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Okay so I haven't posted much at all on my account so I figured I would scheme up a Victorious story for my Easter. Yeah Jori is hard to write, I am finding out the hard way. But yes, this will be a Jori fiction. And, I will be starting up a real Jori fiction soon. I am plotting it all out and what have you. This may be a one shot, or I may feed it into the main story. I am not sure yet~ enjoy.

Chapter one.

"I hate you" a girl muttered.

The girl's blue eyes darted towards the other girl who was standing next to her. Her gaze turning into a death glare, but the other girl's smile didn't flatter. Actually, the girl's smile grew wider.

"how did you even get me here? Ugh." Said the first girl once again.

"remember, you owed me?"she asked her smile finally flattering a bit as she looked down.

"you mean from when you helped me with Beck?" Jade asked a bit confused. Getting a nod from Tori.

The two of them where standing in a park, the afternoon sky barely lit by the sun even though they still had another hour or so of light, because Tori called in the favor Jade had promised. But it wasn't all to normal of an day seeing as Jade wasn't in her normal attire of black. She was wearing a sun dress, a rather dark purple sundress. What was weirder was she had a small basket with plastic grass in it.

"Sit" Jade grumbled looking away as Tori did as she asked. "Good" she said sitting down next to Tori.

Jade sighed a bit and looked to the girl, her glare dying out a bit. Her scowl dropping so she actually looked like she wasn't always a monster. Her eyes scanned Tori's face and let another sigh.

"You know, I won't sit and listen to you babble about your problems all day." She muttered with a hiss.

"I wasn't going to." Tori said quickly "you just…. Take my mind off things." She said unsure how or why that made sense.

"I didn't say I wouldn't listen at all…" Jade said giving the girl a quick caring glance before glaring off at a bunch of happy people running around.

Tori looked to the girl as if she grew a second head and shrugged a bit, trying to recall the drama that had been taking place in her life lately. Taking her time trying to figure out how to word it all, but she found it and looked away.

"I have been feeling weird lately…. Like." She sighed and shook her head a bit and continued "I am confused is all," she said nodding and giving her trademark fake smile.

"About? Geez Vega way to actually open up." Jade said with annoyance laced in her tone.

"Sing for me…?" Tori asked trying to change the subject. Getting a roll of Jade's eyes in return.
"Yeah, right" she says sarcastically, Tori's face falls, "Fine just don't cry." She muttered

"someday I'll let you in;

Treat you right,

Drive you out of your mind.

You never meet a chick like me…"

"Whata great song for you" Tori muttered with a teasing smile.

"What is that suppose to mean Vega?"She asked with a glare.

"It is all about you and your confidence in yourself." she muttered with a smile.

"You want me to sing one of those 'I am so in love' songs?"She asked sarcastically. But Tori just shook her head. "Alright good. Now what is bothering you?"she asked grudgingly.

"it is just….well you see I didn't wanna go to anyone cool and let them see me like this"She teased, being evasive with the topic.

"Vega!" Jade hissed." Get to the point" she grumbled through grit teeth.

"I like someone who is in a stable relationship and I am just confused." Jade scoffed at Tori's words.

"Danny again?" she asked with a smirk. But Tori shook her head, her face contorting into a guilty looking expression "than who?" she asked.

"Confidential." Tori muttered

"Tell me his name at least." Jade argued.

"Her….name" Tori corrected and Jade smirked hearing those words.

"Oooh ho." She murmured raising an eyebrow "And what might HER name be?" Jade asked.

"Come on….this isn't helping me any." Tori whined.

"But if I know her I can help" she smirked to the girl, raising an eybrow.

"no…I think I am gonna get going." Tori muttered standing up, but found herself sitting once again as Jade easily tugged her back down to sit.

"you wanted to talk, so….talk" Jade insisted with a smirk on her face.

Tori looked as if she was about to explode. Jade could push her buttons when she really wanted to and had actually done it many times in the past. Tori rolled her eyes a bit and looked to Jade and then back away from her. Her eyes glanced around at all the girls and boys all around and finally let out a breathe she didn't even realize she was bite on her lip as she thought what was going through her head and found her eyes staring to Jade's. She leaned in quickly and with much nervousness pecked Jade on the lips. Jade took the kiss with much shock her smirk flattened

"Me?"She asked in disbelief. Tori nodded a bit and Jade let out a chuckle "I knew I was just that awesome"she muttered "so hot that I even can get Tori Vega" she said with a smile.

"conceded" Tori muttered with a blush looking away still. Taking what Jade said as a compliment. "you…aren't weirded out?"and jade gave her a look that said 'really?' and she bite her lip "what do we do then?" she asked lightly.

Jade held up the basket she had brought with gave it to Tori.

"Yeah, happy Easter… I brought this for you."she grumbled looking away.

The basket held an assortment of candies and treats all of the Easter variety.

"Thanks…. You should….wear dresses more often Jade"Tori murmured with a shy smile.

So I shall end it here, I may make another chapter, I kinda felt good with the end being here. And after slaving over this all day and night I think I did a decent job at portraying the characters. Reviews are loved.

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