Disclaimer: I do not own Avalon High or any of the characters except the ones which I created.

And, while I have the highest respect for history and am trying to keep as accurate as possible

I do not have a high respect for research.

My name is Allie Pennington and I am the reincarnation of King Arthur Pendragon. I am a 16-year-old girl, and I hold my court in the cafeteria at my high school, Avalon High- home of the Knights. Knights that happen to sit at my table. How the entire football team ended up sitting with me is mostly the fault of my boyfriend, Will Wagner, my knight in shining armor, and QB.

During the football game that qualified us for state, Will was attacked by our European history teacher, Mr. Moore, aka Mordred. He thought, as I did at the time, that Will was King Arthur.

It ended up being me. We defeated Mordred that day. Marco, Will's step-brother, ended being a part of the Order of the Bear, and instead of hating us all, he had been trying to protect Will all along.

We won the football game. And I got my knight in shining armor to kiss me.

Mr. Moore wasn't sent to jail, but he was given a prescription for halluciation medication.

Something that Mr. Moore said stuck with me. That he was not the only one who would try to stop my ascension to power. That many others would work to destroy me.

I didn't listen at the time. But then it came back to me. I thought I would be attacked by outside forces, and that did happen, multiple times, but something worse than all expectations happened as well. And it nearly destroyed me.

I was betrayed.

Being betrayed by him was almost more than I could bear. My heart was crushed, my soul suddenly lifeless, at a time when I could not afford to be weak.

Thank God for the one who got me through it.