The Kiri Effect

Summary: You're lazy, un-cute and you have a really boring hairstyle. Then why in the world am I so hopelessly in love with you? Narumi contemplates his love for a certain Kiri Koshiba. A collection of vignettes.


He shouldn't love her. Shogo Narumi knows many things about his life, and this is one of them: he shouldn't love Kiri Koshiba. They're incompatible, unsuited, mismatched— and he has no idea that the words he's just used mean exactly the same thing. He used to hate her, in fact, he still remembers the time when he did – but when did that end? Was it after she defeated him, after she cut his hair, after she helped him, after she showed him what a beautiful person she was? When? Honestly, he couldn't remember. See, this is what she did to him. She occupied all of his thoughts, so much so, that there wasn't any room for anything else. His mind was crammed full of her smile, her smirk, her careless attitude, and her passion for helping people. Did he mention how much he loved that about her? But he shouldn't, because they're incompatible, unsuited and completely mismatched. Definitely.

But then he watches her cut Kanako's hair; how effortless she's making it look, even though she's running a fever and can barely distinguish the difference between one pair of scissors and three. He sees all of this, and then he realizes. He realizes how much he loves her and how much he wants to be a part of her life. Screw compatibility, he thinks, and then he walks towards her, grabs a pair of scissors, and starts cutting. Did he mention that he cuts better when she's with him. Well, that's just one of the perks of loving her; but before he forgets, he reminds himself with a smirk, it's also the first time he's ever beaten Kazuhiko ;)