Hey! So this is my first story on here, and I hope you like it! Just a note that it has been a while since I read either The Hunger Games or Maximum Ride, so if you pick up on any fact I've got wrong or anything, please let me know! Other than that, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Just to say that unfortunately I do not own either The Hunger Games or Maximum Ride

Everyone sat silent around the T.V, waiting, to see what horror was in store for the poor people which were reaped this year.

This year was a quater quell, and The Capitol couldn't wait. Crazy people from the Capitol screamed and cheered with excitement as President Snow climbed onto the stage.

"Hello!" he shouted with a wide grin, earning even more noise from the crowd. "This year, you guessed it, is the fifth quater quell!..." he went into a detailed outline of the history of the Hunger Games. Then, he pulled an envelope out of the box.

After clearing his throat, he announced, "For this hunger games, all of the contestants will be genetically modified humans!" The crowd erupted with cheers.

Jeb smiled to himself. Finally, he could prove that he had created the most indestructible being of all time.

Maximum Ride was entering the arena.

When I woke and took a look around me, a lump formed in my throat. Everyone was gone, and I mean everyone. Iggy, Gazzy, Angel, Fang, Nudge- they were all gone. I scrambled around the campsite, looking everywhere for a sign. A footprint, a ripped piece of clothing, anything that could point me in the direction that they had gone.

I stopped for a minute and forced myself to breathe. I had second-last watch last night, so it could only have been a couple of hours at the most that they had been gone. They couldn't be too far away. Besides, they had probably just gone off for a morning fly.

But without telling me? The flock should know better than that.

I was about to launch myself for an aerial search but the sound of a man clearing his throat behind me caught my attention.

I turned to see our old "Dad" – Jeb. "Hello Max." He greeted me, "Missing something, are we?"

"What have you done with them?" I demanded.

"Don't worry, your flock will be quite all right. That is, if you do as I say."

I started to weigh up the pros and cons of attacking him right now. No, I told myself, find out where the others are, then attack Jeb.

"Where are they?" I asked him, moving forward.

Jeb laughed, "At the school of course."

"What?" memories began flooding through my mind. Cages, needles, experiments. The things that those scientists put us through when we were there. How hard it was to break out of. There was virtually no chance of me getting to my flock by themselves.

"Don't worry, Max," Jeb said, putting a hand on my shoulder- which I shook off, "We will release them as soon as you complete your task."

"I'm not doing anything for you." Yeah, I can be a bit stubborn sometimes. Especially if Jeb and the school are involved.

"Well then I suppose your flock are going to be locked up in the School forever."

I sighed. He had me on that one. "What do you want me to do?" I asked him.

"Have you ever heard of the Hunger Games?" Jeb asked me, with a smile on his face and an evil glint in his eye. I shook my head. "The Hunger Games take place in a country called Panem. In the country, there are twelve districts.

A boy and a girl from each district are chosen to take part in the games. They are trained, and then sent into an arena. Last man standing wins. 24 enter, and 1 comes out alive."

"They kill each other?" I asked in disgust. What a horrid game.

"Yes, Max. This year is a Quater Quell, which means that the games will be extra special, in a way. This year, all of the contestants will be genetically modified beings."

Okay, if a game where everyone had to kill each other was bad, a game where a whole lot of 'genetically modified beings' had to kill each other was way worse. Whoever ran this country had to be sick, twisted people.

"No way," I told Jeb.

"You don't know what I want you to do yet!" Jeb said.

"You want me to go to Panem, compete in these games and show everyone how great a scientist you are because you created the amazing bird-kids."

"Well, I wouldn't put it that way..." Jeb trailed off. "Look," he said, "You compete in the games, I'll release the flock. You don't compete in the games, they're stuck in the school forever."

"And how do I know you won't force me to take part in these games, and then keep the rest of my flock for your experiments?" I questioned.

"You don't really have much choice but to trust me."

I thought about it. Going to a country where the entertainment was sending kids into an arena to kill each other? Horrible. The thought of my flock stuck in those cages, in the dark, with scientists all around them?

Jeb was right. I had no choice.

"You release the flock as soon as my name is down for these games," I ordered.

"Of course," Jeb smiled. "Come along."

I followed Jeb to his car.

We were off to Panem.