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Let me be your strength: Epilogue.

Hound kept his promise.

The war was over. Had been over for two years. When all the Transformers had gone back to Cybertron, they had set the planet's rotation to copy Earth's, as their systems had gradually adapted to the Earth framework of time. The Autobots had won the war in one final last battle until Megatron had surrendered, and a treaty was now in place to make sure a war of that kind would never happen again. The Decepticons now lived in relative peace with the Autobots, and the Neutrals had come from the last vestiges of safety from the surrounding solar systems to help rebuild Cybertron. It hadn't taken too long, with the amount of technology available and with almost all the remaining Cybertronian's helping. Now the metalloid planet was better than its former glory. In addition to most of the cities being re-built (the exception being Kaon, the original Decepticon city), there were two space bridges that led to Earth, where a small group of Cybertronians stayed to help the human race, and one other led to Earth's moon, where there was a bigger base. Even the Cybertronian moons were back!

Optimus Prime had decided to re-instate a council, but this time he set up severe rules and regulations for ruling the planet so corruption of the kind that would cause rebellion by the less-fortunate of mechs would not be founded. His role as Prime was not to rule, but to look after the well-being of every bot on Cybertron, and he would work with the Council to secure this objective.

Caste systems were abolished. There would be no slaves, nor any nobles. And although there was still slight inequality, it was balanced by various programs set up to get struggling bots back on their pedes. It wasn't perfect, but it was very far from what Cybertron had been like in the past.


And when the planet had been re-built and complete…Hound had asked Mirage to live with him and bond with him, to fulfil part of the promise he had made on the night of their first interface.

They had bought a house in a new city called Metalhex, which was built right over where the Towers, Mirage's old home, had been. It was more towards the outskirts of the new city, and was a nice block of land. After furnishing and making the house liveable, the couple had 'christened' it on their first night of living in it by a long bout of interfacing and by bonding together.

One year later, Atreus was sparked and came into existence.

Hound had surprisingly been the carrier, while Mirage was the proud creator. They had named their sparkling because it derived from the word 'King' in a human language. Mirage had approved it, saying that it was a name worthy of a noble bloodline. Atreus himself was a little blue mech who looked almost exactly like Mirage, except he had blue optics and Hound's helm shape. His pedes and little hands were black like Hound's as well, and he had green bands on his wrists. He is the centre of Hound and Mirage's world.

And ever since their bonding, the couple had become stronger than ever. Love had built up between them like an unstoppable force of nature. Hound had kept his promise and had supported Mirage during the war and the aftermath, helping them both to cope.

It is now Atreus's first-sparked day. Mirage is in their garden in their backyard, little Atreus on his shoulders.

"Daddy…what are those ones?" squeaked Atreus. His vocaliser had yet another year before it stopped squeaking every now and then.

Mirage stopped at a rose bush, leaning down to pluck a full blooming red rose and held it up so Atreus could grasp it with his little fingers. The former spy smiled at his son's awestruck look and said, "This is known as a rose. Papa went to Earth and got it yesterday. We had to extend the dirt pit so it would survive." Hound had been reluctant to leave Earth's nature behind, so Mirage had built a wide pit in their backyard so Hound could grow Earth plants next to their crystal garden as he wished. They had carted the dirt from Earth, as well as many plants.

Atreus held the rose up to his little nasal ridge and sniffed it with his developing olfactory sensors. "Pretty and soft," he purred, rubbing his nose in the petals.

"Careful sweetspark, don't want to damage it."

Hound came into the garden from the back kitchen where he had finished making some soft centred energon goodies. He had a wide smile on his face as he watched his bondmate and their adorable creation, and carried three goodies for them to eat.

"Papa!" Atreus cried out happily, offering the rose to his carrier and wiggled excitedly when he saw the fresh, warm energon goodies.

"Thank you Atreus," Hound said, taking the small (to him) flower in his hand and placed it on the ground before offering a goodie to Atreus. The sparkling grabbed it eagerly and said "Thank you Papa," after a warning from Mirage about his manners. He crewed the goodie contentedly as his creators ate their own, sharing a loving look over his small helm.

"You're a good sparkling Atreus," murmured Mirage, smiling up at him, and Atreus squealed and giggled excitedly as Hound got him down off Mirage's soldiers and tickled him. They all laughed together as Hound continued to tickle him with both his fingers and by gusting hot air over the sensitive sparkling belly.

"Atreus," Mirage said when the tickle-fest was over. The sparkling turned his wide blue optics to his creator. "Yes Daddy?"

Hound and Mirage shared another look of love before Mirage nuzzled Atreus's nose gently and said, "How do you feel about being a big brother in three months?"

The happy squeals of a sparkling getting his sparkday wish echoed around the neighbourhood, accompanied by the loving laughter of his parents.

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