Chapter 1

Cally POV

It was hard for me to think about what I should do at the moment. I knew I enjoyed spending time with him, but turning on my own kind would be harder than he gave me credit about. It was not that I did not want to turn on the people I was part of, it was that I was afraid to do such a thing.

But if the guy was telling the truth, then perhaps I should give him a call and ask him to let me meet his father... but not there where they worked. Perhaps if I met him on my own terms, I would be able to choose what to do. I needed to know what the go was with my grandmother being in that photo with Christopher Van Helsing in the first place.

I knew I was able to get along with him, but how long would such a thing last? The Van Helsings were not long lived like my own kind were. That was an issue that I would have to consider as well. Right now, the last thing I wanted to happen was his death. It was not a thing I wanted to have happen for a long time.

Perhaps there was a chance for the Van Helsings to prove themselves to me, before I did anything for them at all.

Sighing, and knowing that what I was planning could be a dangerous path to tread, I reached for my phone, after pulling his card out of my blazer pocket. I dialled and waited for someone to pick up. I could only hope that the Synod would not hear of this. They would not be accepting of the fact I even existed.. seeing as I was a hybrid as he has said.

It was not long before his voice answered the phone. "Peter Van Helsing speaking."

"Hi Peter. It's Cally." I could not help the nervous tone to my voice.

"Cally! I wasn't expecting to hear from you this soon. Did you get home safe?"

"Yeah I did. And I've been thinking about what you said. Did you want to meet up? At the train station we first met at? You know the one where that rat attacked you?" I blushed as I remembered the rat. It was my fault it had attacked him in the first place, I'd caused it to.

"No rats this time?"

"No. Just me and you. I'm not going to do that to you again." I laughed. "Will you meet me there? In about an hour?"

"Sure. Never know, I might be on the same train heading there. I do use the trains mainly to get to places."

"Okay, see you soon, either on the train or at the station."

"I'll think of some excuse to give my father about leaving again at night. Don't worry, I'll be there."

"See you there."

I hung up. Then I turned and pulling on some normal clothes that would not stand out in a crowd, I left my home and headed to catch another train. I only hoped I was doing the right thing. My mother meant a lot to me, but my father seemed to have little hand in what I did with my own time. I knew I was half an Oldie, but not who the Oldie was that was my father.