said more to himself then to Jordan.

"You gonna tell her soon?" Jordan asked smiling at his friend.

"I've said it about a million times in my head, and it seems so easy" he said "but I'm just so afraid of scaring her off that I can't get the words out"

"It'll happen when it's right" Jordan said calmly. Smiling he continued on "You remember what a wreck I was before I said it to Angela for the first time; and then after I said it I couldn't even remember what I was so nervous about"

"You at least knew that she loved you back" Shane pouted.

"Don't pull that on me" Jordan said mock rolling his eyes "You know she does, I know she does, hell-I'm pretty sure that the flight attendant knows she does"

"I know" he sighed "but does she know she does?"


"It's so beautiful here" Lindsay moaned from her lounge chair next to Angela on the beach.

"Mmhmm" Angela agreed, shifting and turning over in her chair to lay on her stomach.

"I say we buy a house here and never leave" Rayanne agreed, closing her eyes and soaking up the feeling of the warm sun on her skin.

"No objections from me" Angela sighed closing her eyes and smiling lazily.

"So how are you guys settling in; do you like LA?" Lindsay asked turning over to lay on her stomach as well.

"As soon as things fall into a normal routine I think I'm gonna love it" Angela said opening her eyes and looking at Lindsay "Being with Jordan is amazing and that's what matters"

"I'm having a great time" Rayanne smiled opening her eyes and watching Shane throw a football around with Jordan and Caleb.

"Have you started looking for a house yet or are you just gonna live with Shane?" Lindsay questioned, propping up on her elbows so she could see Rayanne.

"I haven't started yet" she said taking her eyes off the boys and looking over at Lindsay "they're gonna be leaving soon anyway-I kind of want to spend as much time with him as I can right now"

"Why do you even need a house of your own?" Angela questioned turning her head towards her "You know that you two would just end up spending every night with each other anyways-it kind of seems like taking a step backwards if you ask me"

"He's never asked me to stay" Rayanne answered simply.

"Since when has Rayanne Graff needed permission to do anything?" Rickie asked coming up behind the girls. Rayanne squealed, jumping up from her chair she threw her arms around Rickie and wrapped her legs around his waist as he laughed and spun her around. "I've missed you too Raynie" he joked.

"Hey Vasquez keep your hands off my girl" Shane joked joining the group and sitting down on the edge of Rayanne's chair.

"Sorry Shane, but I was his girl first" Rayanne joked, slipping out of Rickie's hug and sitting down on Shane's lap so Rickie could sit on the chair with them.

"I can live with that I guess, as long as your mine now" Shane whispered low in her ear causing her to smile and snuggle further into his arms.

"How was the flight?" Jordan asked slipping into the chair behind Angela.

"Really long" Alex sighed "but we're here now, and I'm just ready to relax" he said grabbing Angela's drink and taking a sip.

"We got sat next to a baby" Rickie explained rubbing Alex's shoulders.

"A very loud, cranky baby" Alex emphasized, rubbing his temples.

Rickie smiled apologetically. "Happy Birthday Ange" he chuckled.

"So I've got reservations for dinner tonight, but other than that nothing was really planned out" Jordan interrupted "What do you say we get some rest and then meet back up at 6?" he asked receiving a communal nod from everyone in the group.

"Thanks again for this trip" Angela said wrapping her arms around Jordan's neck once they were back alone in their room.

"Anything to see that smile of yours Red" Jordan grinned dipping his head to kiss her on the lips.

"I don't know about you" she said in between kisses "but I'm not really tired"

"Me either" he agreed, as his hand made its way to the tie on the back of her top.

"Whatever are we gonna do until 6?" Angela smiled with fake innocence.

"I plan on doing you" Jordan answered untying her top and pulling her down towards the bed. Angela laughed, shaking off her top and rolling so Jordan was on top of her.

"I love you" she said looking deep into his eyes.

"I love you too" he said brushing her hair back and away from her face.

"Let's get married as soon as we get back" she said letting her hand run down his back.

"We only have two weeks before I have to leave for the tour-is that enough time for you?" he asked.

Angela nodded her head in response. "I don't want to wait any longer; I want to be your wife now".

"Whatever you want" Jordan answered dipping down and kissing her "all you have to do is say the word and I'll make your dreams come true"

"You're my dream" she moaned as Jordan began nipping at her neck "I just want to belong to you forever"

"Then we'll do it as soon as we get back" Jordan moaned against her neck.

