Hey everyone well I've been wanting to do a CafeMochashipping story for a while but couldn't seem to come up with anything decent so I decided to try it in another direction, hence why Ash is a girl in this fic. Just a forewarning I'm sticking to MOSTLY Japanese names because I like them and they sound better then the dub versions in my opinion. The only ones I kept english was the pokemon, Nimbasa City and its gym leader since that hasn't been seen in the anime yet. This is AU as it takes place after Ash's defeat in the Sinnoh League, (which sucked come on a legendary team! wtf!) so yeah thats where this story takes place. I do have a beta for this but I'll just replace the chapters when when she gets back to me, oh yeah another thing I have the pokemon actually speaking since I rather not just write them saying their names...

So other then that please enjoy the fanfic!

"Is she still sitting out there professor?" Kenji asked as he glanced through the window where it faced the fields of Professor Oak's laboratory.

The aging professor sighed and nodded as he turned to his assistant.

"She really was upset after being soundly defeated in the quarter finals by that boy." Professor Oak replied, as he gazed out into the fields and saw a large gathering around of pokemon around a large shady tree.

"She really hoped she could have gotten to the finals, but it was amazing she knocked out at least one of his pokemon." Kenji said, before there was a knock on the door. The assistant disappeared to answer the front door and to let who ever it was inside.

"Professor it's her mother." Kenji said.

Professor Oak turned to see a worried auburn colored woman with a Mr. Mime next to her as they walked inside.

"I brought her lunch, has she even moved at all?" She asked.

"She walks around the field sometimes but she just seems…lost." The aging man replied, "I'd call Shigeru but then she'd be upset that we'd bother him over something like this, even though he said to call him if something was wrong with her…"

"Maybe she just needs a change of scenery…" Hanako suggested as she put the picnic basket on the table, "somewhere she hasn't been before."

"I think I have an idea, let me just make a call…" Professor Oak said getting an idea from Delia's suggestion.

The woman nodded and walked over to the window and gaze outside into the fields.

"The professor will know how to help her." Kenji said patting the woman's back.

"I hope so…" she said quietly, " I hate seeing Satoko like this…"

oOo Page Break oOo

"You guys you don't have to stay with me you know…I'm fine!" the young dark haired teenage girl tried to reassure the surrounded pokemon but they just gave her a look and settled down next to her.

She sighed, as her usual bright amber brown eyes seemed dimmer as she hugged the yellow mouse pokemon close to her chest as she was leaning against the soft body of a snorlax as a pillow. The smaller pokemon curled around her, bulbasaur laid down next to her left side, as Baleaf laid down next to bulbasaur as did a squirtle only he hopped in the girl's lap.

Quilava with his flames retraced curled up on her other side next to Totodile. Swellow, Noctowl, Heracross, Staraptor were sitting on the branches along with a butterfree resting on top of the girl's head. A gliscor laid down on top of Snorlax's stomach and watched his trainer almost forlornly.

The area around the girl was occupied by the larger sized pokemon, a torterra laid down with a buizel and Infernape nearby, a sceptile leaning against the side of the tree that was shading Satoko and the smaller pokemon . Charizard leaning on the other side of the tree as a Glaie floated by its head gazing at the girl and a Gible was being restrained by Charizard's tail so he wouldn't bite her head. There was a lake nearby with a kingler, corphish staying close to the edge watching their trainer.

"I know I shouldn't be like this but…losing that badly…I mean I understand legendary pokemon are hard to knock out…" Satoko sighed as the pikachu patted her arms, "but we were so close…we were in the semi-finals…"

''We'll train harder next time! We'll be ready for anything!" Pikachu said trying to comfort his trainer as Satoko hugged the mouse tighter.

"It's not only that but I mean you saw when I separated with Takeshi and Hikari…I don't know maybe I should take a break?" Satoko sighed.

There were several outbursts of surprise from all the pokemon except for Snorlax as he was still sleeping.

