A Message From The Author


Blue raised an eyebrow, looking to the side. "What?" he snapped, irritated.

Red grinned sheepishly. "I dunno," he said, looking off to the side, slightly embarrassed and his voice slightly faltering. "I'm not really sure how to start a chapter…"

Blue sighed and slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. "Figures," he grumbled, crossing his arms and looking away, "Tigger takes a break for a week and we all but fall apart." Throwing up his hands in exasperation, he then turned and yelled, "Speaking of Tigger, where the hell are Vio and Green? They were supposed to have been here by now!"

"Maybe they got caught up with something?" Red offered with a frown, also looking to the side, where Vio and Green should have come from already. The two of them had been waiting at this specific spot in the forest while the other two went to go see Tigger, and apparently they were supposed to have met up to discuss something. However, they could see nothing beyond the wall of trees and brush.

Finally, after a moment of silence, Red spoke up.

"… Maybe while we're waiting, we should do something to entertain the readers?" Red offered with a weak grin, tugging lightly on Blue's sleeve.

"What do you want me to do?" Blue scoffed, rolling his eyes at the very idea. He shot Red a glare. "Get a top hat and cane and dance to 'Spanish Flea'?"

Red beamed.

"I'll get the trumpet!" he chirped up, dancing excitedly.

Once more, Blue groaned and face-palmed.

Just then-

"Guys! Hey, we're back!"

Blue blinked, looking quickly off to the side, where two figures were soon walking through the trees briskly towards them. He sighed outwardly. "Finally," he grumbled, shaking his head and walking to greet the other two.

Green gave a small smile, laughing past Blue's impatience and giving a nod towards the over-eager Red who had come to greet them with a hug and a cheer. "Sorry," he apologized quickly, "It took longer than we thought."

Vio smirked, crossing his arms. "You won't believe what we had to do to get back here," he pointed out with a calm laugh. The other two gave him a look, and he merely responded with a simple smile, adding, "If you think Kakariko Village is busy, try a college campus."

"Speaking of which," Green added with a sigh, digging into his pocket and pulling out a folded out piece of paper, "Tigger gave this to us, and said we needed to read it to the readers." He moved to unfold it so he could read it, but quickly blinked in surprise when it was snatched out of his hands.

Blue frowned, turning the note upside-down, side-ways, and flipping it over. "What the heck kind of language is this?" he grumbled.

"Ha! That's a joke!" Red shouted with a wide grin, jumping up and down. "Because we can only read Hylian and that's English and-"

"We get it, Red," Green said flatly, shaking his head sadly, though unable to hide a smile.

"Wow, Tigger must be really out of practice if she's resorting to this for humor," Blue muttered under his breath.

"I'll translate," Vio said with a sigh, quickly taking back the paper from Blue. He straightened the paper out in front of him, and the other three gathered around him, staring at the jumbled mess of horrible writing on the paper, listening to Vio as he cleared his throat and began to speak.

"'Dear Readers,'" Vio began, looking calmly at the paper, "'I know it's been a week now without an update, and-'"

"A week and a day!" Blue interrupted with a huff, frowning and pouting. "Do you have any idea how bored we've been, sitting around waiting for the next chapter to be up so we can go and do our thing?"

Green glared at Blue.

Blue grumbled once more under his breath, looking away. Vio sighed and continued.

"'And I do apologize for this. However, this past week has been very hectic for me, what with moving in to my new apartment and starting college classes and all.'" After this, Vio shook his head, giving a calm chuckle as he looked amusedly at Blue and Red. "You should have seen the stacks of books and papers in Tigger's room," he said quietly with a grin. "We could barely see her head poking out, she was practically buried in them."

Red giggled, Blue rolled his eyes, and Green sighed, motioning for Vio to continue. Vio shrugged and did so.

"'Anyways, I wanted to once more apologize for making you guys wait, and thank you all for being so patient,'" Vio went on, reading the last few lines of the note. "'Again, I promise to have the next chapter as soon as I can. Thank you all so much for staying with this story, I appreciate each and every one of you.'"

There was a pause.

Blue raised an eyebrow. "That's it?" he grumbled.

Vio sighed, folding up the note and putting it in his pocket. "What did you expect?" he asked, looking to the other with a frown. "She hardly has any free time right now. When we came to her for this note, she had to scribble it down in between writing an essay for her history class and working in Maya for her animation classes." He crossed his arms, tapping his foot, impatient at Blue's impatience. "You could give her a break, you know."

