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Nothing had prepared him for this. He had always thought he would find his mate and live happily ever after. As the years passed by, the idea had almost become childish for him until he met Bella. Suddenly, happily ever after didn't seem so farfetched for him. He loved her; he was sure of that. No one could tell him otherwise. But despite all that love, Jacob weaseled his way in and before he knew it, he was intrigued by the boy as well. Sure it had to do with the imprinting pull, but Edward knew that there was more to it now. He had fallen for him and he had used the pull as an excuse to get closer to him.

"Edward." Bella said, bringing Edward back from his thoughts. "He's going to be okay."

Edward sighed, realizing that he had been looking off to the direction where Jacob had gone.

"I know."

"He'll be back before you know it." She said as she threw dirt on the already dwindling fire.

"Are you not cold?" He asked.

"It's actually pretty warm despite the snow." She said as she smiled at him.

Seth circled the campsite before settling down. He laid on the ground, as if resting, but he was on high alert. Edward nodded at Bella and tried to relax, but he was equally as anxious as Seth. He was keeping taps on Jacob through Seth's mind link.

"Um..." Bella began, but then closed her mouth.

She drummed her fingers on her crossed arms. She bit on her bottom lip, trying to figure something out to say, but came up with nothing. Edward didn't pay much attention to her, instead he continued concentrating on Seth's mind.

'God! They taste so fucking disgusting... They could at least taste good.' Edward chuckled at Paul's thoughts, but it was cut short.

He shot up to his feet just as he heard someone approaching them fast. He moved quickly in front of Bella, protectively, as Seth quickly stood on all fours, growling at the approaching vampire.

"What's wrong?" Bella asked panicked.

"Bella, please, don't do anything reckless." Edward pleaded.

Victoria broke through the clearing then and Bella gasped. She inched closer to Edward and grabbed on to the back of his shirt.

"You don't have to do this." Edward said and Victoria laughed.

Seth growled, but didn't move from his spot next to Edward.

"Mutt, if I were you, I would leave. I just want one thing and you're standing in my way. I will kill you if I have to." She snarled.

"He tried to kill her! I had to kill him!" Edward argued.

"You killed him for a measly human!" She growled as she crouched. "For a snack." She spat as her eyes landed on Bella.

"You will not touch her." Edward said as he blocked Bella from her view.

"Why is she so special? There are billions of humans. I bet you can replace her..." She began, but then she eased out of her crouch and laughed. "I almost forgot. You already did." She said cocking an eye-brow at him.

"You don't know anything." Edward growled.

"Don't I?" She taunted. "Say, human, did you know your boyfriend was... How would you put it?... Playing for the other team." She laughed.

"Leave him out of this. He has nothing to do with this." Edward said trying to sound indifferent, but he was at his breaking point.

"Doesn't he?" She said and pulled something from behind her back and threw it at him.

"Edward!" Bella screamed not knowing what it was.

The stuffed animal that Jacob had dropped at the fair now lay at his feet. Bella looked at it questionably as Edward picked it up.

"You followed us?!" Edward asked appalled.

"It was quite a show." She said as she smirked at him. "Tell me. Was he a good kisser?" She asked.

"You won't touch him." Edward ordered which only served to make her laugh.

'I won't let you hurt Jake!' Seth thought as he snarled and lunged himself at Victoria.

"Seth! don't." Edward said, but it was too late.

He bolted towards Victoria, but she was quick. She easily swatted him away like an annoying fly. He went flying and crashed through a couple of trees.

"Seth! Seth!" Bella screamed worried for him and made a move to walk towards him, but Edward held her still.

Edward physically relaxed as he heard Jacob approaching. He had been too worried about Bella to notice him until now.

"I see your guard dog have shown up." Victoria laughed as Jacob joined them.

'Now the real fun begins.' She thought in a snarl as she crouched.

"We don't want to do this." Edward said.

'Speak for yourself.' Jacob spat and continued growling at her.

"Edward," She said sweetly and eased out of her crouch. "Bestiality isn't a good image for you."

'I wonder if he tastes just as he smells. Disgusting.' She thought bitterly.

"You're not going to hurt him." Edward growled.

"I'm just going to play with him." She laughed. "A little rough..." She said and snarled Jacob's way.

'I'm not going to play nice either, bitch.' Jacob growled as if she could listen to him.