"Guys! I'm not saying forever but maybe just for a little while!" Satoko said assuring the others, "I mean look at Shigeru…he was a trainer and now he's a pokemon researcher."

"So you want to trade in your battles for sitting around in a stuffy room?" bulbasaur asked raising an eyebrow, "I don't think you can sit still that long."

"Yeah! She always needs to run around and do something being stuck in a room isn't something that she could handle!" Squirtle laughed as he held his stomach.

"Thanks for your support guys and that was just an EXAMPLE!" she said exasperated, "I don't want to suddenly change to a researcher! But I'm just saying there are other things I could try instead of or include while being a pokemon trainer."

"Well you're learning how to cook from your mother since you came back, you could do something like that." Buizel suggested.

Satoko grimaced a bit at that.

"Yeah but just barely, I still have to be watched in the kitchen so I don't burn it down." She replied pouting, "it was only cookies! Its not like I was making anything difficult!"

"Tell that to your mom and Professor Oak." Charizard snickered, "I heard them yelling that they though a fire pokemon had gotten loose in the lab."

"That is so not true…" she grumbled as there were chuckles around her, "I've gotten better!"

Satoko rolled her eyes and just cuddled her pikachu trying to come up with something she could do on the side of being a trainer.

"Do you think maybe I take an apprenticeship of a gym leader?" Satoko said frowning, "Although that would mean I'm stuck in one place…"

"Sato-chan!" Hanako's voice called out getting the dark haired girl's attention as she looked up seeing her mother but professor oak as well as she stood up.

The two adults stood in front Satoko as all the pokemon around her looked at the two suddenly making them nervous at the attention.

"Sweetie, the professor and I think we may have come up with something for you to get out of your depression." Hanako said.

"Really!" Satoko replied looking excited.

"Yes you see I have a colleague in a region called Isshu and I called her a while ago." Professor Oak said.

"Uhm professor you're not thinking of making me into a researcher like Shigeru are you?" Satoko asked warily.

"No no, nothing like that!" the aging professor assured the girl, " we talked a bit along with your mother and we think it would be good idea for you to check the region out yourself."

"You mean travel around there?" Satoko asked.

"You'll be traveling but you'll be working as her assistant per se, she's friends with several of the gym leaders in that region and talked to them in letting you help out." Hanako said.

"You mean I'll be working with several gym leaders? Is that really okay?" Satoko asked surprised.

"Yes because you'll just be assisting them with their jobs and gym leader duties, hopefully one of them will have a hobby that'll catch your interest." The professor said smiling.

"That sounds great!" Satoko replied already excited, "any idea how many I'll be working with?"

"Well from what Professor Araragi said at least four since the towns are rather close to each other so it'll be easy traveling between them." Professor Oak replied, he smiled when he saw Satoko practically giddy but was curious why she was suddenly frowning.

"This is great and all but…where exactly will I be staying?" Satoko asked, "I can't exactly go traveling without having a place to return to…"

"We talked about that as well and she said she called in a favor and found a place for you to stay. Its actually in one of the places you're going to working at!" Hanako giggled.

She had asked the professor Araragi what her daughter would be doing and out of the jobs two of them she couldn't just wait to see her daughter perform and could already imagine Satoko's face when she found out what she would be doing.

"Professor, is there something I should know?" Satoko asked looking at her mother as her grandfather figured just laughed nervously.

"No not really," He replied.

"Just one more question, what about my pokemon? I can't exactly move away and leave them here can I?" she asked.

"You don't have to worry about that, I can send over any of your pokemon you just have to go to a pokemon center." Professor Oak replied smiling, "so you won't get lonely and you can always rotate your team."

"That's really great professor! I was a bit worried." Satoko said as she picked up Pikachu and hugged him smiling happily.

"I think this was just the thing she needed, thank you professor Oak." Hanako said looking at him.

