Er... Spur of the moment thing... I suppose. I don't even know if this story makes sense haha. I just wanted to write it... .Hack is so confusing... However, I'm a total Azure Kite x Haseo shipper... damn it.

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The second I cut you with this blade, you will feel in in the real world… The second I kill your PC… you will be trapped in The World.

Haseo was frozen with wide eyes as his back was pressed up against a wall in a Lost Ground. Azure Kite had backed him up into a spot where he could not run away. The tip of one of Azure Kite's twin triple-tipped blades was barely grazing his stomach. However, Haseo could feel something sharp gliding across his abdomen in the real world. He swallowed nervously.

Azure Kite let out a groaning sound in place of words that he would have said aloud. "Aaahh…."

The blade was pressed harder against his stomach. Azure Kite had a hand pinning both Haseo's wrists about his head. Ryou could feel his wrists bruising and the cold metal against his stomach. "Why… why did you kill Shino, Tri-edge?"

Azure Kite was silent before a displeased look crossed his features. Haseo gritted his teeth as the grip on his wrists tightened and the tip of the blade pierced deeper into his skin. "Aaah…"

I did not… I am not Tri-edge…

"What? Then who are you?" Haseo's eyes narrowed, not believing what the other had claimed.

Kite of the Azure Flame, Azure Kite… One of the Azure Knights… I am not Tri-edge… Tri-edge is your AIDA-infected friend.

"AIDA-infected?" Haseo asked.

The man with glasses and a large cylinder on his arm… "Aahh.."

"OVAN?" Haseo asked in disbelief. He started to struggle, only to push the blade deeper into his stomach. He grimaced and hissed in pain. Azure Kite was silent before shaking his head at Haseo's stubbornness. "There's no way Ovan is Tri-edge… You kill Shino!"

Haseo yelped as the blade was being dragged down to his navel and the tip of the second blade was grazing his lower chest.

I did not kill her. Your companion did, Ovan, was it?

"I don't believe you," Haseo hissed as he winced at the pain. In the Real World, Ryou was clutching his stomach with one arm as he bit his lip.

I do not lie. Azure Kite's eyes were staring directly at Haseo's PC's and for a second, Ryou thought that Azure was actually looking at him in real life instead of in The World.


I do not know, however… A sinister smile graced Azure Kite's face. I do know why I want to do what I am about to do.

"What?" Haseo asked confused. He felt the blades dig deeper into his flesh and the grip on his wrists tighten even more if it was possible.

The second I kill your PC, you're be trapped inside of The World… which means you'll be just like me…

Haseo could only blink before he cried out as Azure Kite's sharp teeth bit into his neck, leaving a mark.

"What the hell are you! A Vampire?" Haseo yelled. "Why the hell did you bite me?"

You are mine and when I kill you, you will be with me forever.

A cry of pain was heard before Azure Kite's blades delve into flesh of the PKK. Ryou collapsed onto his desk and fell unconscious. Azure Kite sneered and licked the blood off of his teeth and lips.

You taste sweet, my Haseo.