One moment, things seemed to be going one way, but in a second, everything changed. Jacob's small world had been opened to the vampire world. He knew of newborns and most importantly, the Volturi. Edward made sure he knew everything that had to be known about them. Now, Jacob feared them as much as the Cullens did. He knew early on that they were people you did not mess with. Everyone was on high alert at the realization of newborns in the area. After the night at Bella's, it hadn't taken long for them to connect the dots. They knew that a newborn army was being created and one of them had been in Bella's room. The scent had been old and Edward kept beating himself up for not having noticed it earlier.

Jacob knew that he was taking this the hardest. He blamed himself for putting Bella in harm's way. Jacob and the Cullens tried to explain to Edward that it wasn't his fault, that it was all a freak accident. Nobody knew why the newborn army was created, but Jasper had theories. His most promising one was that a rouge vampire was trying to gain control and overthrow the Volturi. It made sense, but many things didn't add up to them; like why the Volturi hadn't stepped in yet or why one had been in Bella's room. Everyone seemed to be throwing ideas around, but they never reached a conclusion. All they could do was protect La Push and Bella.

A week ago, on his birthday, Jacob thought that he had been making milestones with Edward, but now he hardly saw him. He only got a good look at him when they were switching Bella between them or when their families gathered for training. Jacob was desperately clinging to the images of Edward as the days dragged on. He knew now wasn't the time to get clingy or to complain. They had bigger things to deal with. Even though he hated it, protecting Bella was their priority now.

He no longer saw her as the girl he once loved or his best friend. He hated her, but he wouldn't have wished this upon her. A part of him pitied her and that part of him wanted to protect her. Looking at her, all Jacob saw was her small form shaking like a small chihuahua. He knew that she was crumbling under the constant surveillance, but she never complained. At times when he saw her there trembling and trying to make herself invisible, he wanted to like her. He wanted his best friend back, but one hard glare from her and he knew that was impossible.

He hated that she could treat him so coldly despite his efforts of protecting her when he knew she was always so sweet to Edward. It made him sick. He hated that she could have the time that he desired to have with Edward.

"Jake, I got this. Take a walk" Sam said as he noticed Jacob trembling.

Jacob simply nodded and stood up from the couch. Bella was in the kitchen with Emily, who was attempting to make conversation with her, but Bella was keeping quiet. He slammed the door as he walked out of Sam's house. He took in a gulp of air and exhaled deeply. He did that a couple of times as he made his way into the woods. He wanted to get away from everything. There was a big cloud of gloominess hanging on top of everyone and he hated it. He hated that Bella was practically dragged to the res and that she always seemed to sprint into Edward's car.

Most of all, he hated that Edward hadn't blinked his way. All he saw was his dearest Bella and Jacob was quickly growing impatient. He wasn't sure how long he could stay strong for him. He knew that he would have to see Edward soon or he would be falling back into depression. He couldn't worry his pack like that again.

"Here you are" Leah said as she spotted Jacob leaning against a tree.

"What's up?" Jacob asked

"Just came from Sam's. He said you weren't so well. What's going on?" She asked as she joined him.

"I'm just at my breaking point. She's getting under my skin. I have to see her run into Edward's arms every day and I haven't even had a five second conversation with him" He said frustrated.

"Then, go to him"

"I can't. He's made it his mission to figure out what's going on. I don't want to be a bother to him" He sighed

"Stop. Listen to yourself. Have we not learned that staying away from him is bad? I'm pretty sure he can spare ten minutes" Leah said as she rolled her eyes at him.

"I don't know..."

"No. You will call him and he will see you" Leah scolded him.

"What if he's busy?" He argued

"I'll kiss you again. Shit, this time I'll even slip in some tongue. I'm pretty sure he won't be busy then" Leah said

Jacob blushed at her words. He had told her about Edward getting jealous over their kiss. She had gotten a good kick out of it. So far, it hadn't been an issue, but Jacob knew that she was using it to her advantage. When they gathered for training, Leah became more clingy and he knew it was to mess with Edward. He enjoyed it as much as she did. He spent most of the time feeling like Edward had forgotten him, but at those times he knew that Edward still cared.

"I'll talk to him tonight. We're meeting up for training. I'm pretty sure after it's all over we can hang out for a bit" Jacob finally said

"Good" Leah simply said

They chatted for a bit before heading back. Jacob had finally gotten used to his new friendship with Leah. Walking into Sam's house, he spotted Bella on the couch. He knew then that Leah had quickly become his best friend, replacing Bella. He sighed as she turned towards him, standing up eagerly. She already knew it was time to go with Edward.

