A/N: I wanted to give Jacob a little bit of a rebel side. I mean, this is a kid who is now thrust into a very "adult" world. Therefore, he will be doing some very "adult" things. Alert: Underage drinking.

Life was finally feeling normal for Jacob. He had a routine now, which he was excited about. Sam was slowly putting him back on patrols. It only consisted of three times a week, but Jacob knew soon enough he was going to be on for good. He knew that his pack saw a big difference in him in the past weeks. Edward was now more willing to give Jacob his time, therefore allowing Jacob a sense of stability. It made everything in Jacob finally function with reason. He had something to look forward to every night, which was Edward. They had so far only kept it to night visits, but Jacob couldn't wait until they could finally start actually doing things. He never let that be known to Edward, though. as the days passed, Jacob became more self-aware when he was around him. He never once tried to push anything or tried to talk about things that would discomfort Edward. Although Jacob felt that they were making milestones in their relationship, he sometimes felt like it was stagnant.

He wanted more, that was for sure. It was usually a problem, except at moments like this; when he was surrounded by couples. Most of the pack had imprints as well and if not imprints, at least someone. He wasn't sure why he had agreed to come, but here he was. The bonfire burned in the middle of their wannabe circle. There was a large gap where people walked through to get around. That's where he was; on the outskirt as he looked at the fire. It was barely past dinner time and so the sky was already darkened a significant amount. He avoided looking at the couples making out or even at the ones who simply cuddled. He felt like a voyeur when his eyes would travel to them. It felt like it should be a private moment, but yet it was displayed out for everyone to see.

He thought about Edward at times like this. He wished that Edward could be at his side right now. He wanted to be holding hands and stealing longing kisses here and there. He wanted the love that he saw displayed in front of him. He wasn't jealous of them, but he wished for the same.

"It looks like you need another beer" Paul teased as he reached at the cooler next to him and threw one at Jacob.

"Thanks" Jacob mumbled

As much as he wanted to hate it, he liked being here. It was sort of a 'right of passage' between the pack. He was finally allowed to hang with the other guys and chill like this. Unlike Seth, who whined until the very last minute wanting to come, but couldn't. Jacob had picked up Leah on his way down to the beach. After all, it was her idea for him to come. He sighed taking a swig of his beer and looking over at Leah. She was casually drinking as she drew circles on the sand around the bonfire with a stick. Unlike him, she wasn't bothered by the whole coupling. She would be happy without it.

Sam must have really messed her up Jacob thought as he grimaced taking another swig of his beer.

"What's wrong?" Leah asked as she spotted him staring at her.

"Just thinking..." Jacob slurred and Leah laughed grabbing the beer from him.

"Okay. You've had too much to drink" She said tilting the can and emptying it's contents on the sand.

"I haven't... That's like... like my second" Jacob protested

"Paul, how many has Jacob had already?" Leah asked

"Man, I'm not keeping count" Paul said

Leah simply shook her head. Paul was already tipsy and she knew he would be no help. During hang outs like this, Paul was in charge of the beer, making sure no one left too fucked up.

"Okay, am I going to have to take control?" Leah whined

Then, most of the guys shook their heads and thankfully most were still fine. She sighed with relief when Quil sat next to the cooler taking control.

"No more for Jacob or Paul" Leah ordered him.

"Man, I'm not driving. I'm good" Paul growled forcefully shoving his hand in the cooler to pull out another beer.

"Yeah!... Me neither" Jacob whined

"Jacob, you drove here" Leah said

"I did... shit" Jacob said groaning

"It's cool. I've only had one. I'll stop right now so I can drive us back when we leave" Leah said

"More drinking then!" Jacob said excitedly

"Jake..." Leah warned.

"C'mon Leah! It's not like you've never gotten fucked up. I remember when we were in school and you got pretty wasted right here in this same spot" Paul teased

"Fine. Whatever" She said knowing there wasn't anything she could do about it.

Paul tossed Jacob another beer, which he barely caught. After that, Jacob wasn't doing much thinking anymore. Instead, while the music played he laughed and joked with the guys. He was glad for the distraction as he eventually found himself falling on the floor. He wasn't fucked up, but he was getting there. Thankfully, Leah cut him off then. Jacob didn't really notice though. A couple of hours later and everyone was packing to leave. It wasn't a mess though. The DD's got everyone in the cars and went their separate ways. Leah hauled Jacob into the passenger side who still thought they were going to party.

