The wind brought a pleasant wintry chill in the air, Deedo slowly opened her eyes feeling a cooling wet trail trickling down her cheek. Gently wiping it with her long fingers, the dream she had disrupted her greatly, hearing the sounds of footsteps she turns towards the approaching figure, "Finally awake are you? The others are preparing for Alistair's audience. I brought you this, are you not cold?" Morrigan handed the elven woman a hot cup of Apple Cinnamon tea, seeing the High Elven woman in her less than covering outfit.

"Velious is much colder." She eyed the witch after taking a sip from her cup, she let out a heavy sigh, smiling apologetically as she rose from her seat, carrying herself into the apartment that the others were currently dressing in.

The apartment the group occupied seemed to be for the most special of guest, feeling more like a small house from their land in Qyenos sitting herself on the plush sofa in the main area with the fireplace keeping the room warm Deedo removed her boots and cape, fur rugs soft against her feet, she sighed again.

Placing the cup on the end table she stood and stretched, groaning as she moved, the twins came in shortly after and help attending to the woman's long hair, Xellexes brought in her gown and shoes. It was quiet as Lili'Enyel walked in with Vy'el who was dressed in a new outfit Tenkou had made.

"Remember the outfit I had made for the children in Freeport when I first started my trade?" Tenkou laughed "I decided to fix one I had on me, I guess I had not cleaned my backpacks well enough."

Deedo chuckled, "I never did get to taking up Tailoring like you, you have gotten much better." Deedo praised the young Druid as she ran her fingers over the embroidery on the vest Vy'el wore.

"Look at you, looking very handsome." She gushed at the auburn headed boy. "Do you like your outfits? I know we have go to the village to get you more, but for now you are very presentable."

Xellexes held her gown for her to see, "I think this color will do nicely, what do you think?" Holding the green gown, she tiled her head, "Green?" She questioned, "Yes green, it is one color I have yet to see you in, other than where you are parading around as a Wood Elf."

The Elder rolled her eyes and smiled, "Fine, you old goat. Thank you." the twins patted her shoulder and went to finish up themselves.

Morrigan opted to wear her normal attire and just waited for the others to be ready.
"Such fuss for a fool Templar." Morrigan snidely commented.

"You do not see him as your King, we have great respect for our chosen." Xellexes eyed the wilds witch.
Morrigan bit the inside of her cheek trying to find the words she needed to how that bumbling fool she knows who became King, "He and I never saw eye to eye, I respect him as little as Deedolett trusts him, twas her decision to fashion him King, the illegitimate that he is."


When the group, Warden Alistair, Sten, Leliana, Morrigan and Warden Surana had just learned the reason Alistair was the illegitimate son of not Arl Eamon, but Maric Theirin, deceased monarch of Ferelden, Father of slain King Cailan, Alistair's half-brother.

"You are a Prince?"

"Well, yes and no. I am my father's son, but I cannot claim the throne, was one reason for my being sent here."

"You had no intention of telling me or any of us did you?"

"No, I did not want you to treat me differently, I would not know what it feels like to be noble, I slept in the barn mostly, and soon after I was sent to the Chantry because of Arl Eamon's wife, she though I his son."

"I see, well shall we see if we can be of assistance to the people?"

They carried on losing a few of the Redcliffe villagers but survived the night, finding her best friend from her time in Kinloch, Jowan and extracted the demon from Connor.


Deedo thought to what Morrigan said, "You said she found her friend in the dungeon?"

"He poisoned Eamon, a deal was struck on his life, being that he would be next in line and not Loghain's daughter," Morrigan stated, "He went as far as locking the former Queen up to rule in her place. Alistair was the Dark horse."

Lili'Enyel raised her eyebrow, "Nobility never cease to amaze me."

"Deedo is practically noble." Ruroni pipped up.

"I am not, stop telling stories." Deedo stepped from behind the screen and slipped on her flats to match, "Are we all ready?"

With a nod from all they rang for the doorman to take them to the waiting parlor.


Alistair was told that the guests were waiting for him in the parlor, he took his time to gather his thoughts the idea of facing the Senior Wardens unnerved him. Arl Eamon was by his side, as well as Wynne, Leliana, and Zevran.
"Alistair are you sure they are from your Order, they have a air of nobility and they did donate generously to the Chantry." Leliana questioned as they hurried to the other side of the castle.

"Fairly sure, I am sure word got around even before I sent my missive to the Anderfels." They all stopped in front of the huge oaken doors, Alistair couldn't sense them on the other side, 'Could she be correct, they may not be Wardens.' The door creaked open allowing the sun to flood the hall.

Cullen stood followed by the others, Cullen taking a knee while Xellexes, Vy'el and Lili'Enyel bowed deeply, Deedo, Ruroni and Tenkou curtsied to the cool stone floor heads bowed until they were signaled to raise.

The Herald announced as his majesty, "Presenting his Royal Highness King of Ferelden Alistair Theirin."

Alistair nodded his head, "Thank you Herrod, you all may rise, we need not be so formal. Please introduce yourselves." He motioned with his hand as he looked among the guess noting the small child with them.

Herrod announced the guest as he was instructed by the Norrathians,

"Your Majesty may I present Cullen Templar under Knight – Commander Greagoir from Kinloch Hold." Cullen stood at once steeling his gaze on the wall behind the King and his companions across the room.

"Xellexes Silvercloud High Elf Wizard from the City of Felwithe." He rose then stepped to the side giving a small smile to the red headed Bard within his line of sight.