"Let's go" He simply said and Bella quickly stepped out of the house.

"You don't have to patrol tonight. After dropping off Bella, go home and sleep. You look like shit" Sam said

"Geez, thanks"

"Seriously. You look tired. Just take a good nap and meet us at the treaty line for training" Sam said

"Okay" Jacob said

He walked out and got into his car as Leah drove. The drive was always awkward. Bella was always literally bouncing in the back seat and he knew that Leah was holding back from biting her head off. Jacob was simply tired of everything. Instead of looking forward to Edward, he was actually looking forward to going home and sleeping. He knew that his body wouldn't take much of this anymore. He needed to rest.

They stopped and Jacob stepped out to let Bella out. He stared at Edward who stood outside of his car waiting for them. Bella quickly made her way to him and got into the passenger side. Jacob gave him a weak smile and got back inside his car.

"Jake, wait" Edward said as Jacob closed his car door.

"What's up?" He said as Edward walked over to his window.

"You don't look so well. Are you okay?" Edward asked

"Just tired. I'm about to take a much needed nap" He answered

"Will I see you tonight?" Edward asked

"Yeah. I might not patrol tonight, but our training is mandatory. See you then, okay?" He said

"Okay... Rest well, then" Edward said

Leah then backed up and did a u-turn. Jacob sighed and let his head rest against his seat. She casually stretched out her hand and massaged the back of his neck lightly.

"What are you doing?" Jacob groaned, too tired to even push her hand away.

"Pissing Edward off" She laughed

Jacob simply shook his head. He forced himself to stay awake as they made their way back.

"Don't you think you were too cold towards Edward?" Leah asked after a while.

"I don't know"

"You were. Weren't you just complaining that you don't get to talk to him, then you get your chance and you barely acknowledge him" She said

"I must be too tired. Honestly, all I'm thinking about is sleeping. I can only take so much, you know?"

"Yeah, I know" She said

She felt his desperation and she knew that it was eating at him. His wolf was crying for its imprint while his body was taking the beating for it. She knew that Edward would soon have to set his priorities in order or Jacob would begin to suffer once again.

"We're here" She announced

"Thanks. See you later" He said as he stepped out.

She got out as well and handed him the keys. After a quick hug, she ran off. She had patrolling duties. Jacob felt like he was crawling his body into his room as he collapsed on his bed. He made the dream-catcher bang against the bed post. He sighed and looked at it before closing his eyes.

I was a bundle of nerves as I walked through the crowded restaurant. I tugged at my tie, regretting agreeing on wearing the damn thing, but Edward had insisted. He wanted to take me out to a fancy restaurant and I had been all too willing. I was glad that he was trying to make an effort; that Bella could be forgotten for tonight. My heart skipped a beat as I spotted him in the far corner. I smiled as he stood up waiting for me to reach him. I trembled slightly as he took my hand and directed me to my seat. I knew that I was being extremely spoiled and I loved it.

"You look dashing" Edward commented and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"You look good, too" I said and he simply smirked as he took my hand in his.

He brushed his thumb over my knuckles as he stared at me. His stare was intense as I fidgeted under it. I could almost feel his hunger and it made my groin twitch. I let my head hang as he chuckled at my reaction.

"What would you like to have for dinner?" He asked

"You" I said feeling bold as I stared at him.

"We will have enough time for that later. I would like to feed you first... Wouldn't want you fainting from lack of fuel" He teased

"I really want you right now" I admitted as I licked my bottom lip.

"Don't, Jake. You're making it really hard to pamper you right now... I might just drag you to a hotel room and ravish you" He breathed and I gasped at his boldness as I stared at his black eyes.

"I'm not a girl. You don't have to pamper me and shit" I said defensively despite the hard-on that was tenting my pants.

"It's not about that. I want to do nice things for you. Is it bad that I want to take care of you?" He asked

"No... Fine. I'm going to make you work for it" I said as I grabbed the menu, "I'm going to order the most expensive thing here" I threatened

"Go ahead. It's the pate. You will like it" He said smirking and I groaned.

"I can't. I'll just feel guilty later" I said as I placed the menu back down.

"Jake, let me spoil you. If I could, I would give you the world" He said

"Don't say things like that" I warned as I felt my body begin to react to his words.

"Things like what? Like I want to give you the best of the best? That I want to take care of you?... That I love you" He whispered and I lost it.

