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The western side of Antonica seemed to find an unrelenting storm outside, the rain hammered against the windows of the house in Qeynos, the city of man. A lovely High elf woman sits by the roaring fireplace lost in her thoughts, the flames lull her to a tranquil state with a heavy sigh her eyes closed.

Her friend and travelling companion spotted her, he was on his way to bed himself.

"Hey, what are you still doing up?" he crossed the room to help her to her feet, "You know what time it is?"

She sighed as she rose to her feet and let herself be led to her room, "Yes I do, I just closed my eyes for a minute." She smiled a sleepy smile and laid her head on his shoulder.

She squeezed his arm to get his attention, she wasn't sure how she was going to tell him and it was important that he knows, "I… I just wanted to say that you have been a gem of a friend, and I will treasure you always." she hesitated slightly "I'm leaving."

They stopped just short of her room, he looked down at her platinum hair, he pulled his arm from her grasp and faced her as she leaned on the pillar. "What do you mean, you are planning another trip or?" he folded his arms with a puzzled look on his face as his eyebrows started to knit.

He watched her as she chewed her lower lip, "I'm going to the Great Library again, I think I might of found the book that I have been searching for, I had also gathered several geography books and maps. I just need to gather some crystals and a few quartz…"

He nodded and gently tugged her elbow, "Go to bed young lady, we will talk more of this in the morning."

She was scared and he knew it, it wasn't very often anyone saw her like this, it had been four years since she left for the Great Library to end up kidnapped, studied by a madman and dropped back on her doorstep a year later. He opened her door and gently pushed her in closing the door behind him.

I am going to have to go with her, and I am pretty sure the twins will want to go too. He thought making his way to his own bed. It was going to be a long few days, and even longer to do whatever his friend was planning.


Eve of battle, Redcliff Castle

Battle plans were being discussed as the sun crawled its way down for its nap. Deedolett, Wynne, Leliana accompanied by Shale left to gather what supplies they could for tomorrow and the herbs around the castle were sparse. Alistair talked with Riordan to gather any more information of the Archdemon and the horde, Riordan said he wanted not to say much else until Warden Surana was present for whatever was needing to be said.

Alistair agreed he went outside to get a bit of fresh air, since Deedo placed him on the throne they had their first argument, more of a one sided conversation at Arl Eamon's insistence, the man told him he was going to have to find a wife and that he had no choice but to stop seeing Deedolett.

He got up and walked around the courtyard fearing she would never speak to him again stopped by a rather large tree and beat his head lightly on the tree.

"What am I going to do now, she isn't speaking to me she didn't invite me to go with her." He was talking aloud, not expecting an answer but received one from the other side of the large oak.

"You broke her heart, what did you think would happen you idiot?" Morrigan was sitting facing the lake when she heard Alistair approach.

Alistair tensed up as he caught whose disembodied voice it was. "What do you care?" He pushed off the tree to find another quieter spot.

Morrigan came half way around the trunk and watched him walking away, "I care a great deal, if you must know."

"Since when did you care about anyone other than yourself, witch?" Alistair paused, he never liked Morrigan from their first meeting in the Korcari Wilds.

She reeled, the thought ever entered her mind that she had started to grow attached to the young elven magi, "You… love her, don't you?" she watched his shoulders square and hands ball into fist before he turned to face her.

He marched up into the woman extending a demanding digit in her face, "Yes, but what does it matter to you, is this were we find you have found in the black pit where your heart is suppose to be, you have one?" He was furious with her he just wanted to wring her neck and shut her up.

Alistair took his anger out on her, he was upset about everything, from being placed on the throne, to the argument that almost made Loghain a Warden and the fight in front of their friends.

He continued to release, "And you know something else, I would rather invite the darkspawn to tea, they would make better company." He spat caring little for the effect, if any, that it was having on the woman before him.

"Yes… I suppose…" She slunk back up against the tree like a timid child, Alistair swore he saw tears forming in her eyes he turned to leave as thoughts wandered to Deedo and how her reaction would be if she saw him now.

Morrigan swallowed regaining some composure, "If I had to do something to help… would it be so terrible?" She watched him leave one more time, not sure he was even going to answer.

With a visible sigh he called over his shoulder, "Any help would be welcomed." And he disappeared into the castle to find something to eat.


The twin Wood elves were up early fixing breakfast when Xellexes came down buttoning his robe.

"She still isn't up yet?" He called to Ruroni from his spot on the balcony.

"She should be up soon, why did you need her for something?" Tenkou the second twin asked as she poured drinks into their cups, then turning to her spell book sitting open on the table nearest Xellexes.

With a shake of his head he came down to eat, "Smells great girls, how are the two of you this morning?" he sat taking a sip of the honey mead, looking at the large bowl of hot porridge before getting a bowl of some himself.

"We are fine thank you, Lili'Enyel left to gather more food then we were going to head to do a little shopping, she needed to get more spiked arrowheads." Ruroni came from the kitchen to put a plate of eggs, bacon and honey bread on the table. Helping herself to the food once she sat.

Tenkou scribe the last spell in her book before joining the others to eat. The door opened in the front of the house and Lily walked in carrying two large baskets of eggs, pork, and fish. Xellexes ran over to help her with her burden.

"Thank you so much, I am so hungry I tried not to buy the whole market." The Ranger grined as she put the remainder of her items down heading to the table for much needed food.

The door in the upstairs hall could be heard and the sound of the Lady of the house heard coming down the stairs, she was putting her long hair in a ponytail, kissing the tops of the twins heads before take food herself.

"Good morning." The group called to the tall woman as she sat.

