Oh, Delic…
It's a shame it'll have to end this way.
You really were my best friend…
But then you touched my beloved Tsu-chan.
And I just can't allow that to go unpunished.~

"Senpai, what are we doing on the roof?"

The blond man stood on the ledge, the wind sweeping strands of hair over his face. Magenta met magenta, each pair of hues shining in the night. A sweet smile decorated Psyche's face, the brunet moving towards his kouhai in a bouncy sort of motion. Inside Psyche was screaming, screaming at himself. He didn't want to do what he was about to. But he couldn't stop himself.

Why couldn't you just keep your dirty hands off of him?
Then I wouldn't have to do this.
Filthy slut.
Stupid whore.
Why couldn't you just stay with Hibiya?

Psyche had remained silent, ignoring Delic's question. This of course piqued the singer's curiosity and he turned to face his little senpai, arching a brow in confusion. The silence was strange, something he hadn't ever really enjoyed. Though he could hear the cars rushing along the pavement that was most definitely miles down below him. Wouldn't it just be horrid if he fell?

"Hey, Senpai..you're pretty quiet. Something wrong?"

His tone was concerned, his voice hesitant. That look, Delic had seen that look in Psyche's eyes before. Slightly crazed darkened hues of the little brunet's eyes startled him. Of course the taller of the two gulped, now slightly uncomfortable with being on the ledge. Psyche wouldn't go so far as to kill him, right? He couldn't possibly. What reasons would his innocent little senpai have to kill him?

I should probably answer you before you get anymore suspicious, huh?
Whoops, too late, you're already too suspicious.
Silly me.~


His tone was questioning, his voice timid. He wouldn't do what it looked like he was about to do, right? Right? Delic's breath hitched, fear pricking at the back of his mind as he moved to step back. Half of his foot went off the ledge, reminding him we wasn't in the best place to be cornered. He put his hands up, as if that could possibly keep him safe from his currently deranged senpai.

"Ps-psyche…what ever you're thinking about doing, don't do it."

For a second the brunet paused, blinking rapidly as if he were confused by Delic's words. What a silly thing for him to say, didn't he understand it was already too late for him? Too late to escape his fate? Silly Delic, you're so silly. It's almost cute how silly you are!



Another sickeningly sugary sweet grin plastered itself on the brunet's face and he lunged forward, hands connecting with Delic's legs just enough to knock him off balance. The blond wobbled for a second before falling back. The brunet hopped up onto the ledge in the same spot Delic previously occupied, crazed magenta orbs locking on to the disappearing horrified ones. Getting further away with each second that passed.

He just fell.
Delic is just so clumsy sometimes.
He should've been more careful.~

I'm just here to see you die.