"Fuck. I can't take you home like this" Leah said as she strapped him in and then walked around taking the driver side.

"Where... going then" He said barely forming a sentence.

"To my place" Leah said

"Can't... Edward... now" Jacob groaned

"Edward can't come right now" Leah said as if talking to a child.

"No! Me... go... to him" He hiccuped as he slouched deeper into his seat.

"You were supposed to meet with him right now?" Leah asked surprised and Jacob simply nodded, "What the hell? Why did you get so drunk if you knew you had to see him?" Leach reprimanded him

"I'm not... I forget" He mumbled confused

"Well, you'll just have to apologize in the morning" Leah said sternly

"I can't!... need... he'll hate... me" Jacob said alarmed as he shot up from his seat as if it was suddenly on fire.

His fast movement surprised Leah, making her swerve slightly.

"Are you trying to kill us?" Leah screamed as she went to the side of the road and parked.

"Have to go" He mumbled trying to unfasten his seat belt.


"No! Take me home. I'll walk... or from your house" Jacob growled

Leah sighed. Jacob's sentence was incomplete but she knew what he meant. Either she took him home or he would just walk from her house, which was further from the treaty line. Leah contemplated the scenario, but she knew there was no holding him back once he was out of the car; she wasn't as strong as him. She didn't feel like causing a commotion at her house either.

"Okay. Do you want to call Edward to let him know you're on your way?" Leah asked

"Yeah!... good idea" He said slipping out his phone, but he struggled with it.

"Here, I'll do it" She offered as she reached for it.

"You driving!" He hollered

"Jake, I'm parked" She said rolling her eyes.

"Oh. Okay" He said and gladly handed her his phone.

Jacob already had Edward's contact on the screen. She pressed 'call' and waited till he answered.

"What is it Jake?" Edward said worried

"Geez, hello to you too. Can't even greet like normal people, I see" Leah said

"Leah?" Edward questioned

"How do you know?" Leah asked skeptically.

"You're the only girl Jake talks to..."

"That you know of" She teased

"He has the right..."

"Geez, I'm kidding. Anyways, Jacob's drunk" Leah informed him.

"I'm not!" Jacob slurred in protest.

"I see..." Edward simply said

"Yup. Anyways, I've tried to derail him from seeing you right now, but he's set on it. You will soon have a very drunk Jacob coming your way" Leah warned

"I'm not... drunk" Jacob whined

"You should take him home" Edward said

"I can't. His dad will trip. If I take him to my house, he'll just run to you. I can't physically hold him back" Leah argued

"Why did you let him get intoxicated?" Edward reprimanded

"What! Are you saying this is my fault?!" Leah growled

"He's only a kid..."

"Age wise! He's physically and mentally older than you!" Leah spat

"Don't... fight" Jacob said trying to reach for his phone, but she pushed him back.

"Look, I don't want to babysit him in that state" Edward said sternly

"Well too fricken bad! Either you meet him at the treaty line or his dumb-ass will go all the way to your house. Take your pick!" Leah said and with that ended the call.

"I'm in trouble" Jacob mumbled as Leah handed him the phone back.

"No. He just needs to learn to be with you in the good and bad. Shit isn't always going to be perfect" She said

She continued driving after that. Jacob didn't say anything, but mostly because he was oblivious to the whole situation.

"I'm taking your car. I'll drop it off tomorrow" Leah said once they reached Jacob's house.

"Okay" Jacob said not caring as he got out.

He didn't even wait for Leah to drive off, quickly making his way to the treaty line. Jacob's head was a mess as his thoughts shifted from Edward to wanting to party. He was very much in party mode, but his want to be with Edward was winning. He wanted to grasp him in his arms and devour him with his mouth. He wanted to ravish every inch of him with his hands as his mouth tenderly showed his devotion. His mind quickly directed to a very dirty side of him, which he usually stayed away from when he was in all his senses.

As he broke out from the treaty line, he spotted Edward pacing back and forth. His mind quickly jumped to an image of him pouncing on Edward, ripping his clothes off, desperately seeking friction. Forcefully tilting Edward's face to have better access to his neck; hungrily sucking on it. He imagined trailing kisses from his jaw line to his collar bone. He would marvel at his chest and then would attack it with kisses. He could almost feel his chest and stomach flexing at the sensation his warm fingers would entice. He wanted him so bad!