"Then, I'll snack on your pathetic human. You have no more use for her, right?" She taunted.

'I'll make it quick. I just want the satisfaction of having my teeth rip through her skin.' She thought and her nostrils flared in desire.

"You're not going to touch her!"

"Oh God..." Bella whimpered.

"No God," Victoria answered. "But I've been mistaken before."

"It's me you want! Leave them be." Edward demanded.

'No!' Jacob thought frantically.

'Them? Hmm, could it be that you really care about this mutt?' Victoria thought skeptically, but then she quickly began to eye Jacob hungrily, like something to kill.

"A mate for a mate Edward." She answered as she eyed Jacob.

"I'm the one who killed him!" He snarled. "Want me to tell you how he cried against my teeth on his neck." He taunted her and her nostrils flared in anger.

'Edward, don't.' Jacob pleaded as he watched carefully between the two vampires, but Edward wasn't listening.

"How dare you?!" She spat her fighting words.

Edward anticipated her move and lunged at her. They collided, but he was at an advantage. She was overcome by anger and so she wasn't calculating her moves well. Edward grabbed her by the throat and slammed on her on the ground. She barely flinched and twisted out of his grip. She kicked his legs under him, but he twisted so that he landed on his hands instead of his back. Edward barely had time to dodged a kick and grabbed on to her foot, throwing her aside.

He reached her just as she was about to get up and slammed his foot on her throat and grabbed her head. He was about to pull when he was shoved aside. Edward knew who the boy was from Victoria's thoughts.

"You think she cares about you?" Edward asked Riley, who took a protective stance in front of Victoria.

"Don't listen to him!" Victoria ordered.

"I won't fall victim to mind tricks." Riley spat.

"You already have... To Victoria's mind tricks." Edward said.

"You killed her comrade."

"That's what she told you he was? How about her mate. She loves him... Not you."

"Shut up." Riley growled.

"I love you, Riley. Don't let him do this to us." Victoria said in a very delicate voice as if in pain.

"I'll kill you myself!" Riley screamed and tried to tackle Edward.

"She's using you." Edward said as he easily shoved him aside.

Victoria jumped on his back then and brought him to his knees. He began to struggle, but Riley quickly took a hold of him keeping him still. Edward grunted as she began to pull. His neck was twisted at an awkward angle that would have killed a human instantly, but he was still holding on. He tried to struggle, but Riley's grip was too strong. He felt death upon him and he frantically sought out the one person he wanted to see. For the first time he wished that Jacob was the mind reader. He wanted Jacob to know how much he wished that they had more time. That he wished the end wasn't coming so fast for him. That he could have given Jacob happier memories. And as his vision blurred he lacked to notice how Bella hadn't crossed his mind.

Death felt emanate, but then he laid limp on the ground.

His brain had little time to register anything besides the terrifying sensation of his skin pulling itself together. His senses were shot, he couldn't hear or see, as he laid frozen on the ground. His skin was slowly healing the cracks that had almost severed his head from his body. Victoria had almost ripped his head off, literally.

Finally, his body seemed to reconnect with his head. He began to take in deep, unnecessary, breaths as he felt them fill his lungs. He felt beyond relieved as his senses came back. He could feel the cold snow under his hands, he could smell the chilled air of the mountain, but what he heard wasn't good. There was a sickening crack that made him flinch.

"Jacob! No!" Bella screamed.

Edward shot up and crouched down, ready to attack, but was stunned still by Jacob's crushed body before him. He automatically fell to his knees and tried to clutch him, but he didn't know where to hold him. He didn't want to hurt him, but it wouldn't matter, he wouldn't feel anything.

"Oh God, No..." Bella screamed, but Edward blocked her out.

He looked at Jacob and his chest began to feel with an immense pain that he never knew he was capable of feeling. It started at the pit of his stomach and crawled up his throat painfully. He closed his eyes in an effort to try and keep his composure, but the pain was too great. He clenched his hands into fists as his mouth began to dry and hung his head. His rested it on Jacob's shoulder and began to rock as he began to lose himself.

Edward didn't notice the chaos that erupted around him. He didn't hear Seth growl menacingly or see how Seth was thrown yards away by a frenzied vampire. It was the smell of blood that made his head turn and face the scene feet away from him.

'How? Why?' Edward thought painfully.