"Its no problem Hanko, Satoko is like my own granddaughter and of course I'd want to help her out of her slump." He replied smiling at the girl, but are you alright with this?"

"I know that I wish I could keep her here longer with me, but Satoko needs to be out in the world, I can see it in her eyes she loves the thrill of seeing new things and places." Hanako replied sighing softly, "I can't keep her trapped here forever I need to let her spread her wings."

"Don't worry, Professor Araragi will make sure Satoko is well taken care of." Professor Oak assured.

"Professor when am I leaving?" Satoko asked excited as she was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet with Pikachu hanging from her head.

"Well if we work fast it shouldn't take any longer then a week or so." Professor Oak thought rubbing his chin, "I have to make sure your pokemon are well for traveling, Professor Araragi should contact me tomorrow about where you're going to be staying and the arrangements with the gym leaders and the arrangements for your pokemon."

"Then that leaves us only a few days to buy your necessary items for this kind of travel." Hanako said firmly.

"Huh? What things I already have everything at home." Satoko said confused but got nervous when there was a glint in her mother's eye that made her back away from the woman. But before she could protest the auburn haired woman snatched her wrist and started to walk away from the professor and the pokemon.

"Come on sweetie we should go and buy you some nice suitcases, maybe some furniture and more clothes." Hanako smiled, "we can probably send the furniture first so your room can get set up over there…"

"W-what? But my clothes are fine mom!" Satoko argued but Hanako just shook her head.

"You only have jeans, shirts and shorts, I think you need more variety young lady." Hanako said, "I want you to make a good impression on these people and being in jeans and a dirty t-shirt is not the way."

"But…but…but! Mom! I don't wanna wear a skirt or dress!" Satoko cried out but Hanako would here no more of her daughter's arguments.

The pokemon meanwhile just watched their trainer being dragged away by her mother off the fields and looked at one another, a similar question going through their heads. It was Squirtle that finally spoke up.

"….A skirt?" Squirtle asked looking at the others, "has she EVER worn something remotely girly? I mean there was that one time in Celedron gym but there were conditions…"

"There was that time for contests in Sinnoh where she had to get dressed up but she wore pants." Buizel stated.

"She never wore anything like that in Honen" Sceptile added.

"You know if she wears a skirt she may get looks from guys remember how that one trainer that traveled with her acted when a woman came close?" Bayleaf said making the male pokemon sweat and look at each other nervously.

"You mean Brock? Oh yeah he drooled over any good looking woman." Totodile said, "he hasn't changed after all huh?"

"I'm suddenly worried of guys drooling over our trainer if she's in a skirt," Bulbasaur said frowning, " as oblivious as she can be she does get looks sometimes, remember that trainer in the Indigo league? Hiroshi?"

"That guy was flirting with Satoko and she didn't even know it." Squirtle said realizing where the other starter pokemon was going, "they were close and I get the feeling he may have kissed her when we weren't look…"

That statement alone got growls from several older pokemon while the younger pokemon just looked at each other confused at what the others are saying.

"Is it bad our trainer got kissed?" Quilava asked looking at the others.

"It must be if they're worried about." Totodile replied shrugging, "doesn't that usually mean something in human terms?"

"What's a kiss? Is it something to chew on?" Gible asked looking at the others.

"Quiet you…" Charizard growled at the irritable young dragon pokemon, he didn't know why but for some reason Gible seemed to always stick close to him like a child.

"Okay so its agreed, we protect Satoko from any guy that wants to kiss our trainer!" Squirtle declared putting on his shades.

There were several that roared in approval and some of the others that looked confused or just shrugged it off.

Meanwhile in a city in the Ishuu Region, Sanyou City…

"So what did Professor Araragi call you for Pod?" Corn asked as they were cleaning up the gym/cafe after closing for the day.

Pod laughed nervously at his brothers, "uh well…remember that trouble I got into with one of the female assistant of hers?"

