Edward's pov

I couldn't explain my sudden warmness filling in my chest as I took in the white wolf's form. Sam noticed my staring a reacted with a low growl, but his thoughts came to me.

She is the newest member to the pack, Bella. Sam thought to me, and I slowly nodded, and told the others.

A newly phased wolf was never a good thing, they were dangerous. I looked back to the white wolf, the Bella girl. She was looking at each of my siblings with interest, but no hostility. That was strange, usually wolves had a strong hatred of us, this wolf seemed completely fine around us, even calm.

Butterflies were beating against my stomach, and my insides went to mush as I took in the wolf with a closer look.

What was happening to me? It felt like I was about to melt into a puddle, but then as her brown eyes locked on me I froze. I couldn't move a bit, and now waves and waves of warmth went crashing through my body, making tingles all through my insides. It felt amazing, but at the same to I had this strange pulling feeling, and it was almost like BOOM all the things I considered important in my life was exploded to pieces, and slowly one thing was put back it its place. This time put in strong chains, this would never change ever. And it was that girl, that Bella.

"What happened?" I said as I was finally able to move, but my eyes stayed on Bella, as she looked to the dark gray wolf.

The gray wolf seemed to know what was happening, and looked overjoyed it did as he shivered.

Fury, and jealousy bounced in me at this, and I looked to Sam for my answer.

Remain calm everyone. Sam thought firmly. When he noticed my family's mumbling, and nervous chatter. And how both of his wolves were making growl type sounds to each other in excitement.

Listen leech, Bella has just imprinted. Sam thought with an edge to his thoughts.

I raised a brow at that confused.

"What's imprinting?" I asked.

It's going to take some time explaining, but Bella has imprinted on you, and Paul both, I'm not sure how, but I felt it happen. Sam thought looking between Paul, and Bella.

"Just take you're time and explain to me what it is please." I said taking a step closer, and I noticed the grey wolf tensing as I did so.

It's a special thing a wolf does when he or she finds there true love, they imprint on them, connecting the two together, and allowing the both of them to love each other. Sam thought.

This blew my mind, I couldn't believe this was happening, me in a relationship with a wolf? I wanted to feel disgusted by this, but as I took in the girl's confused expression I got a strong urge to go over and just be close to her. I felt my wanting becoming too much for me, and I knew I took another step towards her.

"And she imprinted on me?" I said as I looked to Bella, wondering what she thought about all of this, but her mind was silent. Well that was weird, maybe it's just because she is a newer wolf.

I watched as the grey wolf slowly crept in front of Bella, growling at me with a hostile look.

Something snapped at me, and I growled back at him in jealousy, my hands shivering in desire to kill this mutt with my bare hands.

Yes, Paul as well. Sam said looking at me and my family with a thoughtful look.

The Bella peeked around the gray wolf coming more into my view, but my eyes were locked on Paul's with a glare.

Sudden I noticed Bella was shaking a little, and her eyes widened.

I began to feel anxious as she went running into the woods.

"Is she ok?" I asked nervously to Sam.

The dark gray wolf made an anger growl at that, and made a position to attack, but Sam's sharp growl made him stay in place.

She's very new at this; she isn't really in control of her phasing yet. Sam thought.

I was now filled with relief. I was confused at that, why would I be so concerned about this wolf's safety?

But now as I watched her walked back, I struggled to not let my jaw drop.

She has beautiful, her skin fair, way to pale compared to the others, her hair a perfect brown, looking slightly messy from her running, and the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen.

Butterflies were beating against my stomach, and my insides went to mush as I took this beauty in.

"Hi." Bella said shyly as she made to back over to us. I struggled not to glare at Paul as he went over to Bella's side, and she leaned on him.

Oh how I wanted to be the one that Bella could lean on. My thoughts were strange now, no matter what I thought it would turn out to be Bella, it was like she was my obsession.

"Hello Bella." I said shivering a little at her name as it rolled off my lips.

"What's your name?" She asked, and glanced back to my family that was all confused still, and had no idea what has happened.

"My name is Edward Cullen, and this is my family, my father Carlisle, my mother Esme, my sisters Alice and Rosalie, and my brother Jasper, and Emmett." I said pointing out each of them.

Edward what the hell is happening? Emmett thought seeming to unfreeze at his name.

Edward has something happened to you, is it serious? Esme thought concerned, and I gave her a smile to show I was fine.

Why couldn't I see this happening? Alice thought with a slight annoyed edge to her thoughts.

I cracked a smile at that, and rolled my eyes, I would answer all of their questions when we got home.

Pain pinched at the idea of being away from Bella.

Something did really did happen to me, something wonder, and I wasn't going to give up Bella to that gray wolf, not ever…

Paul's Pov The next day

I was jogging to Bella's house, ready to pick her up for our whole day together. Last nights events flashed back to me, and joy bounced around in me, but then I remembered the damn leech. Sam was at the moment talking with the council to working out a new plan with the treaty so the Cullen's could come to see Bella.

What the fuck I thought he was on my side.

Now I couldn't wait for Jacob changing, I was going to make sure I was there when he turned so I would make sure that he knew the Cullen's were the threat, and only him being the alpha would fix all of this.

I would do anything to be with my imprint, I loved her, and there is no way some dead head is going to get a chance with her.

As I climbed up her porch steps I beamed as she ran over to me, and hugged me.

"Hey Paul." She grinned, and I hugged her to my side as I carried her back onto her porch.

"Hey peach." I grinned.

She blushed a little at my words, and shyly took my hand to my surprise.

"Come on I want out of here." She said and began to pull me to her ladder. Sparks flew down my arm at her touch, and I felt like I would melt in a puddle in any second.

Damn I was the Paul, no one could make me do anything, no one except Bella, she could probably make me do just about everything.

As we climbed down the ladder I couldn't help but grin smugly at Jacob as he came walking over.

I took Bella's hand in mine, and intertwined our fingers as he glared at us.

"So where are you two off to?" He asked looking beyond angry.

Bella looked anxiously at him, and backed up a little.

I let a growl out lowly, and glared at him for scaring my imprint.

"You better think twice about glaring at Bella, or you might just get you're ass kicked all the way to Forks and back." I threatened.

Jacob narrowed his eyes at the both of us, and waved his hand, and smiled a little smugly.

"Well I don't care, I decided to throw a party tonight, and I'm inviting the Cullen's now that they are allowed over here." He said.

I stared at him in shock, and horror. It can't be happening already.

"What, were did you hear that?" I asked with a glare.

"Sam, he explained the whole thing to me this morning, mainly about Bella having a crush on a Cullen and stuff, and I decided this would be the perfect way to get you two apart, maybe you and the Cullen will kill each other, then I'll be left with Bella." Jacob said lowly to me, and Bella frowned.

I was again shaking in anger as I glared at him, and Jacob slowly began to back up in slight fear.

But Bella wouldn't, she just squeezed me hand, and rested her head on against my chest. This calmed me in seconds.

"When does this become official?" I asked.

"Tonight, two minutes before my party, you two are both invited; all of LaPush will be coming." Jacob said with a wink.

I groaned.

This can't be happening.

So I had all day to make sure Bella would pick me.

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