Fueled by anger, he ran and jumped on Victoria just like how she had done to him earlier. He pressed his knee against her back bending her at an awkward angle. He then pulled her head back and bit, her head came off effortlessly.

"Bella." Edward said sadly as he cradled her in his arms.

She was dead.

'They're both dead! I should have died with them. I selfishly wanted to live while they died!' Edward thought bitterly.

"Edward." Alice said tentatively, trying to sound controlled, but Edward could hear the pain in her voice.

"It's all my fault." He whispered.

"Edward, please, you can't do this now. The Volturi will show up soon."

"I don't give a damn about them! Can't you see? Look around you?! I have lost..." Edward began to say, but he couldn't continue as he felt the knot at the base of his throat.

"I see it." Alice said in a whisper. "But Edward, we have to take Bella's body. They won't believe us otherwise." She pleaded.

"She's dead. They're..." Edward said, but a sob silenced him.

"If we don't show them they'll use this as an excuse to kill us."

"I'll sacrifice myself. They're both dead!..."

"Jacob's alive, son." Carlisle said softly.

Edward turned to where Carlisle looked over Jacob's body. He nodded and Sam was allowed to pick him up. Edward glared at him as Jacob's body rested against his chest. He wanted to run to him and rip him out of Sam's arms. He wanted to hold him.

"Is he really going to be okay?" Edward asked.

"I'll have to work on him, but the quicker we are done here the faster I will be able to help Jacob." Carlisle said.

"We have to go now." Alice said urgently.

Edward got up as he carried Bella in his arms. He watched as Sam walked the opposite way with Seth, still in wolf form, following behind. He wanted to go with them, but he could now hear the faint heartbeat that he had not noticed before. He knew that Jacob was going to be okay. He just had to get through this and he would be able to be with him. He looked away and his eyes fell on Bella. His face crunched up in disgust as he took in her mangled neck. He held her closer as if that would change anything.

He might not want to be with her anymore, but he would have wished for her to be one of them instead of dead. He would miss her and his heart ached for her now. Jacob was okay, but she was dead. He was already starting to mourn her.

'This is happening too fast.' Alice thought sadly as they now joined the rest of the family back in the battle field.

"Edward..." Esme said sympathetically, but he simply shook his head.

She ran her hand through his hair and kissed his cheek. She looked at Bella in his arms and swallowed back a sob and walked to stand next to Carlisle.

"They're here." Alice announced and they all looked up ahead where they were approaching fast.

"It looks like we have arrived too late brothers." Jane said sounding disappointed.

"To help finish us." Edward accused.

"Edward." Carlisle reprimanded. "I'm sorry. He has lost his mate."

"I see." Jane said and got closer to Edward, who only held Bella tighter, as she began to inspect her body.

"Don't touch her." He growled and jerked his arms away.

"Edward..." Carlisle said warningly, but was silenced by Jane.

"That's one nasty bite." Jane commented.

"As you can see we have taken care of everything... At the expense of one of my family members. We would like to mourn her properly..." Carlisle said.

"You will be on your way soon." Jane directed at him and then turned to Edward. "I presume the attacker has been taken care of."

"Yes." Edward replied through clenched teeth.

"Know your place." Jane said as a response to Edward's behavior. "How do you plan on covering this up? She's well known isn't she?" She asked.

"It'll be an animal attack. They'll believe it." Alice replied and Jane only glared at her.

"Hmm." She simply replied and then looked off to the side. "I see that you missed one." She said sounding amused.

"She surrendered. She's no harm." Esme said.

"That's not your decision to make." Jane said and motioned for her partners to move.

None of them flinched. Esme buried herself into Carlisle's chest. The girl struggled against them, but they held her still. Her scream pierced the empty clearing, giving them all chills.

"Aro will be very disappointed to hear of Bella's fate. He was really looking forward to her change." Jane said and they took their leave then.

"Edward." Carlisle said tentatively as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

'We have to...'

"I know." Edward replied to his thoughts.

"We can take care of it." Alice said and made a move to grab Bella from him.

"I can do it." Edward said pulling away from her.

"Son, Jacob..."

"I can't deal with that. Bella just died! I have to... I have to... I just can't..."

"I understand." Carlisle replied.

"Jacob will be okay, right?"

"Yes. I'll let you know if anything changes." Carlisle said and left.

