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Chapter 4

The Offer

Curious. That is what Sasuke Uchiha is. He is curious. He has always been curious. As a child, his young eyes constantly scanned the entire playground. He did not shout or spit like the other children. No, he observed. He observed the green butterfly dancing among the rustic spiral of autumn leaves circling the playground. He observed the giggling girls, with their short hair tied into innocent pigtails, picking daisies and weaving floral crowns. As a teenager, he was curious. He observed the teacher's bored, indifferent stare as he questioned the sedentary class. From the corner of his eye, he observed the girls giggle as they toyed with their hair and tried to catch his eye. His quiet demeanor wasn't because he wasn't too antisocial. Talking simply disturbs observation. The suave, mysterious aura that his female admirers adored was not deliberately forged. It was simply a side effect of his character. He observes because he is just so curious. Even now, he is curious. He is ever so curious about Hinata Hyuuga, the sleeping girl before him, with her face intimately embracing the library table.

One week had passed since their last encounter. The strange Hyuuga girl had remained at the edge of his thoughts, never fully consuming his consciousness—he was simply too busy for that. She intrigued him slightly; that was all. Nothing more than a slight interest, he concluded.

His very predicament was quite by chance, in fact. The Uchiha had been walking to class, carefully avoiding eye contact with every living thing, when a flurry of dark indigo hair streamed passed him. Although annoyed, Sasuke quickly recognized the color and pinpointed it to the owner. By then, Hinata Hyuuga was already making her way up to the library steps, unaware of Sasuke's lingering gaze.

Ahh, the Hyuuga.

Scenes from their last encounter flashed before Sasuke. He still had some unanswered questions for the girl. Guided by his ever-present curiosity, Sasuke found himself strolling towards the campus library after class. His feet carried him to the little room at the very corner of the library. Hair splayed out lavishly on the mahogany table and hand still clutching a ballpoint pen, Hinata Hyuuga was hunched over piles of books and paper. Oh, and she was asleep.

Which leaves Sasuke Uchiha, unaware of what to do, staring at the girl. A muffled beep beep beep could be discerned from her raggedy book bag. The sound, however, was ineffective in waking the sleeping girl. Is that her cell phone? A text? Should I wake her?

Sasuke prodded the sleeping girl with a cautious finger.

"Hey. Hey wake up."

"Hmmm?" A set of weary, bloodshot eyes begrudgingly lifted themselves. Hinata Hyuuga lifted her head just enough to see the source of her disturbance. As she adjusted her to her surroundings she made out the hazy outline of Sasuke Uchiha and a distant beeping. A beeping. Her alarm beeping.

"Ohno!" Squeaked the girl.

Hinata's eyes shot open and her tiny hands slammed against the table. Papers and pens scattered but she was already grabbing her supplies and forcing them into her bag.

"Hey Hinata, I was hoping that we could talk…" His words were lost to the Hyuuga as she gathered the remaining items and dashed out of the small cubby.


"I apologize, Sasuke! I am going to be late for work! Perhaps another time!" She replied in a harsh whisper.

Sasuke did not know why, but his feet moved forward without much processing from his mental core. His large, calm strides quickly caught up to the girl's fleeting steps.

"I'll give you a lift."

"W-what?" Hinata's steps slowed down, but nevertheless she moved forward.

"I said I'll give you a lift. My car is this way."

Sasuke turned towards the parking lot as they exited the library. Hinata hesitated, looking the opposite direction—the direction of the bus stop—and back at Sasuke. With an exasperated sigh, she willed herself to follow the tall man.

"Thank you, Sasuke."