"Hey" Jacob said as he reached Edward, who now stood frozen, staring at him.

"Jake..." Edward said warningly

"What?" Jacob said confused

Jacob imagined them right where they stood, but on the floor. In his mind, he debated from showing Edward's dick some attention or devouring him with more kisses. He finally decided on taking Edward's lips. He could almost feel Edward's moan rumble through his own chest. He would growl hungrily, biting Edward's bottom lip.

"You don't even know you're doing it" Edward said in awe.

"Huh?" Jacob questioned as he wobbled on his feet, but instead of staying up he decided to plop down on the ground.

Edward quickly went to his side, making sure he didn't crash on the floor. Jacob laughed lowering his head leaning forward slightly before pushing back to fall on his back. Once again, Edward made sure he didn't hurt himself. He groaned when Jacob simply laughed staring up at the stars.

"The night is wonderful" Jacob said as he closed his eyes, waiting for the spinning to go away.

"It is" Edward agreed

He placed himself next to Jacob facing him slightly. He crossed one leg while he brought the other one up, so he could rest his arm on it.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked

"I'm drunk" Jacob said smirking, his eyes still closed.

"I know"

"You're mad" Jacob said

"Not really. You're a teenager, it's sort of expected from you, but I am disappointed" Edward said

"I'm sorry"

"Don't apologize. Just don't make a habit out of it" Edward advised.

"I like... it" Jacob breathed as he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Edward, "You're so beautiful" Jacob said

Edward was positioned perfectly under the Moon's light. The Moon was so bright up in the sky, that Edward's skin slightly glittered, but not as much as it would if he were under the Sun. Edward didn't look at him or acknowledge the comment.

"Fuck, I'm drunk. I shouldn't be saying shit like that" Jacob quickly said as he placed his arm over his eyes, turning away from Edward.

The dizziness was still there and he heaved in an attempt to stop himself from feeling sick.

"You should go home. You're not feeling well" Edward suggested

"Hell no!...miss... no!" Jacob mumbled

"Jake, it's fine. I'll just see you tomorrow"

"I want...you like this. Be with... you" Jacob slurred reaching for Edward and his knuckles grazed his thigh, which Edward instinctively swatted away.

"Jake..." He said warningly

"Fuck, I think... sick" Jacob grumbled, suddenly sitting up, "much better" He added as he rubbed his temples.

"I think you should go home" Edward said

"Trying to get rid of me?" Jacob said laughing as he shook his head, "Wait, don't answer that. I think I'm sobering up already. Fuck, I'm just... I just wanted to forget shit for a minute, you know?" Jacob asked

"What's been bothering you?" Edward asked worried

"I don't know. You... me... everything" Jacob said sighing.

"I don't think I understand. Your mind is too fogged up by the alcohol for me to even attempt to understand" Edward said

"So, I'm still drunk? I don't feel that drunk anymore"

Edward didn't say anything after that. He simply concentrated on Jacob's thoughts, but they were all coming in, jumbled, to him. They all seemed to revolve around him and in various sexual situations. He was doing all he could do to stop himself from running off. Jacob's thoughts sparked something in him that he didn't quite understand, but they made him uncomfortable, that was for sure.

"Edward, you know when you told me about your past?" Jacob asked suddenly surprising Edward.

He was surprised that Jacob could even hold a conversation considering where his mind was at.

"Yeah..." Edward answered

"I was really turned on" Jacob admitted and began laughing hysterically, "Well, at first I was very disturbed about that fact of drinking blood, but then I imagined how feral you must have been in those moments. It got me really hot and bothered. I always wondered if you noticed it. Did you?" He asked

"No" Edward simply said between clenched teeth.

"Good. It just shows you how much self-control I have" Jacob said and turned to give Edward a smirk.

"I can see that now" Edward said looking at him.

A part of Edward was bothered by the conversation, but another part of him was in awe of Jacob. He wondered if he always had to control himself around him. He never once had heard a thought remotely close to what Jacob was thinking now. He was amazed by him and a part of him was suddenly excited. Right before him sat Jacob, who was crazy about him and that thought warmed his body. He didn't understand it, but he liked it.

"Sorry, that must sound kinky or what not... not saying that I wouldn't like that, wait..."