I lunged myself from my seat and into him. He chuckled against my lips as I attacked him. Suddenly, there wasn't a table separating us anymore. I straddled his lap as he sat on a bed. I sucked on his neck as he rocked underneath me. There was so much pent up tension between us. He snaked his arms underneath my shirt and gladly clawed at my sides and back. I grinded against him as I quickly raked my hands through his hair. I captured his lips just as he moaned my name. I arched my back as he slipped his hands from underneath my shirt and to grab my ass. I tore his shirt off as I turned my attention back to his neck. I trailed wet kisses to his collarbone as I pressed him against the bed.

He easily gave up control as he closed his eyes. He flexed under me as I ghosted my fingers over his chest down to his stomach. He looked wonderful under me as he squirmed. I placed kisses all over his chest as I slid my hand under the waist of his pants. He bucked up, but I continued to tease him.

"God. I want you so bad" He moaned

I placed a kiss on his hip and slid my hand deeper into his pants. I felt his erection then and he gasped as I wrapped my hand around him. Suddenly it was getting too hot for comfort. My skin felt as if I could be burning alive as I worked my hand up and down. Seeing him come undone underneath me drove me crazy.

"God. I want you so bad, too" I breathed

His cold hand was automatically on my hip. I froze slightly as my skin got used to his touch. It didn't take him long to slip his hand inside my pants. I grunted as I felt his cold hand on me. This was going to be over soon. I wasn't going to last and I really wanted to fuck him.

"Jake, wake up"

Jacob moaned as he turned away from the voice. He wanted to go back to his dream. The cold hand hand rocked him once again in an attempt to wake him up, but Jacob simply swatted it away. He was in a blissful dream and didn't want to wake up from it.

"C'mon, Jake"

He groaned grabbing the annoying hand and pulled him down. Jacob was still slightly asleep as he clutched Edward against him. Edward struggled against his grip slightly, but not hard enough to harm Jacob.

"Jake" He said one last time.

Jacob woke up startled at the sound of his voice next to his ear. He fell to the floor, shocked at the sight of Edward on his bed.

"What the..." Jacob began to say as Edward laughed.

"That nap was really needed. I've been trying to wake you up for the past half hour" He said

"Sorry" Jacob said

"Don't be. You were sleeping so peacefully that I didn't even want to wake you up" He admitted

Jacob blushed at his words as he untangled himself from his sheets. Edward offered his hand for Jacob to take. Jacob's skin tingled at the sensation as Edward pulled him up. The darkness was surrounding them and the little light that escaped was enough to see Edward's facial features. Jacob seemed to be jumping in his skin as adrenaline began to run through him. Looking at Edward, he remembered his dream and backed away embarrassed.

"I'm sorry you got sent to come look for me" He said

"I actually offered to come get you" Edward said


"I'm sorry I haven't really been there for you. It's just that this whole thing with Bella has me on edge" He said

"You don't have to explain yourself. I get it. Bella is priority right now" Jacob sighed

"No. Don't think that I have forgotten us... you. It's hard to work on this when there is an upcoming war coming our way"

"I know. I get it. You don't have to say anything" Jacob pleaded

"Why are you acting like this? Leah was literally cursing the hell out of me when she met up with us. She was talking about you needing me... me abandoning you for Bella... Basically, me not being there for you. I need you to know that I haven't. You think Bella is the only one I'm worried about? No. I have you to worry about, too. If I can stop you from fighting then I'm going to work extra hard to figure out what's going on" He said sounding almost desperate.

"Don't talk to me that way. It just messes me up. It makes me feel like you really care about me and I know you don't!" Jacob said frustrated.

"I just said I did. What are you talking about?"

"You spend all of your time with Bella. You drop her off and pick her up. Do you know how much it kills me to see her everyday and know that she gets the time that I want with you?! And I know I shouldn't be feeling like this. I shouldn't be whiny or clingy right now, but I can't help it" He screamed


"Fuck. I really thought something had changed between us, but really nothing has" Jacob said as he leaned against his desk, sighing.

"Jake, don't let this put you down. I know things are complicated right now. I know you want more than what I can offer..."

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked defensively.

"Jake, I saw your dream. I know what you want... you want me to take you out. To spend time with you... to simply be with you. I want to explore all those things too, but we have bigger things to deal with right now" Edward said

"I know! Do you think that I'm just taking it lightly? I know what's at stake here. That's why I haven't gone crawling to you. I know this isn't the time to start feeling like this, but I can't help it" He said

Jacob slightly pouted as he crossed his arms over his chest. He knew he was acting like a kid and that this wouldn't change anything. Tomorrow they would be doing the same routine of passing Bella between them. He just wanted to vent a little.

