Jacob remained in bed as he felt his own energy slowly flee his body but even if he felt like he was slowly decaying away, he would not worry his pack. He was successful in masking his symptoms as a common flu, while his dad forced him to take old Quileute remedies, but it wasn't a flu he was dying of but a broken heart. That was stretching it a bit but it sure did feel like it as every being in him lacked the ability to keep going. Every day he was in a battle with himself to be keep breathing, eating and even opening his eyes. His reason for being was not in his life and it was eating him inside as every day he lost a little bit of himself. He was scared that his true feelings would have been exposed if he had to phase but this weakness that was eating at him had made him too weak and so phasing was out of the question which he was grateful about. His thoughts still remained to himself and it made it easier to think about what was now plaguing his life, the leech. His imprint he thought but he growled at his own thoughts as he himself tried to come to terms with what had happened.

His wolf wanted to sprint about and chant his imprint's name almost in a song but Jacob fought back at the stupid idea. It took all his strength not to speak of him as every being was proud and wanted to show off his imprint to the world. The only thing holding him back was that his imprint was yet to be recognized so it was safely tucked away in the darkness. It wasn't completely in the dark obviously the pack knew but only because at the moment they were able to hear his thoughts. His imprint on the other hand was still very much in the dark which helped not fully make the connection. Slowly though he felt that his body was full aware of the lack of presence of his imprint and it was becoming difficult for Jacob to hide any longer.

The memory was now attacking his mind as he thought of the day he imprinted and he quickly clenched his jaw and wished away the dreadful memory even if his heart beat with excitement.

"Get off your pity wagon" Leah whined as she jumped through Jacob's window into his room

"Get out Leah" Jacob said in a none friendly tone

"You know Jake eventually you'll have to see him" she said getting right to the topic not walking around it

"Get out Leah" he said again ignoring her

"Does he even know?" she asked making herself at home as she sat down next to him on his bed

Jacob let out a sigh as he shook his head, he did not want to talk about it and less with Leah but his throat clenched at the chance to speak about his imprint as he gave in with another louder sigh.

"He has a physic sister" Jacob said

"I doubt it skipped her mind" he added as he fell backwards on his bed feeling less heavy

"Regardless he'll have to know from you" she said, her voice sounding less annoying

"It's been a week already and either way he'll beat the crap out of me" Jacob said

"And yet here you are dying" she commented waving a hand over his body

"I'm not" he said sitting up trying to defend himself but his voice sounded hoarse and weak

"It's not healthy for an imprinter to be away from their imprint for too long" she said

"So now you're an expert?" Jacob said rolling his eyes, once again Leah was sounding annoying

"You know that I'm right" she said arrogantly

"No" Jacob simply said like a stubborn child

"You're so stubborn" Leah said hitting right on his attitude

"Back at you" Jacob replied causing Leah to laugh

When she wanted to she could be nice and very tolerable but most of the time she was the last person you wanted to be stuck with in a room.

"You should go see him" she said again after the silence became too much for her

"I'm surprised you're on my side I would have thought you would be on Bella's" Jacob said quietly causing Leah to glare at him

"That's why I'm telling you this" she said

"Explain" Jacob stated confused

"You know right that Emily and Sam went behind my back" She said making it sound more like a statement than a question

Jacob knew when to be quite and this was one of those times as he simply nodded not really wanting to make eye contact with her.

"I knew the legends I wasn't stupid I knew the minute that it happened the minute their eyes locked" Leah said playing with her fingers

"They tried to fight it I know for my sake but I knew what it was doing to them and yet Ignored it but eventually the pull was too strong and eventually they were meeting behind my back or giving each other glances here and there" she said her voice unchanging

"What are you trying to tell me?" Jacob asked

"Jake all they wanted was to be friends or they tried to be friends but then they started to feel the pull but before they got involved romantically Sam sat me down" she said as a smile broke on her face

"We were engaged for a couple of months now that's why Emily was down here because of the announcement" she said and Jacob could hear the anger in her voice

He had never heard Leah's point of view of the whole situation, sure he heard her thoughts plenty of times on what had happened but never really known how she felt at that moment. He was intrigued by her story as if it were a bedtime tale.

"When he sat me down I was bawling before he even began to explain himself because I was very aware of what was going on but he had reassured me that he only saw her as a friend" she said once again smiling as she shook her head

"You don't have to…" Jacob started to say but Leah quickly shook her head making him stop mid-sentence

"Even to this day I don't think I let him explain himself I vaguely remember cursing him out even saying what he would die off" she said laughing at her own joke

"And throwing him the ring afterwards it was a long battle with even being able to look at Emily you know I hated her I wanted her to die" she said more quietly

"I hated myself even more for my evil thoughts about my own cousin, she was like my sister" she said

The word 'was' did not escape Jacob's mind but he remained quite as he let Leah continue with her story.

"I was barely coming to terms with what had happened when this stupid curse caught up with me" she said her now sad voice sounding angry again

"I know this isn't really helping you because obviously Bella is in my position but what I'm trying to tell you is that if you come clean right from the beginning you will save her a lot of heart break" she said

"How do you know that it will get like that?" Jacob finally asked

"I don't but you know what Jake" Leah asked as she turned to face him

"You don't know that either" she said making Jacob shiver at her words

That was true he didn't know but a part of him doubted that Him and the leech would be able to see each other in a romantic way. Right now at the moment he was happy with just being able to be in his presence but he didn't want to tell that to Leah especially not after her story.