"Just shut up, Jacob" Edward said amused by his babbling.

"Hey, you're laughing" Jacob commented

Edward stopped, surprised that he was chuckling. Jacob only smiled wider at the sound of his laugh. He knew that Edward was in sort of a depressed mood over his and Bella's break. Unlike Bella, Jacob found it hard to bring him any comfort. It pained him every time to see Edward so indifferent about everything. He hardly talked about anything and Jacob found himself most of the time making conversation between them.

"Jacob, I do like hanging out with you. You just have to understand that I have to see Bella every day at school and I miss her very much" Edward explained

"I though you couldn't hear my thoughts" Jacob mumbled blushing.

"They're becoming more clear" He said smirking

"Will you ever feel that way about me?... Wait, I take that back. Fuck, I should leave" Jacob said rising to his feet stumbling slightly.

"Are you going to be okay?" Edward asked standing by his side.

Don't leave, that's what I want to hear Jacob thought, but he simply nodded.

"I don't feel like making an ass out of myself" Jacob said

He knew that he should just walk away now, before he did anything he would regret, but he turned to Edward. They stared at each other and before Jacob could give himself more time to think about it, pulled Edward against him. He sighed at the cold sensation that was quickly over taking his body, but it quickly adjusted. His hands were placed on Edward's back and suddenly he's tempted to slip them under his shirt, but he stopped himself. Edward's cold hands patted his back in an awkward manner and Jacob pulled away laughing; feeling pitiful.

"I'm out" He said and slapped Edward's chest with the back of his hand before stepping away in an attempt to literally run off, but Edward held his hand.

"I'm new to this, sorry. I don't know... I don't know what to do" Edward said as Jacob's heart began to beat rapidly, "Sorry, I don't know what I'm doing. It just... I know you feel bad. I don't want you to hurt" Edward added dropping Jacob's hand.

"It's okay. I should really go, though or else I might just jump you right now. You are very tempting at the moment, not that you always aren't" Jacob said

"Okay..." Edward simply said.

Edward still stood there and Jacob wasn't sure if he should stop reading into it, but he wondered if maybe Edward wanted him to do something. Jacob reached for him slowly giving Edward enough time to react in case he didn't want this. He smiled when he placed his hand on his chest and Edward didn't move. Suddenly, feeling bold, he stepped closer removing the space between them. The atmosphere was thickening around them and both boys seemed to feel crushed by it. Jacob wanted it so badly, but he was too sober now. A part of him knew it was right to kiss his imprint, but another part of him knew that Edward was only giving in because of the imprint pull. Edward didn't really want this. Frustrated, he pulled away roughly.

"Good night, Edward" Jacob said before he could regret it and ran off.

Running home, Jacob's inebriation was turning into a light buzz. No matter how much he wanted to go back, he knew that it was for the best. Walking in to his house, he felt defeated.

Jacob was ashamed of his actions and so, he was staying away from Edward. He confessed some pretty embarrassing things to him and the slight remembrance of it made him cringe. On his own, he wouldn't be able to stay away from him, but Sam had put him back on patrolling duties full-time. That meant more gatherings with his friends. He found himself, most of the time, either at Emily's or patrolling. There was no in-between, besides his home.

There were a lot of things Jacob had to contemplate. He realized now that he wanted Edward in that way and it terrified him. He wasn't sure what it meant to want him in that way, but he was forcing himself to forget it. For him, it was too much to think about another man in that way. He was okay with having feelings for Edward, but now he was being plagued by his teenage hormones and it made things more complicated. As much as he wanted to be surprised about the realization, he couldn't be. He had, in some way, seen it coming. He had already willingly kissed Edward twice. Every time he remembered them, he would tremble at the memory. He couldn't forget Edward's cold lips on his. His body sought the cold chill his imprint could bring about.

'Fuck, rub yourself with ice then! I bet it would be the same thing!' Paul growled, growing frustrated by Jacob's thoughts.

'Don't make me rip your head off!' Jacob snarled

'Geez, this is why you guys can't be left alone' Leah complained as she trotted between the two wolves.

'Tell me you're not annoyed by his thoughts' Paul asked

'Well, yeah, but it's not like I'm paying attention. I block you guys out most of the time' Leah thought and continued with her mindless thinking.

'I'm just glad we're done for the night. I don't think I can take more of your whiny-bitch attitude' Paul thought as he ran the last meters to Emily's house.