"But that's not any fun," Red piped in with a laugh and a mischievous grin.

"Still," Blue grumbled, rolling his eyes and looking to the side, "You'd think Tigger would at least give the readers something until the next update comes. A one-shot, or a sneak preview, heck, even a hint about the next chapter would be nice." He threw up his hands in exasperation. "We don't even know what the next chapter's gonna be about! And we're the ones in it!"

"Calm down, Blue," Green said with a laugh, shaking his head. "Besides, doesn't this count?" he added, crossing his arms and giving a satisfied smile. When Blue blinked, his face blank- obviously not getting the joke, like some readers probably won't- Green sighed and shook his head, face-palming.

"Well, maybe we can do something for the readers, then," Red chirped up, grinning widely. "Tigger might be busy, but at least we can do something, right? I mean, it's not like we can't do anything without her writing, right?"

There was another awkward moment of silence. When the others returned blank stares, his face fell and he grinned weakly, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh… right…"

"Well, if a hint is what you want," Vio began, his smirk turning into a calm and yet mischievous one as he looked at the others. Their interests peaked, and they each turned to look at him as he grinned, crossing his arms- apparently very satisfied with himself.

"… While we were there, I snuck a peek at Tigger's notes for Chapter Forty-Four."

It was as if a bomb had gone off. Yelling and jumping and shouting all at once, the three Links instantly surrounded Vio, bombarding him with questions. Vio merely laughed at it all, but when they finally calmed down, his smug grin only grew and he beamed down at the others.

"Alright, alright, keep your tights on, guys. I'll tell you what I saw."

Their eyes were as wide as dinner plates as they leaned in, their ears straining to hear what Vio was going to say.

Vio grinned.

"Apparently, Shadow's going to-"


The Four Links blinked in surprise, each of them startled, Vio cut off before he could say any more.

Vio frowned. "But," he pleaded, "I was only going to say-"


Blue frowned, crossing his arms. "Killjoy," he mumbled under his breath.

I heard that.

"You wrote that!" Blue shouted, throwing up his hands.

"Well, can't I at least tell them-" Vio began, but was once more cut off.


"Well what about-"


Sighing and rubbing his temples with his fingers, Vio frowned, shaking his head. "Alright! Then can I at least tell them how many more chapters there are going to be?" he snapped, getting impatient.

… Oh, fine. I suppose that's alright.

"And what good does that do us?" Blue grumbled, crossing his arms again- but, as if out of nowhere, an acorn fell from one of the trees and smacked him in the back of his head. A big acorn. … With spikes on it.

"OW! HEY! DAMNIT!" Clutching the back of his head and jumping around yelling curses, Blue flung out all sorts of insults as the others laughed.

Vio shrugged as the others turned to look at him for the answer. "Well, it said on her sheet that she plans to end it on Chapter Fifty," he said with a satisfied smile, giving a nod.

"That means we've still got seven chapters to go, right?" Red asked with a grin, beaming up all proud of himself.

Green gave a nod, looking back from Red to Vio. "Sounds like it'll be longer than the average temple chapters we've done so far," he commented. "I wonder what she has planned for the final dungeon?"

"Unfortunately, the rest will have to be speculation," Vio said with a sigh, shaking his head. He looked over at Blue, who was still stomping around clutching his head and flinging profanity after profanity, and gave a dry smirk. Vio jerked a thumb Blue's way. "I wouldn't want to end up like him."

The three of them shared another laugh at Blue's expense- but when he finally finished his tirade and shot them all glares, they shut up pretty quickly. Grumbling and still rubbing the back of his head, Blue rejoined the others, eventually crossing his arms once more.

"So… what now?" he asked, looking at each of them in turn.

Vio shrugged. "Well, we've said all we need to say for the purpose of the note," he commented idly, "I suppose all that's left is to end the one-shot." He looked off to the side, muttering under his breath, "Despite the fact that this is only eighteen hundred words and most one-shots are supposed to be at least-"

"We should probably end it on something incredibly witty and hilarious," Green added with a nod, unknowingly cutting Vio off, "Or maybe a sudden and shocking hint that ends abruptly before it can be finished. Y'know," he finished, shrugging, "something to make them laugh."

Once more, the others were silent, deep in thought. A joke… Something witty… hilarious…

"… I've got nothing," Green said with a sigh, shaking his head.

"Nor I," Vio added, also frowning.

"I'll get Blue's top hat and cane!" Red piped up with a big grin.