"I'm back" Rayanne yelled into the room closing the door behind her. She'd spent the last hour with Rickie catching up and eating lunch, and now she was just ready to curl up in bed and take a quick nap before they had to start getting ready for Angela's dinner that night.

Shane was sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands and his phone sitting in pieces on the floor beside him.

"Baby? What's wrong?" Rayanne asked moving towards the bed and cautiously sitting down beside him.

"I'm so sorry" he whimpered, wrapping his arms around her waist and laying his head in her lap. Rayanne looked worriedly at him trying to understand what this could all be about.

"You're kind of scaring me Shane" Rayanne whispered. After a few moments of silence Rayanne continued on "Please tell me what's going on" she begged.

Shane loosened his grip a little and took a few deep breaths, trying to figure out the best way to start this conversation. Sitting up and wiping at the tears in his eyes he reached over, taking Rayanne's hand in his and pulling it over to his lap, never taking his eyes off their now joined hands he started the conversation.

"I got a call from our publicist just a little bit ago" he started. Rayanne was desperately searching his face trying to figure out what was coming next. "Back on the tour, after you told me about the Mikel thing I was really mad and upset" Rayanne's breathing began picking up pace "I thought that you were just playing with me and didn't care about me at all; I just felt so stupid, like you had tricked me or something"

"Shane, that's not-" Rayanne started to interject, but was cut off by Shane standing up and moving to the other side of the room. Propping himself against the dresser he continued on.

"I know that's not what it was now, but I didn't at the time. And I just wanted to punish you I guess, make sure you knew that I was able to just forget you that easy" Shane chuckled at how stupid it all seemed now "I went out and met up with some random girl at some random bar; I swear nothing happened…she tried and I wanted nothing more than to just forget you for a second, but nothing happened"

"I don't understand" Rayanne said, standing up and moving towards Shane, hating the distance that was growing between them.

"She's apparently pregnant and trying to pin it on me. She wants some insane amount of money in order to keep quiet about it" he said, reaching for Rayanne and pulling her towards him "I don't care about that, if that's what it'll take to make this all just disappear-"

"No" Rayanne interrupted "We're not giving her a dime" she said pushing off Shane and heading for her bag that she left on the counter when she came in.

"Baby, it's just money, as long as it doesn't affect you I'm fine" Shane argued following behind her.

"It's not just money" Rayanne countered, searching her bag for her phone "I love you but I'm not just gonna stand by and let you take the fall for someone else's kid in hopes to protect us" Rayanne said distractedly while texting Rickie.

"What did you just say?" Shane asked a smile starting to form on his face.

"Huh?" Rayanne asked continuing to text "I said I don't care about the money"

"Not that part" he said taking the phone from her hands and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Oh" Rayanne blushed, suddenly realizing what she had just blurted out. "I, uh…I wanted that to be more special…I've been trying to figure out how or when, but I just couldn't find the right moment, which is stupid I guess, cause how are you supposed to know when the right moment is…and I was just afraid I guess that it was too soon, and I understand if you don't feel the same, I mean it's pretty early and-" Rayanne's rambling was cut off by Shane's lips crashing against hers.

"I love you too" Shane said once he finally pulled away.

"You do?" Rayanne asked shyly biting her lip and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"How could I not?" Shane asked kissing her nose "You're a real game changer Graff; I was dead in the water that night in the tent after graduation, I think part of me has always been in love with you" he said wiping away a stray tear that had fallen from her eye.

"Me too, I was just too scared to admit it" she said softly leaning into his touch.

"So what do we do now?" Shane asked relieved that this was finally out in the open.

"Well, first we're gonna text Angela and let her know we're going to be a little late for dinner" Rayanne said reaching for her phone and starting to text.

"Why are we gonna be late?" Shane asked playfully.

"I'd tell you, but I think it'd be better if I just showed you" Rayanne said shutting her phone and slowly pulling her shirt over her head, looking at him over her shoulder on her way towards the shower.

"I was always better at visuals" Shane teased pulling his shirt over his head and following her into the bathroom. Shane wrapped his arms around her from behind after she'd gotten the shower turned on. "I love you" he said again, nestling his head in her neck and inhaling her scent.

"I love you" she replied, relieved at how good those words felt.

"Want to work on the visuals of that" he flirted, running his hands down her stomach and unfastening her jeans. Rayanne giggled and turned in his embrace, stripping off her jeans and reaching for the button on his.

"You're a game changer too you know" she said pushing his jeans off his hips and letting them hit the floor.

"Looks like we're pretty perfect for each other then" he grinned stepping into the shower and pulling her in behind him.