'Fuck you too!' Jacob growled as he huffed.

He wasn't completely mad at Paul, that's how they got along most of the time. It just bothered him that he was right. He was being a "whiny-bitch", but he couldn't stop himself from being that way. This imprint was making him act out of character. Most of the time he found his mind wandering to Edward and if not, then he forcefully distracted himself from thinking about Edward. He wanted to let things run their course, but his wolf knew what it wanted and that was Edward. That made life harder for Jacob.

"Man, you should try to woo him or something" Leah suggested as they phased back.

"I already told him that I wouldn't push him" Jacob said as he hid behind a tree, putting on a pair of shorts.

"Look, you need to do something. Let him get to know you or something. Maybe, he'll start seeing you differently if you do that" Leah advised

"You're a genius!" Jacob shouted as he ran around the tree to engulf Leah in a tight hug.

"Jake, you do realize that I'm in my underwear and bra" Leah said laughing

"Sorry..." Jacob said quickly as he pulled away blushing.

Surprisingly, Jacob found himself staring at her. She was almost as tall as him. She had a nice figure; curvy and slim. Jacob trailed his eyes from her to her chest, where her bra held her small breasts. He licked his lips and his eyes roamed down her smooth belly. Her skin was very tempting to him as he imagined his hands running down her arms and over her belly. As his eyes lowered south, he was suddenly seeing white skin. It wasn't Leah who stood in front of him half naked; it was Edward.

"What the..." Jacob said confused as he blinked, but Leah stood in front of him.

"You were staring" Leah said as she slipped on her shorts and quickly pulled on her tee.

"I'm sorry..." Jacob said blushing deeply.

"I thought you were like... gay now" Leah said awkwardly

"I thought I was... I don't know what happened. One minute was I drooling over you and then... there was Edward" Jacob said confused

"Maybe, you're bi now... or maybe just Edward-sexual" She teased

"I don't know. I'm pretty sure I was getting a hard-on for you" Jacob said

"I know" She said and shifted her eyes to his crotch; he had a semi.

"What the hell does this mean?" Jacob said suddenly feeling scared driving his semi to become flaccid.

"Talk to Sam?" She suggested

"Everyone always says Sam. He doesn't have the answers to everything" Jacob grumbled

"Fine, don't talk to him. Just talk to someone okay?... Better yet, talk to Edward" She insisted

"Oh yeah. Hey Edward, I got a hard on for Leah... That would go over great" He said sarcastically as he kicked the dirt underneath him.

"Okay, Let's get this shit over with" Leah said


Jacob was turning towards her when his lips met with hers. He pulled away surprised, but she quickly held him still by grabbing his face. Her soft lips moved against his in an awkward way as he kept his closed shut. Her lips were full and he didn't like the feel of them as he gave in. He parted his lips to join hers, but he felt nothing. He wanted to feel that tingling sensation that Edward caused within him, but it didn't come. He didn't even feel the butterflies. Realizing this, Leah pulled away smirking.

"You, Jake, are a victim of teenage hormones" Leah said triumphantly as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What?" Jacob asked confused as his cheeks began to flush with embarrassment.

"Jake, you're a boy... more importantly a boy who isn't getting any" She said amused

"Shut up, Leah" He muttered

"C'mon, all you have to do is masturbate more often" Leah said wrapping an arm around him, directing him towards Emily's house.

"Geez..." Jacob groaned covering his face with his hands, "Are you going to give me the talk too? Cause if you are, you better be ready to explain how two men do it"

"You don't know?" She asked

"Of course. I was just kidding" Jacob said rolling his eyes as he slipped her arm off of him.

"It's pretty simple. Your dic..."

"Ah!... I'm not hearing this!" Jacob said slapping his hands over his ears in a panic.

"You're such a baby" She said laughing as she pulled his hands off, "If you can't even hear it, then how do you plan on doing it?" She questioned

"I don't plan ondoing anything" He said sternly

"Really? Because your earlier thoughts were saying otherwise" She said smirking

"Why do I always end up talking to you about embarrassing things?" Jacob questioned as he shook his head.

"Who knows. I'm just that awesome" She said bumping into him, playfully.

"Are you going to hang out or..."

"I'm going home. You want a ride?" Leah asked as they reached Emily's house.