"I'm sorry that I have made you feel neglected" Edward said

"I just can't wait until this whole thing is over" Jacob said sighing as he dropped his hands.

"Me, too" Edward agreed

Jacob looked at him and bit on his bottom lip. He felt like he could melt under Edward's stare. It scared him how easily he could switch from being mad at him and then wanting him desperately, like he did right now. He was remembering his dream once again and he blushed at the images. He never thought of Edward in a perverted way, but when he slept, it was a free for all. Having such dreams of him like that was a common thing now.

"Can I... Can I kiss you?" Jacob asked

"You don't have to ask, just do it" Edward said smirking.

Jacob nodded and pulled away from his desk. He closed the gap between them and his heart seemed to relax a bit as he placed his hand at the back of Edward's neck, pulling him down to him. His hand was shaking, but he didn't care as he pressed his lips against Edward's. The kiss was sweet at first as Jacob very softly moved his lips against Edward. It was a slow build up as Jacob felt it at the bottom of his stomach. The vivid images of his dream were too fresh and he was slowly picking up the pace. He felt bold as he traced his tongue on his bottom lip, begging for entrance. This was almost too much for him as Edward parted his lips allowing him access. Jacob was a goner then.

Edward's cold breath attacked his mouth as Jacob moaned into the kiss. He clung to him aggressively as their tongues fought for friction. Edward dug his fingers into Jacob's hips as he held him closer to him. Jacob pushed them back on top his bed allowing him to straddle Edward. Jacob wasn't thinking anymore as he trailed wet kisses from his jawline to the base of his neck. Edward slipped his hands under his shirt caressing Jacob's bare chest and lower back. Jacob gasped at the touch as he went back to grasp Edward's lips with his own. It almost felt like it was too much as if his heart was threatening to burst out of his chest.

"Jake..." Edward said as he pulled away from Jacob's attacking mouth.

"What?" He mumbled as he moved down to his neck.

"We... We... We have to stop" Edward breathed as Jacob began pushing him down on the bed.

"Why?" He whispered as he moved on top of Edward so that he rested one of his legs between Edward's.

"Because..." He started to say, but finished with a moan as Jacob pressed his thigh against his erection.

Jacob took his lips then again as he continued to rub Edward's crotch with his thigh. Edward clung to him as he desperately kissed him back. Jacob caressed the top of his jeans, underneath his shirt. When his hand slipped a little lower Edward growled flipping them over. Jacob gasped at the sudden movement as he found himself pinned under Edward. He moaned as Edward sucked on his neck sending cold shivers down his spine. All too quickly he found himself at the mercy of Edward as he trailed kisses to his collarbone.

"I think I have let you guys have your fun. If you don't come out soon, Sam will wonder why Edward has been trying to wake your ass up for an hour" Leah said from the other side of his door.

Her laugh killed the mood as Edward and Jacob pulled away. Jacob was breathing heavily as he sat up looking at Edward. They both seemed to feel surprised by how far they had been going. They seemed to be brought back to their senses and they were suddenly shy.

"I don't know what happened there" Edward said

'Please don't regret it' Jacob begged as he closed his eyes.

"It's okay, Jake. It was just new" Edward said

"New?" He asked surprised.

"I don't really have... any experience in this part of a relationship" Edward admitted embarrassed.

"Is this the furthest you've gone with anyone?" He asked skeptically.

"Yes. You?" Edward asked

"Same" Jacob admitted

"Then how did you... how did you know how to... how to act right now?" Edward asked

"How did you?" He asked him back smirking.

Edward remained quiet for a bit. Jacob already knew the answer, because it was the same for him.

"I just felt it" Edward said and Jacob nodded.

"Stop being saps and get out here already" Leah whined

"She's right. Sam is going to be questioning us. We should get going" Edward said as he fixed himself and stood up.

"Let the teasing begin" Jacob said sighing.

"You won't be the only one teased" He said

"I guess we'll find out who will be more relentless, Emmett or Paul" Jacob said smirking.

Edward simply pecked him on the lips and Jacob blushed. He shook his head and smiled at him as he also fixed himself and stood up.

"About time" Leah said smirking as they walked out of his room.

"Shut up" Jacob said

"C'mon on lover boys" Leah teased

"You were literally fucking him in front of us!" Paul whined as he threw his half eaten muffin at Jacob.

"No, I wasn't!" He argued as he caught it and gladly ate it.

"He was straddling your naked body" He pointed out with a smirk.

