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The rest of the week had passed and it was the night before Saturday. Everyone had agreed that for Bella's safety, she would have to be hidden. Jacob and Edward had a perfect spot up in the mountains, away from the fight, but close enough in case of anything. Nothing should go wrong, though. They had planned out everything. Bella had been walked to the battlefield and there she had cut her finger, smearing her blood on trees and leaves. Her blood would render most of the newborns useless and cause them to fight amongst themselves.

From there, Jacob was used as a shield to block Bella's scent. To Edward's annoyance, Jacob had carried Bella the whole hike up to the campsite already prepared for her. The original plan had been for Alice to tell Charlie that Bella would be spending the night while the boys went out camping, but even she wasn't on good terms with him. Apparently, word had gotten out that there had been drinking at their party. In the end, Jacob told Charlie that he and Bella would be going camping. He was surprised, but assumed it was a way to rekindle their friendship.

That's why right now, Jacob lay in wolf form in front of the tent, keeping watch. Seth would come in the morning to relieve him.

The wind was unruly and all Jacob could hear aside form the howling winds was Bella's chattering teeth. If they didn't do something soon, all of this would have been for nothing. She would freeze to death. He sighed and shifted back to his human form. He slipped on his shorts and stepped into the tent.

"I don't like this." Edward simply said as Bella looked up at Jacob.

"I know, but she'll freeze to death." Jacob said and stepped behind Bella's lying form.

"W-what what... a-are you-u doing," Bella stuttered.

"I'm making sure you don't die." Jacob said and slipped in behind her.

She was going to protest, but the minute his body touched her, she scooted back. He wrapped his arms around her and tangled their legs together. Bella immediately began to warm up and she sighed at the comfort.

"So warm..." She mumbled and she quickly began to drift into sleep.

"I wish it was you in my arms." Jacob said.

"Hmm..." Edward replied and Jacob laughed at him.

"It was you in my arms last night." Jacob teased him.

He quickly began to remember the previous night. They had made sure to have alone time. They had laid in Edward's bed and lavished each other. Edward had placed kisses on every inch of his skin as Jacob squirmed under the arousing chill. Jacob did the same, trailing his hands all over his chiseled body. For Edward it was more euphoric. Jacob's immensely high body temperature made him melt under his touch. Jacob made him feel his actual temperature; made him realize how cold he really was compared to him. His heated touches actually made him feel warm as if he was placing a blanket over his cold body. His touch would render him motionless.

He had greedily accepted Jacob's caresses.

"I can't believe Bella is doing this," Edward sighed.

"For the first time, I'm team Bella." Jacob smirked.

"Only because it benefits you, but my family? How can she expect me to simply sit here and let them risk their lives while I hide out?" He hissed obviously annoyed.

"Cause otherwise she can't promise that she will stay put." Jacob said using Bella's exact words.

He knew that what Bella had asked was extremely selfish, but he couldn't help feeling like she had done what he couldn't do. If he was as selfish as her, he would have pleaded for Edward to stay away, but he knew he couldn't ask him that. He knew that he couldn't ask for something that he himself couldn't do in return. Jacob wouldn't leave his pack and Edward wouldn't leave his family.

"What if it was you? Would you do it?" He asked.

"No. I can't go against Sam's order. It's mandatory."

"What if I asked you?" Edward threatened and Jacob tensed.

"You already know..." Jacob said nervously.

"Don't worry. I wouldn't do that to you. If anything happened and you weren't there... I know it would kill you."

"Thank you."

"I really want to, though," Edward admitted as he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I want to make you stay here with me. I want you out of harm's way as much as you want me out of it as well."

"It will be over before you know it." Jacob offered.

"I still worry. It kills me that I can't be there." He growled and stood up.


"I just need some fresh air. I'll be back by morning." He simply said and was gone.

Jacob sighed as he looked down at Bella who was sleeping. Her facial expressions made it seem like she was aware of her surroundings. He shook his head and laid more comfortably. At some point in their conversation, he had propped himself on his elbow. Even though sleep was overcoming him, a part of him wanted to pull away from Bella and go after Edward. But he knew that it would be no use; Edward wanted to be alone and him leaving probably had to do with Bella, not him.

After a couple of more minutes he was finally asleep.

"Edward?" Bella said softly, waking up Jacob who slept next to her.

"He went out. Go back to sleep." Jacob yawned as he rolled to his back.

"Are you sure it's safe?" She asked worried as she nudged him, not wanting him to go back to sleep.