"Yeah. I think... I need to be on my own for a bit" Jacob answered

"You need to get laid" Leah teased

"Never bring that up again. I'm traumatized for life" He mumbled

"By my body? Geez, that's mean"

"No! That's not... You're Sam's ex. That's what I meant..." Jacob babbled

"Who gives a fuck about Sam? I sure don't. It's whatever. Don't stress about it" She said reassuringly

"Fuck... I think I'm done kissing people. It only gets me in trouble" Jacob said shaking his head.

"Relax... It was only for experimental purposes" Leah said shrugging her shoulders.

Jacob didn't say anything as they reached her car. He wasn't taking their kiss seriously, but it had been a kiss regardless. It was awkward for him as he sat next to her. He just wanted to be in his room and alone. He wanted to get away from Leah, Edward and everyone. He was done feeling confused. As much as he wanted to feel hopeful, he knew it was only a dream. Only there would Edward would be his and only there he would want Edward in that way. Right now, it freaked him out. Even if it was something he wanted to explore, he couldn't bring himself to think that way. In all honesty, he didn't know what he wanted.

"See you" Jacob said as they reached his house.

"Jake, do me a favor?" Leah asked


"Stop thinking will ya? It can't be healthy" She said giving him a small, worried, smile.

"I'll try" He offered

He closed the car door and headed into and empty house. His dad had been hanging around Leah's house. Everyone had become very protective over the family since Leah's change and Harry's death. Jacob sighed at the emptiness. It was about to be noon and he was starving. He scavenged his fridge and fed from scraps.

"I'll take you out to eat then"

"What the hell!" Jacob screamed jumping, turning around to see Edward standing in his living room, "What are you doing here?" He asked

"I haven't heard from you since our last meeting. I felt like we were going somewhere... with our friendship, I mean. Is there something wrong? You've been really short in our conversations over the phone" Edward said worried as he looked at Jacob concerned.

"I didn't think you would notice..." Jacob said honestly, but mostly for himself.

"Of course I would. Jake, we've been spending a lot of time together. I know it might sound silly, but I have gotten to know you" He answered

"I'm sorry. I was just embarrassed about the things that I told you... Uh... when I was dr... inebriated" Jacob said scratching the back of his head as he avoided looking at Edward.

"It's not like I don't know how you feel. Let's just move past it, okay?" He offered

"Okay" Jacob mumbled, feeling relieved.

"So, are you going to take me up on my offer?" Edward asked

"Oh, um, sure" He answered hesitantly.

"Well, we should get going then, before anyone notices that I'm here" Edward suggested

"Shit. Yeah... why did you come? You could have just called" Jacob said as he grabbed his keys.

"I figured you would be distant. I felt like this was the only way to get a hold of you"

"Fuck. I know they wouldn't do anything to you because you're my imprint, but there would still be consequences" He said as he slammed his car door and started his car.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. You were avoiding me and... I don't know. I felt desperate" Edward admitted as he looked out his window, in deep thought.

Jacob didn't say anything to that as he sped off the res. He hoped no one had noticed his scent. He sighed when he reached the main road out of forks.

"Where are we going?" He asked

"You're the one driving"

"Well, is there a place specifically that you want to go... wait that's a stupid question. You don't eat" Jacob said blushing.

"I do eat, just not what you eat" He answered

"I'll take you to the zoo then, that's what? Like a buffet for you..." Jacob teased

Edward chuckled at his joke and Jacob beamed.

"Hey, we could go hunting together. I'll be in wolf form of course. I've done it before, it was sort of a right of passage when I first phased" Jacob said excited at the idea.

"No" He said sternly.

"Why? What's the problem?" Jacob asked confused.

"Jake, that's when I am at my most feral state. I wouldn't be able to control myself..."

"You won't hurt me. I don't smell appealing to you remember?" Jacob said

"You really don't know what you do to me?" Edward asked

"Huh? What do you mean?" He asked, blushing at Edward's words.

"Jake, I still want to dominate you. If we were to be in that situation, I'm not sure I could hold myself from... acting upon my... those desires" Edward explained

Jacob's mind quickly began doing turns. He imagined him and Edward eating from the same animal. Edward's hungry eyes would stare at him as they took pleasure from devouring their meal. Jacob could almost feel the animal's flesh in his mouth and he clenched his jaw. The smell of the wilderness would wrap around them at such an intimate moment. It would happen as quickly as it did in his mind. Edward would lunge himself at him, making him phase back to his human form. Jacob licked his lips, already imagining them become numb at the forcefulness of Edward's kiss. He clenched his hands around his steering wheel, noticing his, now uncomfortable, hard-on.