"Good morning loves, did we all sleep well?" she asked as she nibbled into her honey bread.

Xellexes looked up and Deedo was looked right at him from across the table. "Yes we did, and you my friend?"

With the smile that out shone the sun, she smiled and nodded. She popped another piece of bread in her mouth talking around her food, something she would not normally do. "I'm leaving to the Great Library I'm going to find the Book of Cross Dimensions. Then I am going to find a counter spell and make it two way portal. So, as of today I will be gathering the remainder of my materials and will be gone for a long time.

The group before her stopped eating and stared at the High elf, she was met with very loud objections from the twins and Lili'Enyel. Xellexes on the other hand slammed his hand on the table, startling the women and cleared his throat.

"This is what she wants to do, we cannot change her mind." He looked about the table to the faces of his little family, Tenkou had tears in her eyes as she got up and sat on the High elf woman's lap. Ruroni folded her arms across her chest and Lily was running her fingers through her short light lavender hair.

He poked at his food and continued to speak, "That's why we are going with you. As you being the senior of our group we refuse to let you leave us behind." He stated with a matter-of-fact tone.

Deedo smiled again hugging the Wood elf girl in her lap. "I wouldn't dream of leaving you guys out of this, I just did not think that you uy would want to go." her smile got wider.

They finished their food and promptly cleaned up, there was much to do and little time to do it in. They sold the food Lily just brought and emptied the house of anything perishable. As they packed their bags for the long trip ahead they gather materials for skills. Once everything was in order two High elves, two Wood elves and a Half elf left Antonica to the Plane of Knowledge to find a Cross dimensional Book.


The southeastern and central parts of the Bannorn had been covered by the Darkspawn taint and the Archdemon shown himself heading on a direct path to Denerim. Riordan announced to the army leaders in the hall of Redcliff once everyone had assembled, nodding to Alistair that he would need to speak to he and Deedolett after the meeting was over, the leaders and their seconds disbanded to prepare for the upcoming march and battle.

Deedolett said good night to her companions and headed to speak to Riordan, after briskly walking away from Alistair who tried several attempts to get her alone to voice his concerns. Once on the second floor of the castle she headed to Riordan's room and met by the very man she had been avoiding, narrowing her eyes she refused to say anything to him.

"Oh… There you are, let's go see what he has to say. I tried to talk to him earlier and he…" Alistair chuckled lightly, she walked past him still not speaking, she went to knock, waited a moment and walked into the Senior Warden's room.

Riordan questioned the younger Wardens if Duncan had explained to them the purpose of their Order.

Deedolett thought about it before speaking, "Does it have to do with the Archdemon?" her brow knitted as he went to explain that that was part of the reason the Order was needed.

Fill with a sudden dread as the older man spoke, Alistair looked to Deedo to see her reaction, she smiled slightly as it seemed to be way out for her, away from him.

She spoke up cutting Riordan off, "I will strike the final blow." She could feel Alistair staring at her and she looked at him out of the corner of her eye and sneered at him.

Riordan commended her for her exuberant reaction but simply turned her down, sighting he will kill the beast instead. With nothing further to say he walked to the door to let them out for an early sleep.

Alistair went to reach for her hand and she sensing him moving closer to her she left to her room.


Dreading the morning to come she made it to her chambers and quietly opened the door, she closed it just as quietly sliding down the slick wood as she brought her knees to her chest, she put her head down she also didn't notice Morrigan standing in the shadows.

The woman spoke softly to not startle the elf girl sitting on the floor, "Deedolett?" she started to walk to the girl sitting on the floor.

Deedolett slowly lifted her head, her eyes were bloodshot, a few tears fell from the tip of her nose Morrigan quickened her steps to help the girl off the floor to her feet.

Helping the elf to the bed she sat her down, "You look horrible, but I did not come here to tell you that." Morrigan sat on the edge of the bed with her friend and waited until the magi was listening.

"I have a way to save you and the fool Templar of yours life." She paused and continued on, "It must happen tonight there is but a small window of time."

Deedolett patted her eyes dry and started to grin, "Oh, you are going to do something for me?" the girl chuckled lightly.

Morrigan started to fluster getting up she walked over to the fireplace, "Well child if you refuse to accept just say so and we can be done with it." She kept her back to the girl on the bed.

Deedo could hear what seemed like hurt in her fellow magi's voice got up and placed her head on her shoulder, "I'm sorry, tell me what it is." She gently asked the Raven-haired woman.

They spoke of a ritual in which a child would be conceived and whom it had to be with. Deedo soon found herself standing outside of Alistair's chambers hesitating the talk she was going to have with him. A while later he left the room and Deedo spent the night in his bed, sometime later she woke to Alistair clinging to her, whispering over and over, 'Why did you make me do that?'

She removed his arm from her waist and moved closer to the edge of the large bed. "Because I care, go to sleep Alistair we have to march soon." Soon she went back to sleep.


All of the months of studying, searching and scrying the portal would be ready, they just needed one more component. It was late into the night the twins and Lili'Enyel had already fallen fast asleep. Xellexes took the High elf woman's hands and placed them to his forehead.

"Tomorrow we will be in some tower in the middle of a lake. I can scarcely believe it." He rubbed his face as he yawned and stretched.

The lady followed suite and yawned herself, "Yes, I can hardly wait. Do you think we have enough provisions? What if we do not make it to the right tower?" she started to babble again and he shushed her with a wave of his hand.

"Bed, tomorrow." He pointed to one of the makeshift cots and he plopped down on his at the same time.

"Good night my lady." He soon was sleep.

She lay awake a few minutes more thinking she should get the mounts they were going to need, from what she read Ferelden doesn't really have horses.

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