"Yes. I can still hear him. He's not that far." He sighed and sat up. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm just worried, that's all." She said and lifted her legs up to press them against her chest.

"Don't be," Jacob said reassuringly as he placed a hand on her knee. "He's going to be here with you, out of harm's way with Seth."

"What about you?" She said as her bottom lip trembled slightly and she bit down on it. "You're going to be right in the middle of it."

Jacob was taken aback by her very sincere and vulnerable state. He moved his hand from her knee and placed it on her shoulder. She turned to him and he knew she was on the verge of tears.

"Don't worry about me. I was made for this." He said.

"I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to you," She said.

"Look, I'm going to be fine. You can't be worrying about me the whole time... If you do, Edward will worry, too. I don't need him worrying over something that he has no control over." He said and pulled his hand back.

"I'm sorry." She said and tears began to trickle down her cheeks. "I know I'm selfish for pulling him away from you and his family, but if I can at least save one of you... I will." She hiccuped and hid her face against her knees.


"If I knew there was one chance that you would stay behind, I would take it. I would make you stay, too."

"That's sweet of you," He said honestly and ran his hand down her hair.

"God, I'm a girl not a dog." Bella laughed and swatted his hand away.

Jacob was confused until Bella pressed herself against his side. He placed his arm around her form and held her close to him. At that moment, she felt like his best friend again; like the old Bella was back.

"Go back to sleep." He said.

She simply nodded and let him lie her down. She pressed herself against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. He couldn't help but feel like she fit perfectly against him. He almost wished that everything had been this simple; like it could have been him and her. But then he thought about Edward and those thoughts hurt. He knew that even though there was a part of him that liked the familiarity of Bella, he wanted Edward.

"I'm glad that you're not easily swayed." Edward said as he appeared in the tent.

"You know that I love you," Jacob replied and blushed.

"But a part of you loves her, too."

"Not in a romantic sense. I love her as a person even though she has been a bitch to me lately. I think today I got a glimpse of the old her."

"I know. I heard. She truly does care about you." Edward acknowledged and sat down. "I think that I always knew that. Even though she didn't admit it to me, I knew that she cared about you more than a friend. That's why I hated you so much... back then."

"I was so oblivious."

"I'm certain that if the imprint hadn't happened, you would have realized it. Before you came that day, she had been talking about going to see you. I, of course, was against it, but I knew she would find a way to see you. She still wanted you in her life even after you got her in trouble with her dad. She was mad, but I knew that she was sad as well. It was only a matter of time before she went looking for you."

"I don't know..." Jacob said not convinced.

"When I heard you coming I told her. You should have seen her face light up. If I wasn't sure then about her feelings for you, I was at that moment. She only seemed to panic when she realized that I was with her."

"Really?" He said surprised.

"Once I realized her feelings, I felt like she suddenly had a better option. A part of me wanted to leave and let her be with you. You could offer her so much more than me..."

"Don't! This conversation is pointless. I don't... I don't see her that way, not anymore. I can't even imagine being with anyone else, but you." Jacob said.

"I know. Sometimes I'm surprised at how strong my feelings for you have become. At first, it was just a feeling of wanting to mark you as mine... An animalistic need and want. But now, my feelings have grown in a romantic sense. I want to take care of you... love you."

"You don't have to take care of me..."

"I know that I don't have to. I want to. It was a couple of days after your birthday. We were training and you stood on your side looking at Jasper intently, taking in everything he said. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. I wanted you next to me... Nothing primal, I just wanted to be with you. I just wanted that comfort of having my mate next to me."

"I remember that day, feeling the tug of the imprint. I turned to you and you only gave me that smirk of yours," Jacob laughed.

"Yeah. I was embarrassed of being caught staring," Edward admitted.

"Well, now I know."

"Since that day, I have been wanting things."

"Like what?" Jacob asked.

"I want to be with you... Have a life with you. I want to know what it's like to be with my mate, like how my family is. I see them start and end the day together. I want that for us."

"Okay..." Jacob said not sure where Edward was going with it.

"I want you to come live with my family... and me" He said nervously.

"What?" Jacob said surprised.

"I know it's not ideal, but I want you with me. I want us to start our life together..."

"We've only been dating for about two months" Jacob argued.

"Officially dating for two months, but for me, it has been since I left Bella. I know I'm in love with her, but I have come to realize that I haven't loved her in that romantic sense since before we took our break. I've come to realize that now. I've always been pulled to you, but I had been fighting it from the beginning. I don't want to fight it anymore and I want to be with you."

