The Legend Of Sonic: The TV Show

Hello readers and fellow writers alike, I've wanted to do a parody story, and I was watching Nostalgia Critic's Super Mario Bros. Super Show review, and I found the exact thing to parody, prepare for action, adventure and parody of the show with the princess that should excuse me!


In the chamber of the Chaos Emerald of Wisdom, there stood the amazing hero, Sonic, he was listening to the message of the Emerald as the theme song of the show played.

Now for no reason, we switch to Castle Greyskull or wherever it is that Eggman plots his schemes, he was learning a message from the Chaos Emerald of Power!

We switch to the middle of the land of Morule where Sonic and Princess Vanilla were running from bad guys.

"Why am I the princess?" questioned Vanilla.

Sonic answered, "Because you wouldn't have been expected. They thought it would be Amy, Blaze, that idiot Sally, or Fem!Tails."

Vanilla tried to ask a question, but was stopped since they were on the ramparts. Why? Because they're supposed to jump off the ramparts according to the script, Sonic did so, but Vanilla didn't so he jumped up to see her fighting bad guys, so he pulled her down and they landed in the water.

"Nice job, hero!" commented Vanilla in a sarcastic tone.

Sonic, responded in his sarcastic tone, "What-chu talking 'bout Vanilla?" as the intro faded out.


Well, that was only the beginning, I doubt people will be amused by this. But prepare for 13 episodes of parody which should be a lot funnier.

Sonic will not have a full-on catchphrase for the show, he'll instead say one of 4 statements, the classic "EXCUUUUSE me, princess!" or he might say "What-chu talkin' 'bout Vanilla?" like in the intro, or "To the moooooooooooooooooooon, your highness." or "DYE-NO-MITE PRINCESS HOTTIE PANTS!". The other 3 phrases come from Nostalgia Critic's replacements for Link's catchphrases in the original show.

I don't own Sonic The Hedgehog, he and Vanilla and Eggman are all products of SEGA.

Random Useless Question: Did anyone actually think I would use Vanilla as the princess?