A/N This is going to be a two-shot. I've read a few Mirage/Hound fics, but I was surprised there wasn't as many as I expected there to be. So this first chapter will be T rated, the next will be a nice, sticky M. SO YOU ARE FORWARNED! Just to clarify, they are on Earth in this. You all know my disclaimers.

Let me be your strength – A Mirage/Hound fic.

Entering his partners quarters, the green tracker was surprised to find that the room was pitch dark. Hound frowned. Mirage had called him here, from his patrol in the city, saying that he needed him here. Shuttering his optics and focusing on his other senses, Hound let the darkness guide him. He picked up the low hum of Mirage's systems. That brought Hound some relief. If the electro disrupter to make Mirage invisible was on, then it would be virtually impossible to track him by sound. Shuffling into the pitch darkness, the green mech let the slight sounds and his familiarity of Mirage's rooms lead him.

He finally sat down in Mirage's berth, right next to where Mirage was curled up.

Reaching for the noble's shoulder, Hound asked quietly, "Raj? Why are the lights off?"

"Please don't laugh at me if I turn them on," Mirage smooth tenor cut through the darkness, unusually wobbly. Hound's jaw dropped slightly in surprise. He had never heard the mech like this before.

"No Raj, I couldn't laugh at you…well, not unless you were painted neon pink I think," Hound teased lightly, and was rewarded with a watery chuckle from the noble curled in on himself on the berth.

Slowly, the lights dimmed on, only at half-light, and Hound saw why Mirage was feeling scared and ashamed of his reaction. The handsome blue mech was crying, coolant tears streaking slowly out of those bright, golden optics which had finally unshuttered. And no one, not even Hound (who had been dating the noble for the past 3 months), had ever heard or seen the proud spy cry before, never in the history of the Autobots. Stroking Mirage's shoulder comfortingly, the tracker asked softly, "Raj? What happened? Please talk to me." He kept his tone smooth, trying to be as soothing as he could. He couldn't fathom why the spy would think that he would laugh at the tears.

Mirage seemed to be a little relieved that Hound wasn't laughing, but he didn't relax from his tight foetal position. "It's nothing…you'll think it's silly," he mumbled.

Hound frowned, before reaching down to envelop the noble in his arms and pull him up gently to a sitting position, laying a soft kiss on the spy's helm. As Mirage curled up to his chest, Hound asked again. "It won't be silly if it's coming from you, Raj. Please tell me?"

Blinking out a few more tears, Mirage mustered up his courage and spoke. "I miss Cybertron…I miss my old life. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wish this war had never happened…it's just…too much sometimes! I…I…went on a mission to the Decepticon base yesterday and tried to get some files. I was discovered by a mech and in the fight I offlined him. He didn't raise the alarm…but I just stood there, staring at him, as the energon ran out of his body. I don't want to hurt mechs anymore Hound. I feel like a monster and I don't want to have to look at my hands and see mech blood on them in my mind. I want to forget," he paused and locked his optics with Hounds and continued, "I want to be like you. I want to focus on all the beauty Earth has to offer me. I want to see the beauty that you see in me: I feel like a monster, how can you possibly like me? I want to see what you see, the rivers, the clouds, the grass, the trees, the joy of a rainbow…I want to see it all, to absolve myself of what I've done!"

Hound cuddled Mirage closer and whispered to him, "Let me be your strength Raj. Let me…let me catch you when you fall, let me be your rock, the lighthouse to guide your way." Mirage let out a hiccupping sob and nuzzled into the green chestplates, tears smearing on his face and on Hounds chestplates.

Hound went on sadly, "I'm no angel either Raj…I've deactivated a few mechs myself. I know…it's the worst feeling in the world."

"But how do you manage to continue to see the beauty in front of you? I just…can't seem to do it!" the spy sobbed, breaking down completely for the first time since the Towers had fallen.

Putting a finger under Mirage's chin, Hound tilted his head up and gave him a small smile. "Because I actively look for it to remind me there is so much to live for, so much of a brighter day that I'm fighting for. If there is one good thing for me that has come out of this war, it's meeting you, Raj. Falling for you – I never thought that I would fall in love with a noble but-"

"You love me?" Mirage blurted, golden optics widening in surprise. They had only dated for three months! How…how could Hound love him?

Still smiling in that caring way of his, the tracker replied, "Mirage, I think I loved you from our first date. You are handsome and beautiful, talented, and for all your aloofness, you are tender and loving at spark. I see you in here," he laid a hand over Mirage's chestplate where he could feel the pulse of his spark, "not what you show to everyone else."

A wash of warm feelings surrounded his spark, and drying his tears, Mirage smiled at the mech who loved him and pulled him into a kiss. It wasn't their first, but this was the most tender, emotional kiss they had ever shared. Mirage's hands had slid to wrap around Hound's neck, while Hound's own slightly roughened hands cupped his faceplates, stroking his cheekseam's tenderly. Mirage gently nipped at Hounds lower lip, and the green mech gave him enterance, lovingly stroking his glossa against the spy's, making sure to map out his mouth tenderly.

Mirage pressed closer, gathering his strength from the comfort Hound gave. Part of him nagged that he was weak, that he shouldn't be so dependent, but the major side of him shoved that thought down. It was not weakness to have someone who loved you to care for you, it was not weak to show your vulnerable side to those who cared.

They separated, gazing into each other's optics, before Hound moved forward to kiss every tear track left on the nobles smooth faceplate while his hands stroked his helm vents and Mirage's spoiler.

With a gasp, Mirage leaned forward and, before he could lose his nerve, he whispered in Hound's audio, "Hound…I want you…to make love to me."

Hound leaned back a bit, concern etched in his expression. "Mirage…are you sure? I don't want you to regret-"

"I will never regret it. You love me. I trust you…I…I think I love you…and I want our first time together to be right here, right now," Mirage confirmed, vocal tone carrying his resolve. He wanted this, more than anything.

Frowning a little, Hound sighed and joked, "Well, this totally blows the plans of having a romantic dinner by candlelight before retiring to the berth." They both laughed softly at that. Mirage reached up and stroked Hounds own cheek.

"You're so good to me. Every date, every meeting, you're so caring and wonderful. I want us to do this. The setting may not have the best timing but…well…does it matter if we are both in love?"

Shaking his helm, the green bot stroked his own hand over the blue mechs helm and said seriously, "No it doesn't. But if it doesn't feel right, tell me to stop right away. I love you too much to hurt you Raj." Mirage nodded, and drew Hound in for another kiss, arms winding their way around his lover's waist.

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