"But you are with me..."

"I want you a hundred percent. After this, they won't need you. There won't be any other threat and if there is, then we will be there, but for right now, I want us to start our life together."

"It's not like I don't want the same thing, but what about my father? I can't..."

"It's not like you can't visit him. I just want to know that you will go to sleep with me and wake up next to me." Edward said.

Jacob blushed and swooned at his words. It felt a lot like a proposal to him, but instead of marriage, it was to move in with him. There was no way he could say no after that. His words made him feel wanted and most importantly, loved.

"Yes." Jacob said.

Edward scooted closer and leaned over Bella's sleeping form. He kissed Jacob tenderly. It only aroused him and Jacob groaned. He kissed him back hungrily, but then Bella's mumbling jolted them apart. They both chuckled at what they had been doing.

"Go to sleep." Edward said.

"You were supposed to be back in the morning." Jacob said as he got comfortable.

"All I could think about was being with you. So, I came back." Edward admitted.

"Oh..." Jacob said and yawned.

"Sleep. You'll need your rest for tomorrow."


"Good Night, Jake."

"Jake, get up." Edward whispered into his ear.

"It's morning?" Jacob asked as he stretched, sitting up.

"Yeah. Bella's been awake for awhile now."

"What time is it?"

"You still have time to eat breakfast. Seth won't be here for another hour."

"Okay." He said as he stood up along with Edward. "Can I kiss you good morning?" He asked making Edward chuckle.

"How many times do I have to tell you... You don't have to ask." He said smirking.

"If I don't ask I might get greedy," Jacob said.

"I don't mind..." Edward began, but was silenced by a longing kiss.

"We should get out there." Jacob said reluctantly as he pulled away.

Edward stepped out first and Jacob followed after him. Bella sat in front of the fire pit that Edward had made for them.

"Morning." Bella greeted Jacob as he took a seat. "I made oatmeal. I hope that's okay. It's all I can stomach right now."

"It's fine."

They sat in silence after that. Jacob ate while Bella sat in her seat staring at the fire burning before them. Edward stood by Jacob, staring off to the surrounding trees. Jacob knew that if anyone saw them, they would look like a strange sight; the three of them avoiding eye-contact.

"It's almost time isn't it?" Bella asked quietly as she turned to Jacob.

"Yeah. Seth should be here soon." Jacob answered.

"It's hard to believe that it's all happening today." Bella said.

"We're all going to come out okay." Jacob insisted.

"But... What if something happens..."

"Don't think that way. They have the strategies, training, strength and size. They know what they're doing, we need to remain positive." Edward said.

"Okay..." Bella said reluctantly.

"Come on, don't worry. Before you know it, I will be coming back in all my winning glory." Jacob laughed causing Bella to smile. "Then I will gladly tease Edward mercilessly about not being there."

"Well... Just hurry back." She said, pausing for a second and taking in a deep breath. "For Edward's sake. Otherwise, I don't think I can stop him from pulling out his hair from worry."

Jacob looked at Edward surprisingly, who seemed as unsure as him. He looked at Bella and smiled. He knew they had a long way to go, but Bella was making an effort. If she was willing to try, then so would he.

"He'll survive... Bald or not." Jacob laughed.

"I'm sorry about the way I have treated both of you guys, especially you Jake."

"Let's not talk about it. It happened and if you ask me, we shouldn't spend the next hundred or so years worrying about it. Let's just move on."

"Okay." She said.

"Seth's coming." Edward announced.

"So soon?" Jacob said in disbelief as he got up. "Well, time flies."

"Jake..." Edward said nervously.

Jacob gave him a reassuring smile and walked up to him. Bella had turned to look at the already dwindling fire, giving them privacy. Her heart ached and she seemed to become stiff as she tried to control the pang of jealousy, but neither of them seemed to notice. They only saw each other. Edward quickly held on to Jacob as if he might vanish at any moment. Jacob sighed against his chest and held on strongly.

"Be safe." Edward said.

"I'll be back before you know it."

They pulled away enough to give each other space to connect their lips. It was another longing kiss like in the morning, but this time it was longer. As they kissed, Jacob almost wished that Edward would take him right then and there. He wanted to leave feeling energized, not slightly fearful. He wasn't scared about what might happen to him, but what it would do to Edward if something were to happen to him. Jacob was overwhelmed by the feeling of having something to live for; he had Edward to come back to.

Before Jacob's mind could wander some more, he pulled away. He pecked Edward's lips one more time.