The other two brothers didn't look amused at the reminder.

"Yes it took a lot from the professor to get the girl to continue working with her after what happened." Corn retorted, "That doesn't answer the question."

"She called in the favor I owed her." Pod mumbled.

"And what exactly did she request?" Dento replied cleaning some glasses on a table, inspecting them to make sure there wasn't a speck of dirt on them.

"She's bringing over a new assistant from another region and well…remember when you guys were talking about having some extra help around the gym?" Pod asked.

"Yes, but we didn't know exactly how to hire someone that wasn't going to take…'advantage' of working here." Corn replied sighing.

One too many girls had kept asking time after time if they could work here in hopes of getting closer to them when the three brothers wanted to have a strictly professional business. The last thing any of them wanted was some girl to get her hopes up only to be disappointed and cause trouble for them.

"She told me that since this person is from another region and doesn't know us or our jobs that it's the best solution." Pod explained.

"There's more then that isn't there Pod." Corn said putting down the plates and folding his arms knowing when his brother was hiding something else from them making him squirm a bit.

"Yeah about that…it seems that since the 'favor' she did for me was huge she kinda has us HOUSING this person…here" Pod added weakly making his brothers stare at him before groaning.

"I knew all your flirting outside of the gym was going to get you and us in trouble one of these days." Dento sighed shaking his head.

"Do we even know anything about this person? "Corn asked glaring at Pod who looked like he wanted to crawl in a hole, "how old is this guy, what are they like, are they dangerous…you did get details at least right?"

"N-no…just that there are going to be some changes in the gym to accommodate our new house guest" Pod replied, "and uh…they're about three years younger then us so they're fourteen, the professor said that she'd be with them to explain everything!" Pod added and covered his head expecting something to be thrown at him.

"You…are unbelievably at times." Corn groaned rubbing his head, "thanks to you there's no way we can say no…"

"Guess I'll better go and prepare the spare room to be used, when did the professor say that the person would be arriving?" Dento asked.

"We have at least a week and that the preparations for the guest would start tomorrow." Pod replied.

"What did the professor mean by preparation?" Corn asked.

"Nothing much but a bit of expansion, she said it wouldn't affect the gym they're just going to fix up the back of the gym since its just a forest area." Pod replied.

"I hope you learned you lesson for this Pod." Dento said looking at the red head, "honestly you had us dragged down with you."

"I know I know I'm sorry!" Pod apologized but Corn continued to glower at him.

"Thanks to you messing around we have to deal with some unknown stranger working here and living with us. You are on dish duty for the rest of the MONTH!" Corn stated pointing a finger at Pod.

"Wait whhaaatttt! Didn't I get punished enough last time after the incident!" Pod whined.

"That was before we knew the true extent of the damage you've done." Corn retorted turning away and grabbed the plates to put away in the back.

"Deeeennttoooo! Talk to him!" Pod whined turning to the sensible one out of the three of them.

"Honestly you should be happy its just dishes and not forced to clean the whole gym by yourself like last time." Dento replied, which only made Pod groan.

"Thanks a lot for the help." Pod grumbled as he went back to cleaning off the tables.

"You only have yourself to blame, I'm just more worried on what this person is going to be like when they arrive." The green haired gym leader sighed, "It would've been nice to at least get a picture or a description."

"Er…I can ask Professor Araragi tomorrow." Pod said.

"Yes do that maybe if you have something it'll calm Corn down." Dento said cleaning up the last of the glasses and putting them carefully in the box before carrying it to the kitchen.

The red haired brother just sighed and just hoped that this new person that was going to be staying with and his brothers were worth the trouble he was getting into…or had gotten into.

The next day….

"You want to see a picture of the person that's going to be staying with you?" Professor Araragi asked looking at the three brothers through the videophone.

"Yes, we would like to know more about the person our brother had gotten to stay with us if you don't mind." Corn said shooting Pod another glare.

