Love in The Battlefield

Summary: Set after chapter 174 in manga. Barrett got a new teammate or rather, will get a new teammate, if her family lets her join BABEL. She has the synthetic power of psychokinesis, psychometry, telepathy and clairvoyance over nature. If their power combined, Barrett's weapons will be unstoppable. Barrett is excited to see her but she refuse to meet him because her family said so. Can he convince her to join him and BABEL before her family took advantage of it? Can she see that sometimes that you have to let your heart decide, not others? Can they work with each other?

Warnings: OC, Kaoru's pervert-ness (If I can manage it)

Me: Yay! Finally I make a Zettai Karen Children fanfic! *throws confetti* I love this series! Too bad my country doesn't publish it in my native language!

Barrett: I getting a new teammate?

Me: Yup! Yup! And it's a girl! Aren't you happy to have a female presence in your team with Tim?

Barett: ...I guess?

Me: Aw... She is as cute as The Children! You two said that the girls are cuter than any moe characters in 2D, right? This one is as cute as them! I'm not lying! I make all my OCs moe!

Barett: You are?

Me: Don't be so cynical with me! *pinch his arm*

Barett: That's not hurt so much.

Me: *gasp* Would you rather have my nails to scratch your skin?

Barett: ...No...

Me: All right! Let's see her profile!

Name: Chikyu Kuchinashi

Age: 14

Birth date: September 4

Blood type: O

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Black

Skin tone: Ivory white

Origin: three quarter Japanese and a quarter of British (from father's side)

Education: Home schooled, second year in Middle School

ESP: Synthetic form of psychokinesis manipulating fire and heat (pyrokinetic), ice (cyrokinetic), electricity. Not fully able to control her power but talented when fusing the respective elements to a weapon (Barret's bullets, for example), can manipulate vegetation though have to be done on small amount of plants, psychometri, telepathy and clairvoyance.

ESP Level: 4 (synthetic ones) and 5 (normal ones)

Hobbies: floristy

Dream: open her own flower shop and marry her dream boy

Me: I wish to write more but I don't want to give any spoiler!

Barret: Even when you give her profile, I still don't know how she looked.

Me: Oh don't worry. I have her picture.

*Barret looks*

Barret: ...She's cute...

Me: Reaaaaly? Just cute? You're blushing you know.

Barret: Very cute...

Me: Would you like to know her three sizes?

Barret: What? No! It's disrespectful!

Me: Such a gentleman! All right. I stop here. Please wait for the next chapter! Please review and please no flame! There should be more Zettai Karen Children fanfic! Bye-bye for now! I love this manga! Nyaaaa!

Barret: ...she's really cute *secretly looked at the picture*