The Kiri Effect

Summary: You're lazy, un-cute and you have a really boring hairstyle. Then why in the world am I so hopelessly in love with you? Narumi contemplates his love for a certain Kiri Koshiba. A collection of vignettes that spans on with no particular timeline.


That Hair

"... and that is why, class, the sky is blue... any questions?"

It was at times like this where he really couldn't take it: being in school, being in class, being bored. And the only thing worse than being bored, was being bored sitting next to Kazuhiko- who had about as much spirit as a rock. Seriously, that guy never failed to look attentive, no matter what he was doing! It was almost as if he were some sort of robot or something, which wouldn't be surprising, what with his glasses and all...

Speaking of which, "Psst! Kazuhiko."
No answer.
"Kazuhiko, Kazuhiko... Kazuhiko!"
Insert the Dangerous Glint of Glasses, along with a, "Shut up, Narumi. I'm concentrating, a concept which you might not understand." Exactly. Not human.

He leaned back, and looked at the clock, 12.30, that meant, another fifteen minutes 'til lunch... He looked around, was there anything vaguely interesting around here? He caught the flirtatious glance of one Minori Takanashi, and grimaced. She winked at him. Apparently there wasn't. He shuddered and looked back to the front; her hair was annoying him anyway.

"Maa, where's Kei when you need him?" He muttered, resting his head against the desk. He turned his head to the back of the class and as expected, the seat was empty. "He must be off skipping class again, what a baka."

Tilting his head against the palm of his hand, he was about to doze off, when,
"Alright, girls! It's time for our warm up jog!" He looked to the side, and smirked, tenth grade sports... Looking around, he spotted a familiar head of hair.

That familiar head of mussy hair. His interest piqued, he glanced condescendingly at the impassive girl and her flustered friend. That girl, he thought to himself, is nothing but a pain in the butt, and what the hell is up with her hair? He was pretty sure she had some sort of vendetta against him, which wouldn't be surprising considering all of the terrible stuff that happened whenever she was around... Around the room, three girls sneezed.

Wishing petty revenge, a sudden gust of wind came up and messed up the hairstyles of all the tenth grade girls. They screamed shielding their hair frantically, and he smirked to himself, that mussy hair didn't stand a chance. And rising slightly in his seat he looked out to get a better view...and stared in shock.

There was no way. Despite being attacked by wind (and he hoped she got split-ends because of it) her hair dared to look glossy and windswept of all things! Grr, "What is up with that hair?" He slammed his hands on the desk, furiously grinding his teeth.

Everyone in the room looked at him. "Is there anything you'd like to share with the class, Mr Narumi?" asked the teacher.
He flushed a bright shade of red, how humiliating! "No, Sir." The teacher glared at him, "Then I suggest you sit down and pay attention." He nodded his head and sat down in silence for the rest of the lesson. But inside his mind, the death of a certain Kiri Koshiba played out again, and again.

Later, Kei walked into the SP clubroom to find a brooding Narumi attacking a bunch of wigs.
"What's the matter, Naru?" He asked, fingering the latest snack in his grubby hands. Narumi looked up, his eyes glinting murderously; "It's that damn hair...That stupid, mussy, ugly-as-hell, awfully-cut hair." All was quiet before Narumi started looking strangely determined. And with eyes like flames, he cried out, "I have to defeat her, no, it...I can't let it win." He added in a whisper. He started laughing maniacally and Kei, being the intelligent person he was, did not reply. Instead, he calmly walked out of the clubroom and straight into the vending machine...and their homeroom teacher.

"Now where do you think you're going, Mr. Minami?"

"Oh hi, Teach! Hehe...WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?"

The end.

SS: For those who read this: thanks for putting up with my fail attempts at humor, it's really so appreciated. Sorry for the late update, real life is always getting in the way.

P.S. For all of you fans, there're some subtle allusions to the extra chapters in the manga. Also, I do realise that Minori is totally out of character, so please don't point that out to me.