"Seth's here." Jacob sighed as he pulled away from Edward to see Seth in wolf form.

Jacob knew he had to make this fast. He could already feel the pull of the imprint tugging at him. He sensed Edward's reluctance to let him go. He ran off into the woods and phased. He was automatically linked to the rest of his pack who waited for him by the clearing.

'Keep them safe.' Jacob thought to Seth specifically and ran faster down the mountain.

His paws sunk into the snow that had blanket the mountain as he dashed between the trees. He ignored the cold snow that stuck between his paws as he huffed pushing himself faster. He was close; about three miles out. Through his mental link with his pack, he was able to see the newborn emerge from the tree rushing at them.

'It worked. The blood has them going crazy.' Paul thought in awe as he closed his jaw on top of a distracted vampire, 'God! They taste so fucking disgusting... They could at least taste good.'

Jacob was about to bark a laugh, but was stopped in his tracks just as he saw a blur.

'Jake.' Sam thought worried, but Jacob didn't reply.

The vampire kept circling too fast to get a good look at. He growled at the blurring shape and Jacob waited until he got a good shot at him. He pushed off his paws and tackled the vampire. He tried to bite his head off, but it kept moving; barely being missed being decapitated.

"Want to play fetch?" The vampire mocked him as he pushed Jacob off of him.

Jacob landed on his side, but quickly scrambled to his feet.

"Catch me if you can, mutt!" He taunted with a smile and ran the opposite direction.

Jacob didn't think twice and ran after him.

'Jake! What are you doing?' Sam questioned.

'I can't let him get away. He mind venture into to town. I got it!' Jacob growled.

"You have to do better than that mongrel." The vampire spat as he crawled up a tree.

Jacob jumped up, but he wasn't getting much air. Finally, he just stood there growling at the vampire.

"Filthy creature." He said to himself and jumped to the next tree, continuing his cat and mouse game.

Before Jacob knew it, he was back on top of the mountain. The vampire purposely shook snow from the tree branches, slowing down Jacob.

"C'mon, you can..." The vampire began to say as he landed back down on the ground, but Jacob didn't wait for him to finish.

He jumped on him and they wrestled on the ground. They kept rolling around, fighting for dominance. Finally, the vampire got the upper hand as he wrapped his legs around Jacob's waist and had him on a head lock.

"You might hurt yourself if you continue to struggle. Victoria wouldn't be happy with me if she didn't get to dispose of you herself." He laughed and Jacob froze.

'Victoria? She knew about him? How?' Jacob questioned, but then he was distracted by the lack of air going into his lungs.

"She thought you were a human, but then we smelled your scent on the stuffed animal. She knew you were a dog." He growled and Jacob yelped at the added pressure on his throat.

'Don't phase back. Don't phase back.' Jacob chanted in his head.

"We assumed you were going to be out there on that field, but then oddly enough... Edward, Bella and you were missing. God, the whole place stunk of mongrels, but Victoria... She's clever. All we had to do was follow his scent." He laughed and his gripped lessened.

Jacob took the opportunity to thrash in his hands. The vampire lost his grip and Jacob was able to get free.

'Lead him back to the clearing. We can't get to you.' Sam thought as Jacob and the vampire circled each other.

'No. He's after Edward. I can't.' Jacob thought.

'This is not up to debate. You're going to get yourself killed! I order you to come!' Sam thought and Jacob whimpered at the command.

His legs went weak and they moved to run towards Sam and his pack. He growled and pulled against the alpha order he had just gotten.

'I can't. I have to protect Edward. What if something happens to him?' Jacob thought and the very idea of it almost rocked his bones to his core.

'Jake...' Sam warned and suddenly Jacob's head was silent.

He could no longer hear his pack members worried voices or Sam's order. Before Jacob could comprehend what had happened, he was thrown off his feet and crashed into several trees before coming to a crashing halt.

"It looks like we're needed for the grand finally." The vampire laughed as he ran towards a dazed Jacob.

His foot connected with Jacob's snout causing him to come in and out of conciseness. The vampire took his opportunity and grabbed Jacob in a headlock once again. This time he painfully grabbed onto Jacob's fur as he began to drag him along the snow.


Jacob automatically halted his struggle as he heard Bella's frantic cry.

'Edward's in danger!'

"Relax, mutt. We will get there soon enough." The vampire said as he added more pressure, stilling Jacob's desperate attempt to free himself.