"So what now?" Jacob asked frustrated

"I don't know Jake I just know that it's going to happen and I rather you do it on good terms" she said as she stood up

"I still think he's going to kill me" Jacob mumbled

"Jake for all you know she'll kill you herself" Leah said with smile as she jumped out the window again leaving Jacob to think over her words.

The conversation was supposed to make Jacob feel better yet he felt more awful as guilt and the eventual betrayal he would have to make. The thought of hurting Bella, his best friend and a week ago the woman he loved, was heart wrenching. It was literally eating him alive and there was nothing no one could do but watch him slowly be eaten away.

The Cullen's had been back for a couple of weeks now and the thought of spotting them made Jacob get rigid in his own body. The feeling was tainted with a hint of excitement and accepting as once again he stopped his train of thought and wished away the feeling. All day and night all he could do was regret going to Bella that dreadful night. He had only gone to check up on her because he did not trust them especially not that boyfriend of hers but that could be explained by his jealousy at the time. His nose wrinkled not in disgust but in pain as he let the memory run through his mind.

The cold air was wiping around him as he made his way to Bella's house to once again check up on her. His every being told him to go back and forget her, she had made her choice, she had chosen him. Even so he loved her with all his might and it pained him to even think about not being with her even if she did not belong to him. Bella wanted his friendship still but right now he wasn't her favorite person since he had gotten her in trouble by bringing the bikes to Charlie's house. He had hoped that the plan would have bought him time to make his move or to separate them a little longer but it was useless.

He was almost reaching the edge of the woods that soon would show Charlie's house, when the smell hit him like a dozen bricks as he groaned and tried to muffle a growl. There was no doubt that the leech had already smelled him and provably announced his presence to Bella. That's why it wasn't a surprise when he saw the leech coming outside along with Bella who looked somewhat happy to see him, that was enough for him to never want to leave her side. He paid no attention to the leech as he only looked at Bella as a smile spread across his face, there was no doubt he loved her. Her eyes soon showed sadness and a hint of pity as she grabbed her bloodsuckers hand in hers.

The rain had started to pour down but neither of them acknowledged it as they stood staring at each other, well Jacob stared at Bella. They stood in silence as she took steps toward Jacob but he soon cringed his nose as he could smell him all over her.

'I'm going to kill him' was all Jacob's mind could say as his eyes only saw hatred

His body was becoming hot with anger and he soon felt that familiar pull of his body being pulled apart but he forced himself together.

"Jake don't do this" Bella's soft voice broke through the loud rain

"Step back Bella" The vampire said warning Bella away from Jacob

Jacob closed his eyes as he tried to keep his composure. The leech was close to her, his Bella, and it made him sick to his stomach

"He won't hurt me" Bella pleaded. Jacob could tell by the tone of her voice that she was walking toward him

"He's not safe right now" The vampire said calmly which only pissed Jacob off more

"I wouldn't hurt her!" Jacob half growled as he clenched his hands into fist

"Look at yourself, you can barely control it" The vampire said his voice still sounding calm

"He's fine" Bella said trying to defend Jacob, her best friend, from her over protective boyfriend but yet Jacob could hear the doubt in her voice

'I'm scaring her' he thought as he held back a whine

"I suggest you leave now" The vampire said this time his voice sounded tense

The threat in his words rocked through his body as he held his arms tight against his sides, trying to keep the little control he had. The action was futile as his skin pulled apart and with a loud growl he had phased.

Jacob the wolf slammed his paws on to the wet ground as he heard Bella gasped almost scream at his sudden transformation. The wolf's eyes darted around like a crazed animal as he had one goal in mind and that was to attack Edward. He huffed and snarled a warning as he spotted the crouched form of Edward protectively in front of Bella. Her eyes screamed fear and panic yet that wasn't enough to distract Jacob from his need 'to kill'. Then as he scanned his opponent from toes to head he made eye contact with him.

The rain seemed to freeze in time as one rain drop landed on his snout making him blink in surprise. His body felt light, so light, that he swayed slightly before steading himself. His paws moved forward involuntary as if pulled like a marionette. The golden eyes he was staring soon gave shape to the rest of the vampire and all he could do was simply stare. Why hadn't he noticed how beautiful he was before? He let out a loud groan almost seeming painful as the wet air brought in the vampire's scent making him want to sniff him more. Then it happened as the vampire focused on Jacob as well the knot was tighten, so tight, that Jacob had to pull back at the intensity. It took Jacob a moment to comprehend what had happened and as it came to him he quickly tore his eyes from the vampire even if it was painful and he whimpered as his mind went crazy.

'No fucking way!' he said as he bolted not even thinking it twice

'No way in hell!' he screamed louder

'Fucking Edward' he once again said frustrated as he reached La Push and was bombarded by the thoughts of his pack members


'No way man another dude!'

'A bloodsucker?'

'That's heavy man'

'Shut up!' he thought as he quickly phased. He didn't care that he was naked and that he still had to run a good few miles to reach his house. He just wanted to get away from his pack and of his own thoughts as he crashed through his front door slamming it shut not even disrupting a sleeping Billy on the sofa.

He crashed onto his bed wanting to feel relieved but yet he felt heavy as if he weight down the bed. His muscles ached wanting to search for his imprint because of the sudden loss.

The memory came and he felt his heart sink as his last memory of his imprint was that of a confused yet angry Edward. He did not want that to be the last image of his imprint but yet that same image helped him stay away. That enough was to convince him that his imprint did not want to do anything with him and would be better off even if that meant the death of him.