"It's not my fault I phased back by the force of his tackle" He groaned

Last night had been another day of training with the Cullens. Jasper had found it amusing to pit Edward and Jacob against each other. After weeks of the Cullens simply showing the pack moves, they had gravitated to the entire pack participating. Last night, Jacob and Edward had gone against each other. It had been interesting to watch them purposely avoid hurting each other. At one point, Edward had tackled him expecting Jacob to move out of the way, but Jacob had been distracted. He had been completely aroused by Edward's crouched form and therefore unprepared for Edward's attack. The impact had rocked him to his bones as he phased back. Edward ended up straddling his naked body in front of his pack and family.

"Leave him alone" Emily said as she smacked Paul on the back of his head, "It good to see you back to normal, Jake" She commented

"Thanks" He said smiling.

Nothing had changed much since he last saw Edward. He still mostly saw him when they switched Bella between them, but Edward had made an effort when they met for training. Edward would stick to his side. They communicated telepathically and they didn't seem to mind that Jacob's pack or Edward's family could hear every word. Privacy had long ago gone out the window when the night of their heated make-out session, everyone teased them mercilessly. Sadly for Jacob, there haven't been any hot make-out sessions since then. The most he was getting these days were secretive, longing, kisses from Edward as they said good-bye after training. It seemed miniscule, but these small things were enough to keep Jacob in high spirits.

"Hey, you ready?" Seth asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"It's time already?" Jacob asked

"Yup. C'mon, you don't want to give Bella more alone time with Edward, do you?" Seth teased and Jacob simply rolled his eyes.

Sure Bella still bothered him, but not because of Edward anymore. It was more on a personal level. She still treated him coldly and he was tired of her frigid treatment towards him. While she had warmed up to everyone, she still stayed away from him and only came near him when he was taking her back. He could easily give up his babysitting duties to anyone else, but he had this twisted sense of needing to keep her safe. That's why he understood Edward better now.

When they reached their usual spot, Edward was already there. He stood outside of his car while Bella reluctantly got out as she spotted Jacob's car.

"Since when does Seth drive?" Edward asked smirking.

"I'm teaching him how to drive; not that he needed it. He was practically driving on the freeway by the end of the first driving lesson" I said

"I'm a boss like that" Seth shouted from the driver's side as Jacob collapsed his seat, giving Bella space to get into the back.

"Hey Seth" She softly said as she got into the backseat.

"See you in a couple of hours" Edward said

"See you" Jacob and Bella said at the same time.

Edward's eyes looked awkwardly between them quickly before resting his gaze on Jacob. Jacob nodded acknowledging that Edward had been talking to him, not Bella.

"Awkward..." Seth muttered

Jacob blushed and Edward simply gave him a small smile. He got inside his car as Edward waved at him. He slipped on his seatbelt and looked at Edward as Seth did a u-turn.

"So, you joining us for tonight's bonfire?" Seth asked casually.

"Yeah" Bella replied softly.

"What?" Jacob asked surprised just as he phone vibrated.

'You don't patrol tonight, right? And there is no training...' - Edward

'No. Why?' - Jacob

He closed his phone and looked back at Bella who hadn't said anything to his comment.

"Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know this" Jacob said

"I don't have to tell you anything" Bella said defensively and Jacob simply sighed.

"Look, I'm the one that watches over you..."

"Didn't ask you to" She muttered

"Regardless, I do. I need to be kept in the loop. When did this happen?" Jacob asked

"Emily invited me and besides Edward's going out hunting tonight. Alice said she would have no problem picking me up late" She said as if it pained her to answer.

"Are you going?" Seth asked him.

"Um..." He began to say as his phone vibrated again and he checked it real quick before answering, "No. I have plans" He said smiling as he looked at the text again.

'I'll be doing somethings today, but would you want to meet up at the treaty line?' - Edward

'Yeah' – Jacob

Seth simply looked at Jacob skeptically and he simply shrugged his shoulders. Jacob knew that Bella would be in safe hands being surrounded by his pack members and Seth could drive her to meet Alice. There was no way that Jacob was going to miss out on alone time with Edward. Sam would allow him to miss the bonfire. It wasn't as if he would be missing anything new.

He couldn't help but to smile all the way to La Push. He was too gleeful to notice Seth's still questioning look and Bella's now glaring stare. She wasn't dumb and she was quickly connecting the dots.

A/N: Hey, well just wanted to give a little briefing of this chapter. I have decided to skip the bonfire scene since we all know what is discussed there. Basically, that's where Bella gets the idea to cut herself to save Edward when he is being attacked by Victoria and Riley (not that it's going to happen the same way in my story).

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