"We'll meet you at the campsite." Alice said and left him alone.

He held on tighter to Bella and started a slow, human pace, walk.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered.

He could almost pretend that she was simply asleep, if it wasn't for the big bite on the side of her neck. Victoria had practically mauled her. He looked away, pained, and adjusted her in his arms. His heart felt heavy and he let out a choking sob. For the first time, he felt tired and weak. Bella's body seemed to weigh him down. He almost collapsed, but his brothers were there to hold him up.

"It's okay, Edward." Alice said and this time he let her take Bella from him.

"We got this." Emmett said as he straightened him up.

"I have to be with Jacob." Edward simply said.

"Go." Jasper said.

"He needs you." Alice said and with that, Edward took off.

Edward was at the reservation in matter of minutes. At first, he was confused by the pack being outside of the house instead of inside. Then he heard Jacob's screams and it made sense. He hurried past them and into the house where Billy and Sam stood outside of Jacob's room.

"The doc has to break every bone again." Sam said pained and looked sick.

Sue stood next to Billy and held his hand, but cringed at the screams. Edward moved around them and walked into the room.

"His body began healing. This is the only way." Carlisle explained.

"How is he?"

"I'm going to have to bind his body. It will help allow his body to heal correctly."

"Jake..." Edward said softly and ran his cold hand along Jacob's face.

Jacob sighed at the contact, but that didn't stop him from screaming when Carlisle broke another rib.

"Almost done."

"Can't you do anything about the pain?"

"His body burned through the morphine. I can't keep injecting him every minute."

"He's burning up." Edward said as he pressed his hand along Jacob's face.

"He has a fever. It will go down once I'm done and his body begins to heal."

Carlisle began to bind his body. He bandaged most of his torso and one of his arms. Jacob grunted at the pressure, but Carlisle's cold hands were soothing on his body. Edward only smirked at his thoughts.

"Is it done already?" Billy asked as Sam rolled him into the room.

"Give him a couple of days, but Jacob's trooper. I wouldn't be surprised if he was up and about by tomorrow." Carlisle said.

"Thank you." Billy said looking at his sleeping son, looking exhausted himself.

"You should go rest Billy. Jacob will be fine now." Carlisle said.

"I'll stay with him." Edward said.

"Okay." Billy said reluctantly, but nodded.

"Another exception." Sam directed at Edward. "Come on, Billy." Sam said.

"Edward?" Jacob said once they were alone.

"Faking sleep, I see." Edward teased.

"Don't leave." Jacob simply said, still not completely coherent.

He was somewhere between sleep and being awake. All his mind could take in was that he was in pain and that Edward was there.

"I'm not going anywhere."

Jacob passed out then. Edward's phone rang and he quickly stepped out.


"Charlie is on his way. You need to get Jacob out of there." Alice said.

"I'll talk to Billy."

"Make it fast. Charlie doesn't understand why Billy isn't with his son at the hospital."

"He thinks that Jacob is at the hospital?"

"Where else would Jacob be after a bear attack?" Alice said annoyed.

"Got it." Edward said and hung up.

"What's going on?" Billy asked as he rolled out of his room.

"Is everything okay?" Sam asked as he walked up behind Edward.

"No. Charlie is on his way. He just got the news of Bella. I need to get Jacob out of here."

"Where are you taking him?" Sam asked.

"My house. The hospital would be too risky. He doesn't have the same vitals as a mortal, the monitors would pick up on it quickly."

"Is he okay to move?" Billy asked.

"Yes. I have to do it now. Charlie is going to be here soon and is going to question why you aren't at the hospital with your son."

"Fuck." Sam spat. "I'll start getting everything ready. We need to play our part too. I'll get him to the hospital." He said and quickly made himself busy.

"When everything is settled can I go see him?" Billy asked.

"You are welcomed to come over anytime you please."

"I better see him up and about when I go. Take good care of him. I'm intrusting him to you." Billy said sternly.

"Thank you."

Edward walked back into Jacob's room and easily picked him up in his arms. Jacob shifted a bit and groaned at being moved, but seemed won over my Edward's cold temperature. He was still burning up with fever and so he felt pretty damn good in Edward's arms. Edward chuckled as Jacob attempted to press himself even closer against him.

"We're going home, Jake." Edward said.

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