The light brown haired professor just laughed.

"I don't see why not its only fair you get a fair idea on her and-" the professor started but was stopped when all three-gym leaders' eyes stared at her.

"HER! The person that is staying with us is a girl!" Corn exclaimed.

"Is that a problem?" Professor Araragi asked frowning at them.

"Don't you think it's a bit…strange for a girl to be staying with three guys she knows nothing about? And especially with our cafe business?" Dento replied in a much calmer tone.

"Well you three are the only one's close to her age as the others are much older then her." Professor Araragi explained, "I've already talked with the other gym leaders she's going to be working with me, you three, Arti and Elesa."

"Couldn't she stay with Elesa?" Corn asked.

"She's much too busy with her modeling job to house another guest and Arti is usually disappearing into the forest at times so he's not really reliable as well." The professor replied.

"What about staying with you then?" Dento asked.

"My house is already full with my father and my other two assistants." Professor Araragi stated, "now don't complain I called in my favor that Pod owed me, so the least you all can do is accept this, besides I know all of you are gentlemen and wouldn't do anything either."

"Yes professor." The three sighed.

"Now where did I put that picture….Melissa! Where did I put the photo professor Oak sent me yesterday for my helper?" Professor Araragi called out behind her.

"I believe its on your desk Professor! I'll go get it!" a young voice replied as she walked behind the professor to the desk before handing it to Professor Araragi, she froze though when she saw Pod laughing nervously on the other side.

"You!" she growled darkly pointing an accusing finger at the red head, "the next time I see you I'm going to use my patrat to-"

"Thank you Melissa! I believe there are some papers you need to look at!" Professor Araragi said quickly pushing her assistant away from her conversation.

Despite leaving the group could still hear quite distinctively the girl's threats of what she'd do next time she ran into Pod.

Dento and Corn gave their brother another un-amused look as Professor Araragi sighed shaking her head.

"Anyway here's the photo her Professor showed me so I know what she'd look like when I picked her up." Professor Araragi said as she held the photo up to the screen so the guys could get a look at the person that was staying with them.

"Wow she's cute." Pod said grinning when he saw the photo, his brothers didn't say anything but they were probably thinking the same thing as the red head.

The boys realized that the photo must have been taken when the girl wasn't looking, but they could see the distinct features on her. She had long dark ebony hair that flowed down her back and stopped a bit before her waist that was tied in a low ponytail. She also wore jean shorts that stopped at her knees with red and black colored shoes as her top consisted of a loose white shirt that went down to her elbows with an opened black vest with a yellow line across the middle. As a final touch the girl wore a red hat and black fingerless gloves with a pikachu hanging on her shoulder laughing at something the two were looking at outside the picture that they found funny.

The girl had her eyes closed since she was laughing in the photo with her pokemon but the three brothers could just feel the warmth from the girl as the looked at her smiling in the photo.

"Feel a bit better now that you got to see her?" The professor asked smiling as she pulled the photo away and was amused by the stunned looks of the three. "Dento, Pod, Corn you still there?"

"Ah! Yes ma'am!" Dento said snapping out of his daze first as his brothers soon followed after him.

"Anything else you need to know?" Professor Araragi asked.

"Do you know anything about this girl?" Corn asked coughing, as he tried to hide the fact that he had been staring at the girl's photo just mere moments ago.

"Hmm not really I just know she's really friendly and loves pokemon. You'll get to know her better since she's staying with you." The professor replied.

"Professor Araragi does she even know what kind of job she is going to be doing once she gets here?" Dento couldn't help but asked, at that the female professor grinned.

"No, her grandfather figure and mother thought it was best she find out when she got there." She replied laughing, "but she'll take on the challenge."

"Interesting," Corn muttered rubbing his chin, "and she'll be working alongside you and two other gym leaders?"