'So Leliana was right, they are not from Weisshaupt, then who are they?'

"Ruroni and Tenkou Swiftleaf, Wood Elf Bard and Druid respectively from the Tree City of Kelethin."

The twins stood their bright peridot eyes gleaming with mischief, stepping off to the side with a giggle. Zevran raised an elegant eyebrow, at them smirking thinking every wicked thought imaginable. Then looked behind the man called Xellexes a familiar woman, nudging his former Blight companion. Alistair raised his eyebrows to the figure looming behind the statuesque man.

The Herald continued with his announcements, "Lili'Enyel Suzuran – Swiftleaf Half – Elf Ranger Protector of the Pine with in the City of Surefall Glade." Lili nodded to the others across the room then stepped to the side.

"Deedo Swiftleaf High Elf Enchantress from the City of Felwithe and with her young Master Vy'el Mahariel." Once Deedo rose to her feet making eye contact with the King the whole room gasped, Vy'el rose and rushed to his mistresses' side clinging to her dress hem.

"Deedo, Morrigan?" Alistair's head tilted with confusion and the others whispered amongst themselves, "Your name…" Deedo smiled kindly bowing her head and stepping forward.
"Your Majesty, we have come for wind of one of our own is here, we wish to see her." Without hesitating and with her heart pounding within her chest, it has come to this place where at long last she will see the child whom she lost to a witch.

Leliana nudged her friend to rouse him from his stupor, "Ah, yes, I – I, one of your own, Deedolett?"

"I told you they may be nobility, and Olett is a lost Princess." Leliana tugged lightly on Zevran's tunic sleeve.
"I have seen them myself and I am inclined to believe it myself, the way they carry themselves, I have only seen such finery from the people I have had the pleasure of killing." He patted her hand as he listened on.

"Yes, She is my daughter do you know where she is?" Deedo took the young boys' hand and gave it a gentile squeeze, this man before her is her last hope and if he knew not where she was then she knew not where or whom to turn to next.

"Daughter? She grew up in Kinloch Hold." Wynne's face frowned as she thought of the young woman who is still lying unconscious.

Alistair nodding his head, he could hear the desperation in her voice her eyes pleading with him shaking his core those eyes he knows that color but before he lets these strangers visit her he had to be sure, "She is here, I still am uncertain if your claim is true, before I allow you to see her please is there any proof to your claim?"

Deedo looked back to her family, she turned back to the Ferelden King with tears trickling down her cheeks slowly shaking her head no her lips pressed in a thin line, she had no solid proof other than her word, Cullen stepped forward, Deedo turned to face him the look of pain etched on her face.

"Your Highness if I may, this is in fact Deedolett Surana's mother, she came to Kinloch seeking her, they are from a very faraway place. If you can please believe me when I say this woman before you means no ill intention."

Tenkou placed her arms around Deedo hugging her tight, Xellexes clasp his hand on Cullens' shoulder. The others nodded at the young Templars words.

Lili'Enyel stepped forward her resolve dissolved, "I normally stand in the background, but this is one time – I'm sure it will not be the last, that with certainty she is Deedoletts' mother."

"I can only think to possibly prove she is mine I gave her a trinket box full of things from our world, there is also a leaf shaped birthmark on the inside of her right thigh." The Elder sniffed blotting her tears with the back of her sleeve.
"Another world? Where exactly do you come from?" Arl Eamon and Alistair said simultaneously. Zevran walked to his friend and faced him looking him directly in the eyes,

"Alistair let them see her, we are here what is the worst that can happen?" Zevran placed his hand on the taller man shoulder giving it a firm squeeze. Zevran felt no ill coming from them letting his assassin training feel these strangers out.

With a heavy sigh Alistair opened his mouth to speak when Ruoni burst through the door barking ferociously grabbing Alistair's cuff tugging him in the direction from where he came.


Sten was laying on the bed where Olett once lain, the double windows were open the curtains billowing in bringing the cold right in. In the doorway the Mabari ran to the window barking ferociously as he bounced up and down, The King along with the others and the Norrathians filtered into the room looking to the large Qunari man rousing from his position on the bed, "Sten what happened!?" Wynne looked him over, as Zevran and Leliana went to the balcony, Leliana back into the room quickly drawing the long curtains shut, "I do not think now is a time to see your daughter." She hastily said looking as if she seen a ghost.

Deedo rushed to the window moving the human girl out of her way, her eyes met with the a pair of bright yellow ocher eyes staring right back at her. Hovering two stories above the earth, Deedolett looked more dragon than like that of herself, her skin was scaled and grey in places along her shoulders and neck, her fingers were graced with long thick black claws, two thin horns adorned her head in ivory color, glistening in the sun, her hair long, ombre white to the fawn color Deedo kissed when she was a babe, she was beautiful and hideous.

The creature spoke grinning showing its brilliant deformed fangs, "So you finally made it, albeit late, she is mine now as she has always been." The duo voice, Morrigan appeared at the Lady Deedo side, "That is Flemeth, she tricked me into thinking she needed my body as her host. You are supposed to be dead!" Morrigan yelped as an invisible hand wrapped itself around her throat, lifting her from her feet.

"Do you wish to join her child?"

Gripping the balcony so tight her knuckles turned white, "Let her go and give me back my child." Deedo's demeanor turned icy, the others could do nothing but watch from the room. Deedolett was no longer, she was now possessed by the spirit of Flemeth.