"Yeah. Bad idea" Jacob simply said.

Jacob tried to shake off his thoughts, knowing that Edward could hear them. He stole a glance his way and was happily surprised to see Edward equally bothered. His jaw was clenched so tight that he could see the tension in his cheeks. Even though he sat in a casual position, his hands were balled into fists. Jacob relaxed at the realization that Edward was going through the same thing as him. He wondered if maybe Edward was also confused by him. Did they want the same things? They were both free to explore their curiosities... but there was Bella.

"I've never seen this place" Edward commented as Jacob drove behind a gas station to reveal a small diner.

"Yeah. It's sort of a res hang out. Many of us don't have much money and this place is super cheap" Jacob answered

"Jake, I could have afforded to take you somewhere nice" Edward said as they entered the diner.

"Jake! How are you honey? Haven't seen you in a while. Some of the boys came by a couple of days ago, you weren't with them like usual" Sandra said as she pulled Jacob into a tight hug.

"I've been hanging around this pale face" Jacob teased as he pointed towards Edward, "Edward this is Sandra, Sandra this is Edward" He introduced

"Nice to meet you ma'am. It's a pleasure" Edward said

"The manners! I think I have a new favorite customer" She teased, "Take a seat anywhere. Maggie will be with you guys in a bit. I'm doubling as a cook today" She said and quickly went back into the kitchen.

"Will a fancy restaurant treat me that way?... nope, not unless I had 'wealthy son of a bitch' stamped on my forehead" Jacob said as he took a booth in the far corner, away from everyone.

"So, I'm that 'wealthy son of a bitch'?" Edward questioned.

"I didn't mean to offend you..." Jacob apologized

"It's alright. You're are right, though. Trust me, it's not all that's its put up to be" Edward said shrugging his shoulders.

"Hey boys, what can I get you guys?" Maggie said

"I want the usual" Jacob beamed, he was starving.

"Alright, double stacker with bacon and sausages. Plus an extra order of bacon and sausages, check. How about you darling?" She asked

"I'll have an order of fries and a chocolate shake" Edward said

"Is that all, hun?" Maggie questioned

"He doesn't eat like us manly men from the res" Jacob teased

"Alright, an order of fries and chocolate shake coming up" Maggie said chuckling as she left their table.

"You actually ordered food" Jacob commented

"It's for you"


"I know you're holding back. I read it in her mind. You usually order that as well. I told you I was taking you out. So, let me" Edward said


They got into mindless chit-chat, that mostly involved Edward talking about school and Jacob about patrolling. A while back, they had already gotten to talking about their studies, where Edward seemed very concerned with Jacob's lack of schooling. Jacob had informed him that as a shifter, he had some privileges that involved him taking early exams to graduate. He had admitted that he missed school, but simply because he missed the normality of the whole thing.

"So, you're not going to tell me?" Edward asked after a while of conversing as Jacob ate.

"Tell you what?" Jacob asked with a mouthful of fries.

"Tomorrow..." Edward insisted

"Tomorrow? What about tomorrow?" Jacob asked confused as he sipped on his milkshake.

"Your birthday" Edward answered, sighing.

"Oh, shit! That's tomorrow?" Jacob almost screamed, surprised.

"Did you really forget? Sandra's thoughts told me that you usually come down here with your dad for your annual birthday dinner" Edward said

"Yeah, but he hadn't brought it up. It's been hectic in the res... since Harry died and you know... Leah phasing and all. I guess he has just been busy. He's hardly around..." Jacob explained

"I don't think he has forgotten about you" Edward offered

"I know. I'm pretty sure there's a dinner planned with Sue and her family. I'm only turning seventeen... no big deal. Now, if it was twenty-one! That would be a different story" Jacob said laughing

"Is there any possibility I could steal you away? I did promise to hang out... outside of our nightly visits. Your birthday would be a great occasion, don't you think?" Edward asked

"Okay..." Jacob said blushing.

To him, it almost felt like he was being asked out on a date. He fidgeted awkwardly as he finished the last of his shake, but he couldn't hold back the smile that was plastered on his face.

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