Jacob whimpered in pain as the vampire continued to drag him. He didn't care that his fur was almost being ripped off of him as he desperately wanted to know if Edward was okay. There was lump in his throat and his wolf let out a painful howl, that he heard echoed back by his pack mates. He felt like he no longer had any strength. The simplest idea of Edward being hurt made him crumble. He tried to push back his negative thoughts, but Bella had sounded so frantic.

"Seth! Seth!" Bella panted in a scream.

Jacob was then assaulted by a different pain... He was worried about his brother.

'Jake!' Seth thought frantically and Jacob was bombarded by what Seth saw.

Victoria was with them. She seemed to be taunting Edward, who stood protectively in front of Bella. Jacob sighed with relief as he saw that Edward was not harmed.

'Jake! We can communicate again!'

'I need you to calm down. I'll be right there.'

Fueled by relief and a desperate need to reach his imprint, Jacob twisted out of the vampire's grip. The vampire had been comfortable on his hold, but was quickly proven wrong as Jacob launched him meters away. Now alone, Jacob rushed up to meet Edward. He burst through the trees and once Victoria had her eyes on him, he growled at her as he stood next to Edward.

"I see your guard dogs have shown up." She laughed as Seth joined the scene, standing behind Edward.

"We don't want to do this." Edward said.

'Speak for yourself.' Jacob spat and continued growling at her.

"Edward." She said sweetly and eased out of her crouch. "Bestiality isn't a good image for you."

"You're not going to hurt him." Edward growled.

"I'm just going to play with him," She laughed. "A little rough..." She said and snarled Jacob's way.

'I'm not going to play nice either, bitch' Jacob growled.

"Then, I'll snack on your pathetic human. You have no more use for her, right?" She taunted.

"You're not going to touch her!"

"Oh God..." Bella whimpered as Jacob felt her fingers slide through his fur in an attempt to steady herself.

"No God." Victoria answered. "But I've been mistaken before."

"It's me you want! Let them be." Edward demanded.

'No!' Jacob thought frantically.

"A mate for a mate Edward" She answered as if it was so simple... Like if it was an everyday sort of thing.

"I'm the one who killed him!" He snarled. "Want me to tell you how he cried against my teeth on his neck." He taunted her and her nostrils flared in anger.

'Edward, don't.' Jacob pleaded as he watched carefully between the two vampires.

"How dare you?!' She spat and crouched.

'Seth, stay with Bella!' Jacob ordered just as Edward and Victoria launched at each other.

"Edward! Jake!" Bella screamed.

Jacob was quickly thrown off by the earlier vampire. He groaned at the impact, but quickly got back on his paws. He snarled at the vampire and lunged at him. He snapped desperately as they rolled on the ground. The vampire slammed his fist to the side of his face making Jacob freeze. He fought for conciseness as he writhed on the ground in pain. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he sat up, unaware that he had shifted back to human form. He winced as he placed his hand over the side of his head that pounded.

His eyes frantically moved between the scenes before him. In one, Bella was screaming and was pulling at her hair and her clothes desperately. Seth was in front of her, stopping her from moving forward. But they both looked panicked. He moved his sight to where they looked. He scrambled to his feet as he saw the earlier vampire holding Edward in a headlock. He whined and willed his body to phase despite the pain as Victoria rested behind Edward and pulled at his head. Jacob could see the skin of his throat begin to crack and he phased. He growled and caught the attention of the two vampires. He tackled all three of them.

He hovered over Edward who laid unmoving on the snow. He whimpered and nudged Edward's stiff body. He didn't have time to register anything else as he turned to the vampire who had Edward in a headlock. He lunged at him and only saw blood as clamped his teeth on the vampire's side. He screamed and punched Jacob's snout, but he wasn't letting go. He shook him like a rag doll until only the vampire's leg remained in his mouth. He crushed it like rock candy and let it crumble out of his mouth as the vampire attempted to crawl away with his hands and one good leg.

"Victoria!" He screamed.

Jacob then turned his attention to the redhead who seemed to be petrified of the snarling wolf. He lunged at her next, but he was too overwhelmed with fury the he forgot the main rule about fighting a vampire. Victoria stepped aside and wrapped her arms around Jacob.

"I've been dying to play with you, pup." She snarled and then squeezed.

The breaking of his bones was deafening as he shifted back to his human form. He crumbled to the floor as he struggled to breath. He gasping and dug his fingers into the cold snow in agonizing pain.

"Jacob! No!" Bella screamed.

It was the last thing he heard as everything went black.

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