"Yes she'll work a few times a week at each gym and here at the lab with me depending on what you and the others can have her help out." Professor Araragi said if you're not sure you may call me for any more questions since I can contact Professor Oak and ask him."

"I see thank you Professor Araragi." Dento said.

"No problem guys, I have to call the others and inform them as well." The professor replied waving to them before she hung up.

"Oh man I can't wait to see this girl!" Pod said excited.

"Just don't scare her off…" Corn replied, "She's completely new to this region so at least try not to say anything uncouth."

"Yeah yeah yeah…" Pod replied but the grin wouldn't leave his face making the other two wary as they headed back to set up the cafe and gym for the day.

Hiun City….

"An assistant you say Professor?" Arti said intrigued.

"Yes you see her mother and professor thought it would be good for her to try other things along with being an pokemon trainer." Professor Araragi explained.

"That's brilliant! I always wanted to show trainers the love of art and designing!" Arti exclaimed excited as stars were already appearing in his eyes.

"I'm glad you're excited about this I'll call you again later alright? I want you and the others to meet her when she enters Isshu." Professor Araragi added.

"No problem, I'll clear my schedule for that day, when is she arriving anyway?" Arti asked.

"Some time next week she has to do some preparations first but I'll call you the day before she arrive so you have time to get here." The female professor said.

"Understood I can't wait, so many plans so little time!" Arti laughed as the call ended.

Nimbasa City…

"A young assistant?" Elesa said curiously her expression hardly training.

"I know you're busy and all but I think you're a good influence on her and another thing…she's a bit of a tomboy from what her professor said and her mother's always trying to get her to wear more girl clothing." Professor Araragi said giving the electric gym leader a sly smile, "maybe you can help her be more confident as a girl…"

Elesa didn't say anything but there was an amused smile on the blonde's lips as she thought about it for a moment.

"I see…I accept then. It should prove interesting." Elesa said in a soft voice but there was a small detection of excitement in her voice.

"Thank you Elesa I'll call you again the day before she arrives so you, Arti and the brothers can meet her and get to know her." Professor Araragi said.

The blonde nodded and heard she was being called away and the two woman said good by to each other before hanging up the phone.

A Few Days later….

"You take care alright you?" Kasumi said sniffling as she hugged the younger girl who had become almost like a sister to her, "and call or email me whenever you can! I don't want to be worried about you!"

"I promise Kasumi." Satoko said smiling at the orange haired teen before she moved to her darker colored companion.

"You have the book I gave you on pokemon food for your pokemon right? All the recipes are easy to follow so you should be okay. The first aid kit and-" Takeshi said as he started rambling before Satoko stopped him by hugging him tightly.

"Yes I do thank you Takeshi, I promise to take care of myself and call you if I have any questions." She promised.

"Tell us all about the place and the jobs you're working alright?" Haruka said hugging Satoko tightly.

"Don't worry I will, you just make sure to do well in your contests, you too Hikari." Satoko said looking at the blue haired coordinator who hugged her along with Haruka.

"Here I picked this up for you." Haruka said handing Satoko a small box that the girl opened and saw a small statuette of pikachu made out of glass.

"Thank you Haruka!" Satoko said carefully putting it back in the box and packing it in her bag with the other stuff she had gotten from Kasumi and Takeshi.

"Its not much but I hope you like it, " Hikari said as she held out her gift for Satoko. "I don't know what the weather's like there but you never know when you may need something like it."

"Oh wow did you make this Hikari?" Satoko said as she pulled out a blue scarf with piplup's face on the end.

"Mom helped me with the ends and piplup's face but I did most of it myself." Hikari said proudly.

"Thanks a lot! And Haruka, don't think I'm not going to call you and ask how its going with Shuu…" Satoko teased making the brunette's face burn.

"Satoko!" Haruka whined.

"Now for a special gift, remember how I asked you to only bring five pokemon with you to the airport?" Professor Oak asked.

