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This ends tonight.

My promise to myself that tonight is the night that I would get out of here. I would get back to the flock and put as much distance between us and Panem as physically possible.

I clenched my eyes shut. There were so many bodies around me. I was used to death, I'd killed plenty of erasers in my time, but this was somehow different.

The flock.

The flock could be the only thing I was focused on. I had to get back to them. I had to get out of here and make sure that Jeb had kept his word. That they weren't being holed up in the School.

I took off without a second thought, flying my path back towards the desert. I had to find him. The boy from District Two. The last boy alive in this game.

The last boy I was going to have to kill in order to get out of here.

I thought about leaping straight into the air and flying off to find the guy, but I thought better of it, and filled myself up first. I ate pretty much any food that I had left – which isn't hard when you're a super hungry bird kid. I decided that I would need the energy. I followed my snack with a short sleep high in a tree. I know that most of the time somebody would attacked me when I was tired and hungry anyway, but I figured that if I had the option, it was best to go into the fight well rested. After I woke up, however, I didn't hesitate. It was straight into the air for me, and off in search of the last other person alive in this game.

I'd dropped the last boy left in the game in the forest, so that was the first place that I headed. I figured that the boy would've been making his way out of the desert, because that's exactly what anyone who wanted to survive (not including camels) would do. I found him easily. Seriously, searching from the air is so much better than walking around never knowing where you had and hadn't been. I swooped down and landed behind him, wings spread.

He turned around, "So, the weakest girl in the competition," he said with a smile, "the only thing between me and eternal glory."

I smiled, "Too bad I wasn't as weak as everyone thought."

"You're weak enough for me."

"Did you forget when I picked you up and flew you out here?"

"I was distracted. I won't make the same mistake this time."

A knife flew above my head and I quickly ducked, sending out a low kick. The guy drew another knife and headed towards me at full speed. With a little help from my wings, I jumped over him. He turned around and attempted to punch me, but I blocked him and threw a punch back. The fight continued in that manner for a short amount of time – he had nothing on some of the other people can do. It didn't take long for the guy to slip up and I took the opportunity to stick a knife in his chest.

Time to get back to the flock.

Apparently, the Capitol had different ideas. They took me into a healing facility which I was forced to go through. I was

complimented and congratulated. None of it really meant anything to me. I just wanted to get to the flock as soon as possible.

Eventually Anay came to me and announced that it was time for my post-victory interview.

"I'm not doing the interview," I replied firmly.

"What do you mean? You have to do the interview. It's the rules."

"Screw the rules," I replied, "I'm getting the hell out of this country."

"You can't!"

"Why not? I don't care if it's against the rules. I have to go. Now."

I turned and headed straight to the lifts, hitting the ground floor without even thinking.

"Max," Anay ran up behind me. "You can't leave. It's not right."

"Oh, but sending 24 kids into an arena to kill each other is?" I entered the lift and left Anay behind. I hit the ground floor quickly and ran out the door, taking to the air as soon as I could. I was free again. Now I just needed to get to the flock.

"Jeb!" I called, standing out the front of my worst nightmare – the school. "I know you're here. Get out here now!"

Eventually a smiling Jeb exited the building, "Max, I thought you had an interview to do."

"I don't care about the interview, Jeb. If you're that into the games, you go and do it. I just want my flock back."

"You'll get your flock back."


Jeb remained silent.

"I won your games, Jeb. I've killed so many people to get here, just to get them back. Don't do this now. Let them go."

"They're gone, Max. I released them as soon as you won the games."

My mouth dropped. Could Jeb seriously do something so reasonable? I doubted it.

"Then where are they?"

"They're at your Mum's house," he replied, "They're waiting for you there. Here."

He passed me a note. I recognised Fang's handwriting immediately. We'd never had the need to read or write, so none of us were really good at it, but I could see that it was Fang who had tried.

"How do I know you didn't force him to write this?" I asked, scanning the note.

"You don't," Jeb replied, "You just have no choice but to trust me. Unless, of course, you would like to search the school for yourself."

I stared at Jeb. We both knew that I would never enter that building again if there was another option.

"Congratulations, by the way," Jeb grinned. "You won the games. Now you just need to save the world."

I ignored him, instead choosing to once again take to the skies. Deciding that if the flock wasn't at Mum's house, I would be back. Jeb would be the one to pay for it.

And so I drifted off. Back to the closest thing that the flock had ever had to a home.

Back to the flock.