Satoko blinked but nodded as she looked down at her belt where she had bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle and Gible's pokeballs hanging there since Pikachu was on her shoulder.

"Well Professor Elm recently called me about a certain pokemon that's been missing you." Professor Oak said smiling before he pulled out a pokeball from his lab coat and handed it to the girl.

"Is…this?" She asked staring at it before she opened the pokeball and a certain cute little green pokemon appeared. It blinked confused at first when he appeared out of the ball but when his red eyes saw Satoko the pokemon cried out happily and tackled the girl down to the ground.


"Larvitar!" Satoko exclaimed happily to see the baby pokemon and hugged it back once it got the tiny 80 pound pokemon off of her, "but I thought he was with his mother back in mount silver!"

"He was but remember its been a few years since you brought him back to his mother and it seemed he was getting restless to get out of the reserve as he got older." Professor Oak explained.

"So its alright that I take larvitar with me?" She said looking at the rock/ground pokemon who was hugging her leg and smiling.

"Yes, Professor Elm believed you're the best person to raise it properly." Professor Oak said.

"Thank you Professor but uhm…I…I don't see Shigeru." She said quietly looking around the others as she returned larvitar to his pokeball.

"Yeah you'd think he'd be here for you moving." Kasumi huffed folding her arms angrily.

Professor Oak looked sad at the mention of his grandson missing Satoko's flight.

"Ah…yes you see I had called the area where Shigeru was doing his research but it seems he was assigned to be part of a team to explore a mountain site where fossils of different pokemon were discovered. He left before I could contact him, I'm sorry Satoko." Professor Oak apologized.

"It-its fine! Really!" Satoko assured waving her hands in front of her as there was a bit of red on her cheeks, which made the girls suspicious.

"You know I was already curious on why Shigeru would go out of his way to insult Satoko when I traveled with her and Takeshi." Kasumi said whispering to Haruka and Hikari.

"Really? Didn't they use to be best friends?" Hikari added, "I remember when we ran into him in Sinnoh and Satoko looked especially happy to see him, ran up to him almost immediately."

"My mom use to say that a guy sometimes shows their affection for someone by insulting them since they don't know how to really say how they feel." Haruka stated.

"That would make sense he insulted her whenever he got the chance." Kasumi confirmed.

"Oooo we SO have to bug her about this later." Hikari giggled.

Satoko didn't know why but when she looked over at the group of girls huddled together she got a chill down her spine.

"Takeshi…should I be worried about what Kasumi, Hikari and Haruka are plotting?" Satoko asked nervously looking at her older brother figure.

"Probably." Takeshi replied sweating as he looked at the girls.

"Now you better take good care of yourself, keep a map with you at all times and your pokemon, listen to what Professor Araragi says and the gym leaders." Hanako said before she tearfully hugged her daughter and kissed her cheek.

"I will mom, thanks everyone." Satoko said as her flight number was called and she had to board.

"Be careful! Sweetie and call everyday!" Hanako shouted as Satoko nodded and waved to them before disappearing into the terminal.

"She's really grown up." Professor Oak sighed smiling to himself as he wished his grandson could've been here.

"You think she'll be alright?" Kasumi asked.

"I think she'll be fine, she'll be around another professor after all." Takeshi said.

"Yeah and she did promise to contact us once she settled down…" Kasumi replied before smiling softly, "I can still see her as that funny ten year old girl who I pulled out of the river…"

Takeshi laughed as he nodded, as the other girls were tearful when they waved good-bye to their friend.

"You ready Pikachu? It's going to be a whole new adventure now…" Satoko said smiling at her pal in her lap as they felt the plane rolling down the runway and soon lifting up into the air.

"You bet I'm ready!" Pikachu replied grinning as he settled down in his trainer's lap making her giggled before she gazes out of the window.

"Good bye Kanto…hello Isshu…" She whispered before she leaned back in her seat and rested a bit since it was going to be a bit of a flight.

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